Tuesday, January 1, 2013


*originally written december 8th*

we are borderline of 8 weeks! {happy dance}

let me just start off by saying little babe, you are the size of a blueberry. but you make momma as hungry as a hippo. which is pretty annoying; i am often hungry, yet nothing sounds delicious. i rather have major cravings so i know what i want to eat? thats easier right?!

at the beginning of this week, you were about 4-5 millimeters long. but at the end of this week, you've grown to half an inch! 

momma went to the doctors again this week on wednesday. for some dumb reason this new clinic made me schedule a "consult" with a doctor because i wanted another ultrasound before 12 weeks. even though our RE that got us pregnant, Dr. C called and said he wants me in again 2-3 weeks from my last ultrasound. 
we toured the hospital, and its great. theyre even starting water births in january! besides the point i know. so the hospital has a wonderful birthing center with great perks, and we can get there in under 10 minutes from our house when need be. i chose Dr. W to be my doctor through out the rest of the pregnancy, and he is also great. I know him from my past, i havent seen him in years but even Dr. C said hes one of the best in that area. 
however, i've been to this new doctors office 3x already and i havent seen Dr. W. i am so annoyed. i am such a doctor snob and i hate waiting. hate being told 1000 different things. last time, i waited 2 hours to pee in a cup. even though they already had my ultrasound from Dr. C in their hands, they needed to know i was pregnant. FOR SERIOUS? after i drank cups gallons of water, i was able to pee. bringing my cup to the lab in the back, the lab lady said i needed my blood drawn too! WHY OH WHY couldnt i have done that in the near 2 hours i was waiting to pee? oh my lanta.
then this time, for the "consult" i was there just over an hour. when i seen Dr. H for about 10 minutes to discuss having another ultrasound. just so much waiting! ive never been at a doctors office like that before.
im hoping that when i see Dr. W in january for our 12 week ultrasound, it'll go uphill from there. id hate to leave because like i said, the hospital and birth center is great.
slightly sad (or really sad if were being honest here) that Dr. C cant monitor my pregnancy for the entire 9 months, but he makes miracles! gotta spend his time helping other people become pregnant. 
& im not all that sad. because having an ultrasound at 6 weeks, 9 weeks and 12 weeks calms my nerves. makes me feel better about everything. in the crapshoot of infertility, i take my sighs of relief whenever i can.
now i anxiously wait until we see you again. 6 more days until the next ultrasound!

oh oh! kate middleton is pregnant. royal baby. shes due in july too ;)

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