Tuesday, January 1, 2013

6 weeks.

*original post written nov. 26th*

we are halfway there! only 6 more weeks until were in the "safe zone".

i must say though, TODAY WE SAW YOUR LITTLE HEART BEATING! and that reduces the rates of miscarriages to 4%.

you are the size of a little bean or a pea this week, and we saw your heart beat this morning.
pure.bliss <3

after thanksgiving, my doctor called me on friday morning and said he would sneak me in his schedule for monday at 7:15am. oh i am so so thankful for these doctors. they really know how to put a mama at ease. im so happy it was for right away in the morning and i didnt have to pace all day wondering what was going to happen. i was pretty nervous all night! i laid awake and prayed and prayed.

originally, my first ultrasound was going to be for 7 weeks on monday december 3rd. but i got in a week early to make things were on track since i was having some pains :) & i still have next weeks ultrasound scheduled ;) i dont think my doctor remembered that though.

doctor C came in and had mentioned that this early in the pregnancy, we may not see very much but should be able to see the yolk sac and know that the baby is implanted in my uterus vs anywhere else. okay, cool. understandable. {but since i am such a fan of research and always have google at my fingertips, i knew some people can see a heart beat that early} AND WE DID! 113 strong bpm little one.

based on your measurement at todays ultrasound, youre measuring 6w1d. based on my last period in october, im 5w6d. according to what i had guessed for myself, i was 6w today. so i was either behind or ahead by a day, not bad! and you are due july 23rd 2013.

daddy was thrilled to see you. and mama is happy to know youre okay!

also, i am still symptomless. except i burp a lot. oh, im SUPER itchy too. i just learned thats a pregnancy symptom. its kind of scary, but i guess you are just being a good baby already :) this mama is lucky. they also say many women will start experiencing more symptoms and MS around 6 weeks. :::knock on wood::: but its okay little baby. you will be worth every symptom that comes.

6 week highlights:
Your baby:
  • Has tripled or even quadrupled in size and is now three or four entire millimeters long! Godzilla baby!
  • Is working on growing a nose, some ears and a mouth.
  • Is also growing flappy little leg and arm buds.
  • Has a heartbeat that can be seen on an ultrasound — 100 to 160 beats per minute.

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