Saturday, December 8, 2012

its the holidays.

& with the holidays, comes holiday parties.

husbands work company is OBSESSED with each other. OB.SESSED i tell you. these people are together 40+ hours a week, go on 3-4+ trips a year together and that is never enough.

last weekend, we had the holiday party over at pinstripes. dinner, prizes, bowling and bocce ball.{which i miserably failed in bowling, but came out on top with bocce! beginners luck i tell you}

this weekend/tonight, a rep's assistant (courtney) is inviting everyone over to her house for dinner and drinks.

& next weekend, we're at a rep's house (leif) for a christmas party! leif and his wife chelsea are pretty great tho, and since isaiah has moved offices from downtown to edina, we dont see leif enough.

but oye. i simply can not keep up. and im willing to bet that half the reason is because i no longer drink. the last time i drank was our wedding back in august. i pretty much cut it cold turkey in my ocd phase to get my body the best it could be to increase any chance i could to become pregnant. quit drinking, eat clean & start prenatals. not to mention it didnt make for the best compound with the 4 medicines i am on. cool with me, i think i could go the rest of my life without a drink really. but these co-workers of my husbands think im a total alien.

i wonder whats on the agenda for new years.

do you have a lot of christmas parties this season?!


  1. Wow. That's so awesome that you husband's co-workers are so close! I'm sure it makes working so much more enjoyable. I'm actually not going to any Christmas parties this year, and I'm kind of okay with it! Quiet nights are a-ok with me!
    Fizz and Frosting

  2. Awww you guys are so cute!! We have our holiday X-Mas party this Friday and then a holiday themed housewarming party the following weekend. I feel ya on the holiday craziness!!