Wednesday, January 9, 2013

quick write up.

this will be short and quick, but i PROMISE i will be back soon!

we had our first doctors appointment yesterday, operation no ultrasound :(

it took a good 5-8 minutes of him sitting there, staring at my belly, moving the doppler about.
it probably was closer to 5 but i thought time stopped. i couldnt see isaiah because the doctor was in the way and i resorted to i closing my eyes for a little prayer. when i opened them the doctor asked me if i had a tilted uterus... well sir, funny you ask - because i dont know! so he turned the doppler off, handed it over to me and went down at the end of my feet.
you know where this is going dont you? .... "scoot down please, butt at the end, you can put your feet here" and before we knew it husband was watching this doctor with his hands up in my chach. we turned the doppler back on, as i held it the doctor pushed my uterus up, and there it was. bump bump bump bump. FINALLY! a strong heartbeat of 172bpm. ::whew::

what a relief.

isaiah and i spent the entire day reminiscing about how scary that was. we couldnt take our minds off of how we each felt in that room for those minutes we heard nothing. oh my lanta. never again baby! and how has no one ever told me before that my uterus is tilted? i have had more doctors feel me up, pap smears, procedures and ultrasounds than i could have ever imagined. but this wasnt ever mentioned! good thing i know now.

and im totally rethinking about buying a home doppler... i'd be ultra psycho.

we also chatted about the NT scan - we decided to do it! were paying $900 out of pocket for it, which is a bit steep, but you really cant put a price on a precious bundle like that can ya? 

after trying for 2 years, we both realize that this may be our only child and we want to experience everything that pregnancy has to offer. plus the tips from you all made 100% complete and total sense. thank you for those!

our scan is on wednesday, the 16th at 7:10am. i cant wait to see the little babe again <3 and maybe get a peek at the privates?! oh baby, please cooperate!

since monday, i have pretty much been on bed rest. with the worst sciatic nerve pain of my LIFEEEE.

i cant believe a little baby could be in the wrong spot so soon causing me this much pressure and pain!
i bent down tonight to get sweats out of the bottom drawer in the dresser and it felt like someone slammed a 2x4 across my lower back. then i was unable to walk. and unable to put any pressure on my left foot without it shooting painful tingles up my leg to my buttox/pelvis area. then fell down the stairs because out of nowhere it just struck again. 

its definitely starting to worry me and make me hope none of its affecting baby. trying not to worry before our NT scan on wednesday when we'll be able to see the babe again. 

but God is good and things will be okay! 



  1. Oh my goodness, you guys had such a scare!! I'm so glad everything was fine and you learned about your tilted uterus. :) That's exciting you decided to get the test done! $900, ouch!! But its so worth it. Have a good night!

  2. So glad everything is okay! My OB said that tilted uterus's do cause sciatic back pain!