Friday, January 4, 2013

to do, or not to do?

lets talk about the nuchal translucency screening for a minute. also known as the nuchal fold, or the NT scan. that scary thing.
the NT scan is typically done during the 1st trimester & must be done by 14w, if the mama&papa choose to have it done.
the NT scan checks for down syndrome and other chromosomal abnormalities. its non invasive, has no risks to the baby & is another ultrasound! {you know this mama loves her some ultrasounds!} but really. during the scan, the tech takes the measurement of the clear space at the fold of the babys neck in the back. babies with abnormalities tend to have extra fluid in this area during the 1st trimester, so the ultrasound (and sometimes a blood test from mama) can provide you with that knowledge.

do we want to have it done, or dont we?

- our insurance doesnt cover it. so its $$$$ out of pocket.
- we dont have any reason to believe our child would/will have downs with 0 family history, im only 25, daddy is only 25 and we're both healthy. dads really healthy. and mama's alright when you forget the pcos crap.
- despite the outcome, we are not aborting the baby. no way. not today. not ever. no if ands or buts.
- if the test did come back positive, we'd have the next 6-7 months to prepare in any which way needed.
- if the test came back positive, i might spend the next 6-7 months worrying like hell.
- if the test comes back negative, we can breathe a breath of relief & move on.

we meet with our OB on tuesday the 8th & will be asking him some questions as well. & if we decide to do it, we'll be scheduling it then and having it done within the next week or so i assume. neither isaiah nor i are 100% sure on this one. he says because we wont do anything different, it's okay to forego it. and while i agree on that, something pulls at my heart and says maaaaaybe; just do it. like nike says.

did any other mamas have the NT scan done?!


  1. I was also debating whether or not I'd have it done. Like you said, NOTHING would change my having this baby. NOTHING. I ended up having it (yesterday!), and here's what helped me reached my decision.
    1) you get to see your baby again! :)
    2) it's non-invasive
    3) IF it came back positive, you will be better prepared in the delivery room. Babies born with abnormalities have special needs, and it's good to be prepared with appropriate doctors/equipment specializing in heart conditions, for example. My friend's friend had a baby born with down syndrome and she needed a specialized doctor?? This is what I've heard and it made sense to me!
    4) I kept in mind that there are false positives, and that even if it came back with a high chance of d/s, nothing would change my love or feelings about this pregnancy, and that combined with the knowledge that there are false positives made me see that I probably wouldn't be stressed out.
    5) I have also heard that if the tech "OKs" your baby's measurement, you can breathe easier. You still need the bloodwork, and the bloodwork 4 wks later, but I heard that the measurements are a huge factor. Our tech said "well , measurements look good!" and that really made us hopeful. Even if this isn't medically correct, I'm not gonna stress myself about it ;)

    I hope this helps!! :)

  2. How did your appt go today? Hopefully you got some questions answered. I think if it were me, i'd go ahead and have the test done just for some peace of mind. But I can definitely see the pros and cons of each side. Just follow your heart!