Tuesday, January 1, 2013

thanksgiving day.

*original post written november 22nd*

hiiii bebe.

you give mama a heart attack sometimes! we had some scary pain with you thanksgiving morning so i called our doctors office and left a voicemail on the nurse line. lucky me, our doctors office is so great and to my surprise a nurse called me back within 5 minutes! after talking to her, she calmed me down enough so i was able to get through thanksgiving and proceed with telling your grandparents our news!

your daddy told his mama before dropping her off at the airport. because your grandpa passed away 3 months ago (2 days before our wedding), grandma has been staying busy and went off to see other family members of ours for the holidays. grandma ellen asked us what we wanted for christmas a while back, so your daddy made a card. {and let me tell you, it was just so cute watching him walk around archivers trying to find the right supplies!}

needless to say, she got it right away without opening the rest of the card! and squealed. cue ecstatic grandma! yay!

next up was my dad, your grandpa gregg. this one we were a little nervous about, because he has a rather LARGE mouth {and were trying to keep this somewhat quiet until were in the safe zone}. but there was no way we could keep it quiet until christmas because before thanksgiving began, he was talking about bringing over my favorite wine along with a meat & cheese tray. i love all three of those things. if i were to deny each and every one, your grandpa would have guessed before we got to share! and sure enough, not even half hour into him being here he was convincing me to try some of the deli meat. i cant have deli meat! {and oh its the worst. i really miss the option of having jimmy johns!}

before dinner, we told him we had a present for him. first he pulled out his green bay packer pullover that i borrowed forever ago and he kept asking for it back. so he laughed and thought that was it. then he pulled out a disc of our wedding video and our father daughter dance. so he thought that was it. then realized there was one more thing. he pulled out the frame and within seconds looked up at DH & i, tears in his eyes. stood back and said NO WAY. took another step back, NO WAY!! took another step back, REALLY??? each time tears filling his eyes more and more. then i believed he hugged for an hour. literally. 

my mom (your oma) we told over the phone on november 12th, 2 days after we found out. she just moved back to texas so that eliminated the in person excitement. but shes thrilled too!

you are so loved. and we are so lucky to have you.
happy thanksgiving little gobbler.

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