Tuesday, August 9, 2016

happy birthday crue!

and somehow, it happened.
another year gone by.

i promise i don't tell people he's 36 months old! but i took all of his monthly photos on this chair, until he was 2. so that one says "24" and i haven't taken any since. i thought it would be weird and mess with my OCD if this didn't follow suit!

my first baby grew inches, refuses his food, talks back, snuggles like a champion, goes potty in the toilet, is getting ready for PRESCHOOL and has athletic skills that are truly comparable to a pro.

my very own THREENAGER!

crue - we love you to the moon and back.
you were the beginning of our very best years.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Lakely's FIRST Donut Shop!

when we found out that baby #2 was going to be a girl and we decided on the name Lakely... i had already began planning her first birthday. it included mermaids, flamingoes, lots of pink with mint and gold.

then our baby girl was born on national donut day.


we had a breakfast brunch the weekend after her birthday and held her party from 11-1. we mad/served french toast, eggs, sausage, bacon with a small fruit bar and lots of sweet treats topped with the most delicious donuts. 
the day was HOT, but thankfully we were able to open presents inside. everyone enjoyed themselves and lakely went absolutely nuts for her cake! 

LC, we love you as much as you love a good cake smash.
happy first birthday cheeky girl! 

donuts from Angel Food Bakery in Minneapolis

salted caramel latte cupcakes baked by a friend - the best i've ever had. IN MY LIFE.

romper from One Tot Mess

the littlest and the oldest :) lakely with her GiGi - my sweet grammy!

board made by my friend Erica // shop here

our ONE year old!

ok, I'm ready for nap!

all photos by Sophia Mayrhofer