Friday, January 4, 2013

week 11.

i hadnt had an ultrasound since 8w4d and my symptoms were starting to subside. i know i know, getting close to the 2nd trimester, thats normal! i know. but that wasnt enough to calm me down. i had some serious bad gut feeling going on and it was controlling my life. i was having bad days, which meant daddy was having bad days. i couldnt carry on a conversation because i was so consumed with worry and a horrible feeling that baby had stopped growing or something just went wrong. i was a week away from my 12w appt with my OB but i couldnt wait another week like that. seriously. i was a hot mess.
after googling for awhile, i found a place in chicago called peek a belly who does free heartbeat ultrasounds along with other packages such as finding the gender early, getting the heartbeat put into a stuffed teddy etc. lucky me, we'll be in chicago at the end of the month! but unlucky me, that wasnt now and there werent any other locations. so after googling for a few more hours and calling a million places, i found another ultrasound company near us that gave ultrasounds to mom's for reassurance as well as finding out the gender early etc. but no teddy bears :(
& youre probably thinking, why didnt i go to my doctor or the ER? well i didnt go to my doctor because the offices were closed, and when i got my early ultrasound at 8w4d, i had to meet with them twice before being approved for an early ultrasound. not to mention the fact that anything was wrong. i had no cramping, wasnt bleeding, no fever of sorts. i was just worried. that gut feeling.
i didnt go to the ER because there are people with real problems, and i didnt want to pay that kind of money. plus the ER is no guarantee for an ultrasound either. doctors i tell you.
so i emailed them over at enlightened 4d-imaging to see if i qualified and could get in. i got an immediate email back from the owner who was driving to colorado with his son. after 10 minutes & a few emails back and forth - he got me in! thank you jesus!
i was forewarned that this place is full of ultrasound techs, not doctors. so they couldnt give me any medical advice or really talk about their findings. but who did i care. i just needed to hear the heartbeat! id deal with the rest later. and if there was no heartbeat, it didnt take a genius to wonder whats going on. then id cue doctor or the ER.
but i didnt have to worry anymore! heartbeat! 169bpm with little bean just hanging out. when isaiah started speaking, the babe spun around in a million circles, did a thousand somersaults and began to kick like crazy. all is well! we got a disc with 10 great pictures & a pretty sweet bag filled with goodies! God is good :)
& mama no longer has to worry. i promise, thats the last of my insane stress worry moments. maybe?

im addicted to seeing you little babe!!

Your Baby:
  • Is the size of a small lemon or large lime. With a twist! Yeah, we’re done with the bean and nut comparisons and have moved onto fruit. Next stop, small household appliances!
  • Is officially a fetus, and is downright human-baby looking with non-webbed fingers and toes, although s/he needs a lot more cooking and fattening up.
  • Is moving and kicking and dancing and even hiccuping, although you won’t be able to feel the acrobatics for a few more weeks (sometime between weeks 16 and 20).

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