Wednesday, November 28, 2012


PCOS has been life changing.
as if the disgusting medicine with the nasty side effects wasnt enough, or the issue of gaining weight and serious efforts to maintain a weight, or my hair falling off in clumps - i am trying to change my diet.

i was madly craving an egg and cheese bagel today. whats in my house? wheat. wheat spaghetti noodles, wheat english muffins, wheat flour, wheat organic ezekial bread and, you guessed it: wheat bagels.

craving crushed. taste buds dissatisfied.

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  1. SO glad I found your blog! I have endometriosis so I know how you feel with the nasty meds. They are AWFUL and cause the worst side effects. I hope things get better for you love! I'll be following you and wishing you the best! xoxo