Tuesday, January 1, 2013

november 10th.

*written nov 11th*

recap the week:
i tested wednesday the 7th and thursday the 8th.
both BFN's.
cue huge break down on the way to dinner with our friends thursday the 8th.
no testing the 9th, im out. not pregnant.

last night {friday night}, i thought i wet the bed. full on soaked all around my thighs and sheets.
i immediately woke up thinking "i went from not pregnant to 7 months pregnant overnight" and went up to go to the bathroom. i washed myself off, grabbed a towel to place on the sheets and went back to sleep.

i woke up early saturday morning needing to pee, so into the bathroom i went. and since we had 23 wondfo's sitting on our counter, i decided to POAS again. because what 25 year old pees the bed? and who doesnt wanna pee on a wondfo? {confession: i have an addiction to those things.}
only one line shows up, the control line. surprise surprise, that line is always around. bfn again. refusing to have another breakdown, i hop in the shower to get ready for the day.
(isaiahs still at the gym & we have lunch with some friends in about 1.5hrs)
i hop out of the shower, and for some ODD reason i decide to dig the wondfo out of the garbage & out of its purple package.

do you see that???!!!!!!!?????!!! there are two lines. though the test line (near the black & white end of the stick) is faint - it is there! at 10do!
about 5 minutes later of me staring at this stick, i hear isaiah walk in the door. i go downstairs to greet him, grab his hand and lead him back up to our bedroom into the bathroom behind me. 

i cant even grab the stick. shaking that bad. 

what a happy 3 month anniversary present!

saturday, nov.10th we got our first faint bfp. remember my "fridays letters" post on nov 9th? "dear baby: get in my belly!" thank you for listening sweet one :) mommy loves you.

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