Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Average Day.

This is what my average day looks like (in terms of medicine), with where I'm at right now in our cycle.

Wake Up
Take 2 Prenatals - 900mg of folic acid
Eat (because the metformin and doxycycline make me miserably nauseous)
Take 1 Metformin
Take 1 Doxycycline (even my husband has to take doxy!)
Take 1 Estrogen (vaginally)
Take 1 Progesterone (vaginally)

Around lunch time, eat again, but this time i can eat something lighter since i'm not taking Doxy.
Take 1 Metformin
Take 1 Estrogen
Take 1 Progesterone

Around dinner time, eat again - a heavier meal to avoid being sick in my stomach.
Take 1 Metformin
Take 1 Doxycycline
Take 1 Estrogen (vaginally)
Take 1 Progesterone (vaginally)

and i try not to exceed 25g of sugar a day. woof.

So at the end of the day, i've taken 2 prenatals, 6 pills and have shot shit up in my vagina 6 times a day. It's not pretty. The progesterone isn't pretty. Those things leak and require panty liners. I got my period when i was 10 years old, I'm now 25 and im wearing panty liners for the first time. NOT pleasant.
This isn't including the letrozole, the injections, taking my temperature, peeing on OPK's or driving to the doctors for ultra sounds (which i've done more than twice in one day).

& because I'm in my 2 week wait - i question everything. I want to take a bath... but do i really want to take that bath? I want a sandwhich... but should i really eat that deli meat? Friend has a party bus, but i really should avoid alcohol. Not that these things could or couldnt throw off our entire process, but if it doesnt work and AF shows up instead of a positive pregnancy test - i feel better knowing that i did everything i could instead of guilting myself with thoughts like "FUCK. What if i didnt have that beer?" or what have you.

Days like these, i'm extra thankful for my chance to be a stay at home wife.
It could be harder, but it could be a whole hell of a lot easier.

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