Friday, January 20, 2017

New Year, New Chances

Well good riddance to 2016! I sure don’t wish to re-play that year.
The last half of 2016 was L-O-N-G.  Maybe you have your own reason for thinking so too!

We spent the first half of 2016 traveling a lot. We went on a few cruises, we went to Germany – and when that was all over, we were settling in at home for a summer of birthday parties, pool days and the dreaded TTC.

If you’ve been around the blog or instagram for a while, you know that I have two babies. You also probably know that neither of those babies came without a long long journey consisting of many trial and errors to bring each of them a reality. And guess what? Baby #3, we’re waiting for you!!

It took 3 years for our first baby, and 13 months for our second. The one thing that both of those have in common, we got pregnant and saw those two beautiful pink lines with a confirming blood test after our first round of treatment when we were finally given the “Go!” from our infertility specialist. So baby #3 shouldn’t be too hard, right? We’ve done this before; we’ve attended this rodeo. WRONG!

Fast forward through 12 months of trying on our own, and 6 months trying with our infertility specialists. Negative after negative, I have nothing to show for it but piles of bills, many tears shed and an extra 10 pounds from all the medications and hormones. We decided to take a step back, and to stop seeing that specific specialist. We attempted four rounds of treatment and for some reason or another; they just weren’t coming together to make our third miracle happen. Perhaps it wasn’t our time.

We’ve been taking a break from all of the extra added stress and just working on the things we can control here at home, for our personal selves and our relationship. Things like essential oils, less toxic skincare, baby aspirin, PCOS diets with clean eating and The Stork OTC have entered our lives. And boy, they are so much cheaper!

The Stork OTC is an At-Home Conceptive that I found at our local CVS for just $79.99! Seriously, you can use this AT HOME! That’s amazing. If you haven’t heard of The Stork OTC yet, it almost reminded me of an IUI procedure, without the hefty price tag and pain. It’s designed to be used during ovulation by enabling the sperm to bypass the vaginal tract and placing the sperm as close as possible to the opening of the cervix, allowing the sperm to swim up through and meet the released egg!

A recent study had shown that in that 85% of cases, The Stork OTC increased the sperm value by 3.23 times, resulting in a greater chance of getting pregnant when that is placed so much closer to the egg, not needing to do more work and swim further! Using this cervical cap insemination, you are increasing your chances of getting pregnant by 20%. SIGN. ME. UP!
I am so thankful for science and doctors. This product has been wonderful in our efforts to become pregnant again. It’s given us more time to spend with our family because I don’t have to run off to a doctor appointment every two days and it has decreased my stress in more ways than one. That alone is a game changer, because trying to get pregnant is tough enough.

If you have been to my blog because you are also struggling with trying to conceive or even infertility, please remember that you are never alone! It is okay to take a step back and breathe. I know that this road can seem so dark and lonely on some days, but it is okay to take care of yourself, look outside the box and try a new approach!

Please join me on January 26th at 8:30PM EST for a Twitter Party and tune in using the hash tag #2017StorkOTCjourney to follow along!

This is a sponsored conversation by Mums The Word Network and The Stork OTC. All opinions are 100% my own.

Sunday, December 18, 2016

LC : 18 M0NTHS!

doctors appointment: friday afternoon on 12/9 with Dr. Paulson

height: 31" / 37th%tile
weight: 21lb 4oz / 11th%tile
head: 18"

diapers: STILL size 3 :)

clothes: 6/12 months for the majority. a few select 12/24 from brands like our favorite, june & january.

eating/drinking: she loves food. she really does. but she STILL is breastfed. i don't think she will ever quit on me. i am her keg. her open bar. she nurses at least 20 times a day still.

napping/sleeping: one nap a day, still almost always at the same time with crue. more days than not, i am still able to take a nap with both of them :)

loves: playing with crue, lounging with marshall, nursing from mama, running, looking at books and dancing to daddy's beatboxing.

