Friday, November 9, 2012

Quality Time.

I thoroughly enjoy weekends.

You might think that because i'm a SAHW, the weekend is like the weekday. Whats new? There really isnt a whole lot, except the fact that my husband is home.

I thoroughly enjoy spending time with my husband. I hold our time together near and dear to my heart.

Quality time -- thats my love language. Husband & i read that book before we were even engaged. I think thats pretty awesome; the book and reading it before an engagement. Dedication right there. & my oh my did it teach us a lot of things about each other. I'm grateful for that.

I also appreciate the time i get to spend with others.

I kicked this weekend off to a lunch out with B. {yes, the same B that introduced me to my husband - but you already know that because you already read the story about how we met... right?}

Some of my best life memories are living with that girl, partying with that girl, snuggling up in bed & having deep conversations about things that mattered more than boys.

I even treated myself to a Dr.Pepper. Not just any Dr.Pepper - it was the type that you want to keep drinking and drinking or preserve so you can open it again later for that exact same taste. Not too much carbonation, not watered down. It was just right.

It's the little things <3

No baby brain ruining my mood this weekend.

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