Tuesday, January 1, 2013


*originally written december 14th*

baby baby!

daddy and i had another doctors appointment this week. ultrasound #2 :)

we got to hear your heart beat! we thought seeing your heart flicker at our mid 5 week ultrasound was wonderful, but HEARING it?! my oh my. a whopping 174bpm. so fast. so so fast. your daddy asked the ultrasound tech multiple times if he could hear your heart beat again :) i think we should be able to get a little snippet of the audio. id bring it to build a bear and put it in a teddy, so we could hear it a million times over and let you hear how fast it was. it pulsed so strong. didnt look much bigger than your head ;) but then again you are only about the size of a kidney bean or raspberry this week. you are about 3/4 of an inch big and you squirmed for a quick second, just enough to show us your kicking legs :) the rest of the ultrasound you were spent reclining back in the wee low corner of my uterus just loungin' against the wall. adorbs. we love you mucho.

i think i am experiencing symptoms 1 by 1.
week 4 - sore boobs. week 5 - major hunger. week 6 - exhaustion. week 7 - not sleeping.
week 8 seems to be my week of vomiting. it started out being in the evening and after awhile i was beginning to wonder if it had anything to do with my prenatals? so i took them the next morning instead of evening, and threw them up within 20 minutes later. but how weird! ive been taking the same prenatals since before being pregnant & just now in week 8 they are making me sick. however i did throw up some other stuff as well. cereal, juice. bluch. luckily, it only lasted monday thru friday and i was puke free over the weekend!

week 8 highlights:
  • Is about the size of a gummy bear or kidney bean, and dear LORD I promise to be done with the bean comparisons soon, because it is all entirely too precious.
  • Is extremely jointy, with fingers and toes and elbows and knees that s/he can bend and wiggle.
  • Almost doesn’t have a tail anymore.
until next time baby!
3 more weeks until the 'safe zone' and until we see you again!

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