Friday, January 18, 2013

baby G to be

old wives tale:

1.  how you carry: they say if you carry in the front, its a boy. if you expand horizontally, its a girl.
     a. im only 13w5d now, and id say im carrying in the front. boy.

2. heart rate: they say if its typically under 150/140, its a boy. if its over, its a girl.
     a. our heart beats have been: 118, 174, 172, 171 and 165. girl.

3. cravings: if youre typically craving sweets, its a girl. salty & sour foods, its a boy.
    a. ive never been much of a sweets person, but i cant get enough brownies. overall though, im eating        lots of pizza rolls which i just learned are super high in sodium. oops. boy.

4. acne: if youre breaking out, the girl is stealing your beauty. skins smooth with a glow? boy.
    a. my skin is going haywire. girl.

5. clumsiness: if you're more clumsy during pregnancy, hes a boy. if nothing changes, shes a girl.
    a. i drop everything. boy.

6. chinese gender test: it just tells you boy or girl based on your conception/birthday dates.
    a. well i found two. the one that asked for my exact conception date & birthdate says girl. the one that just asked for my age and conception month, says boy. 

7. dads weight gain: if dad gains sympathy weight, baby is a boy. if not, baby is a girl.
    a. isaiah refuses to gain any weight with me. hes been at the gym extra and refusing to buy himself something when i have any cravings. lol. girl.

8. skin: if youre skin is dry, its a boy. if it is soft, its a girl.
    a. my skin is without a doubt the dryest and itchiest its ever been in my life. boy.

BOY = 5           GIRL = 4        *question 6 was answered with boy and girl*

i never thought we'd find out the gender so early! stay tuned!


  1. Oh my gosh, this is so hilarious! Where do people come up with some of these things. :) And now I'm craving brownies AND pizza rolls!

    1. Rachael! I cant figure out how to switch the no reply blogger settings because of Google+! It says if i revert back i'll lose everything in the about sections. Which is the ONLY thing ive done on this blog because that took me a whole week to learn. LOL! So i'm afraid to revert to the blogger profile. I really need to pay someone to design this thing for me! Thanks for emailing me to let me know!

  2. How fun! I think I'm going to do this one! Boy wins out and it was right!