Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Four years ago {11.4.08} - i remember everything about the day i voted. that included celebrations in our dorms listening to "my president is black, my lambos blue..."
I was in college - and our night class was cancelled to make sure everything had the chance to voice their opinion and have their chance to vote. I voted in the middle of the afternoon. It was sunny, there were leaves blowing across the street & i voted with my roommate/best friend Stephanie.

Today, i voted again. With my husband. We woke up early, and went out in the rain, hand in hand. We also didnt have to stand in a long line this time. Today is another day i'll never forget.

I also voted no, {twice}. 

This could be a big day for the LGBT community here in MN, and i hope all of the worlds best for them. 

Love is love.

{& i love Obama.}

Go Vote Today!

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