Saturday, January 19, 2013

baby G to be is a ....


i would definitely call that a penis.

I WAS RIGHT! ever since isaiah and i have met, he always tells me that im right, 99% of the time. and the only time i was wrong, was when he proposed. but real talk, i am almost always right. i found out i was pregnant on a saturday, and by monday i was thinking baby is a boy. even at week 10, my family would say "oh you have no idea yet its way too early"... early might be, but this mama KNOWS.

we went in on wednesday morning for our 7:10am NT testing/screening at 13w2d. you know what that means. ultrasound ultrasound! WOOP WOOP. i was looking over at isaiah for the first few minutes because i am always freaked for something wrong, and there is a huge tv screen above my head thats turned on and ready to go. so if the ultrasound ever saw something wrong, id be seeing it at the same time as she was, and thats weird to me. within seconds i hear her say "theres baby!" so i went ahead to look up at the screen. i asked her if we can take a peek at HIS privates, and isaiah says it could be a girl! im like 'no babe. its a he, we went over this'. and of course the tech goes on to say "oh its way too early we probably wont be able to see anything yet and if we do it wont be a definite answer" - ya ya okay lady but can we peek or not!

baby was immensely hyper. the tech kept saying she couldnt believe how much he was moving and how long he was moving for. kept telling us babies will move for a minute or two, then sleep. nope. not our boy. he moved for at least 15 minutes. it took us a whole HOUR before we were able to measure his neck properly. at one point, he was even belly down kneeling and licking his hand. i shrieked LOOK AT HIM! HES LICKING LIKE A KITTY! and isaiah said just like our dogs. {lambeau and lucy are avid lickers. they are happiest if their tongue is on you or anything else. yuck} baby boy was spinning, dancing, swooshing from left to right. kneeling, sticking his butt up in the air. he loved to show us everything. aaaand that included, his bits. *see picture above* my boy is not a shy boy.

he is measuring 4 days ahead, but we suspect by the time i get to week 20, it will all be evened out. so were keeping my due date as july 23rd. i think that he has isaiah's nose, because it is straight. mine has a very strange slope to it. i also think that he has isaiahs lips, because i can see the outline of them. my lips are ridiculously small. people have made fun of me for my nose & lips growing up. however, baby boy has mama's stubborn attitude. i cant believe he wouldnt let us check his neck for the longest time! it was SO fun to watch him prance around in my belly though. 

i know it is early to find out the sex at 13 weeks, but if baby G is not a he, we're all in for a run for our monies. i think it is pretty safe to start moving ahead with the thought that were going to have a son! the tech even said if he ends up being a girl she'd give up her job because that up there "is definitely his 3rd leg". lol!

we got 2 videos of bouncy baby and 10 pictures. his NT neck measurement fluctuated between 1.5 and 1.6mm, which worried me a bit because i thought the best numbers were to be under 2 but the tech told me that they like to see them under 3. so hopefully we're okay there. & now were just waiting for the blood work results and all the final percentage/ratio numbers to arrive in the mail! praying for healthy happy results!

isaiah is thrilled. and i cant wait to raise a son with my wonderful husband.

let the nursery planning begin! {and the name picking!}


  1. Congratulations!! That is exciting news. :) that's so cute that he is so hyper. And was licking his hand! Adorable!

  2. Congratulations. Little boys are so fun, just be prepared for dirt and dinosaurs and superheroes and tree climbing and mudcakes :)

  3. Yipee!! So exciting! So lucky that you found out so quickly!

    Happy name picking and nursery decorating!

  4. Yay! That's exciting! Can't wait til we can see our baby! :)

    Sorry, I got confused: 1.5-1.6 is under 2? Is what you wrote right?
    "his NT neck measurement fluctuated between 1.5 and 1.6mm, which worried me a bit because i thought the best numbers were to be under 2 but the tech told me that they like to see them under 3."

    1. yeah, i was hoping we'd be far off from the 2 limit and when i was thinking that 2 was bad, i was nervous to be so close to that number thinking we'd have higher risk etc. but since its 3 i suppose it's ok! were still waiting for the final numbers though.

  5. I follow all of your updates on WB, but I love reading your blog. Congrats on your little boy. Can't wait to read more about your journey to motherhood!

    1. oh! wb! what's ur wb name?! thanks for this comment, it also reminded me I need to update! terribly! I'm glad you like to read :) makes my heart happy!

  6. YAY!!! I am so excited for you!! We find out May 6th!!! New follower, cannot wail to follow along!!

  7. yay for baby boys! congratulations!