Friday, January 4, 2013

week 10.

this is the week i no longer see my feet. ALREADY? SERIOUSLY!

i cant believe 6 short weeks ago i looked like this:

week 10 was busy. so many holidays and family to see. we shared the news with everyone we seen, which resulted in most of my cousins saying "i knew something was up" or "youre fat. i could tell you had something to say". lovely family i have. 
but i was so happy to share the news with my grandparents. in person, face to face. my grandma was ecstatic. her 3rd great grandchild! the first 2 are both boys... wonder what lucky number 3 will be! we asked grandma a long time ago to make us a baby blanket incase she wasnt able too for whenever we did have a baby & we got it over the holidays. what good timing! 
after driving 4 hours to my cabin & another 4 back home for christmas with my dads side of the family, we made everyone else come to us on christmas. which was my dad and husbands side of the family. nothing big, but it sure was nice to be home!

^^ wtf is that? a prune? ^^

Your Baby:
  • Will officially be considered a fetus by the end of this week.
  • Is over an inch long, maybe by as much as 3/4 of ANOTHER WHOLE INCH. That’s almost TWO INCHES.
  • That’s about the size of a…hmm…*glances frantically around room*…okay, it’s slightly bigger than a really big coat button, but not quite as long as a AA battery. There.
  • Has a heartbeat strong enough to be heard via a Doppler.
  • Most congenital conditions appear before the end of week 10, meaning the most delicate and critical development period is over. You can breathe a sigh of relief over that, but…uh, I wouldn’t go celebrate the milestone with a bathtub of gin, or anything.

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