Wednesday, January 16, 2013

boy vs. girl

let me just be honest with you all & selfishly say, i am hoping for a girl. becaaaauseeee id love to switch it up. i am surrounded by boys. and i just cant get over the hair bows. seriously.

between my family & friends, people from school and what have you - there are a lot of kids in the under 5 years old mark. wanna see what i mean about a girl switching it up?!

girls: kallen, sloane, jillian, laila, lilly, natalie, & lucca (on the way)

boys: dexter, aiden, carter, malik, makhi, jack, gavin, gage, another gavin, jaxon, another jaxson, dash, rory, ricardo, donovan, avery, eric, beaux, drew, avian, braxton, jaiden, trevor, king, tyson, riley, nathan

... i swear the list goes on and i am probably forgetting a good handful.

so many boys!

however, despite wishing for a girl, i've been 100% sure that this human inside my belly is a boy. i have a strong strong feeling about this one!

& that is okay too. because i imagine fun and great things about being a boy mom.


  1. I can't wait for you to find out!! I love all those names you listed of your friends' babies, some of them are so unique!!

  2. Too much boys in the family, huh! Boys can be so much fun but sometimes can be so problematic too haha Anyways, when is your ultrasound appointment? Have you tried doing 3D or 4D? If you haven't, maybe you should try. It's going to be fun.

  3. Oh my god, so much boys. Not hard with so much boys? because I have 2 and have so many problems with them, but I like them very much. Also agree with laura parmley try the ultrasound, you can read here about it

    1. sory for not working link, this one is workink, read here