hates: diaper changes, high chairs

extra news:
- we went on another cruise! it was fantastic. 18 months old and already on two cruises, along with our trip to germany, a trip to florida and our neighboring state wisconsin a few times.
- the top two outside teeth are FINALLY coming through - for a total of 8!
- super clingy lately. i keep meaning to get in her mouth and see if there are any other teeth coming in from the way back.
- mom took another job to work from home!
- dad left Northwestern Mutual and started at Mass Mutual!
- fights back with crue, and is a pro at slapping him.
- we got a new dog! it was very sad to see Lambeau and Lucy go, but they were extremely stressed out all the time and always hiding. they did NOT like our kids, and we just kept waiting for them to come around. it was finally time to realize that we loved them enough for them to have the better home they deserve. a few weeks later, we adopted a 2 year old boxer/lab mix from the rescue. crue named him Marshall after paw patrol, and we've been smitten ever since!
- in the fall, she started ballet! every saturday morning for half an hour, we head over to our dance studio where lakely dances. almost every weekend, its isaiah that goes in with her and they get a little daddy/daughter time :)

Lakely Capri, 
you are becoming one crazy, silly girl. we always knew you had it in you - because from day 1 you have been so sassy and full of spunk! 

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

crue is THREE!

you guys.
this is so over due. life has been as hectic as crue's birthday party!

this year he spent months demanding a target birthday party. but finally last minute, i was able to hoax him into a dinosaur or construction party! he chose the latter and i was not surprised. boyfriend loves to watch all the construction trucks working across the street from our house!

we had his party on a sunday afternoon, the same location that we had lakelys party. it was a SUPER hot day - so we left most of setting up until last minute when we placed the food outside just before guests arrived.
unfortunately - the moment we placed all the fun food outside, ALL of the guests started to show up and i was so busy that i hardly got any photos of the complete look. i try telling isaiah that we need to hire a photographer ALL the time, because as the hosts - we get so sidetracked! about 12-15 extra people showed up that never RSVP'ed and i was running around like a chicken with my head cut off. i promise the whole set up was cuter than these photos! we had a "build your sandwich" station on the table with drinks and snacks like chex mix serving as "nuts and bolts". our lemonade was "gas" and iced tea was "diesel" for drinks. we had a cooler for some beer and water too.  our other table had sweet treats like "spare tires" (donuts), "dirt" (brownies), themed sugar cookies and his construction cake! we usually go overboard with the sweets and have a bazillion extra - so this was the first party that i toned it down for. it didn't make for the best display, but it was nice not to have it all sitting on my counter for a week after!

someone gifted him a piƱata, and that was a really fun gift! it took us a while to figure out how to set it up since it was something we weren't planning on, but we gave it a go between two trees and it worked out just fine for all the kids!

these boards are my favorite to have at birthdays as they grow!
find this one here : Little German Boutique

here we added all the sandwich ingredients just before the party began

present table and construction hats for his friends


crue had the best day and spent weeks talking about it! i think now finally about a month later he's realizing it won't happen again for another year :)

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

happy birthday crue!

and somehow, it happened.
another year gone by.

i promise i don't tell people he's 36 months old! but i took all of his monthly photos on this chair, until he was 2. so that one says "24" and i haven't taken any since. i thought it would be weird and mess with my OCD if this didn't follow suit!

my first baby grew inches, refuses his food, talks back, snuggles like a champion, goes potty in the toilet, is getting ready for PRESCHOOL and has athletic skills that are truly comparable to a pro.

my very own THREENAGER!

crue - we love you to the moon and back.
you were the beginning of our very best years.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Lakely's FIRST Donut Shop!

when we found out that baby #2 was going to be a girl and we decided on the name Lakely... i had already began planning her first birthday. it included mermaids, flamingoes, lots of pink with mint and gold.

then our baby girl was born on national donut day.


we had a breakfast brunch the weekend after her birthday and held her party from 11-1. we mad/served french toast, eggs, sausage, bacon with a small fruit bar and lots of sweet treats topped with the most delicious donuts. 
the day was HOT, but thankfully we were able to open presents inside. everyone enjoyed themselves and lakely went absolutely nuts for her cake! 

LC, we love you as much as you love a good cake smash.
happy first birthday cheeky girl! 

donuts from Angel Food Bakery in Minneapolis

salted caramel latte cupcakes baked by a friend - the best i've ever had. IN MY LIFE.

romper from One Tot Mess

the littlest and the oldest :) lakely with her GiGi - my sweet grammy!

board made by my friend Erica // shop here

our ONE year old!

ok, I'm ready for nap!

all photos by Sophia Mayrhofer