Tuesday, February 26, 2013

sleep woes.

im laying here at 12:28am, unable to sleep as hubby's in lala land next to me.

i can't help but think, "gee. i really wish the babe was around so i could be occupied with something".
then i think "holyshitballs, before i know it i won't be laying here awake without a worry because what's the big deal about being up late when you can sleep in until whenever?!"

sleep is my favorite thing in the world. ill skip anything for a nice fat nap if im tired. {does this make me a bad person? i hope not.}

i know when baby comes, he'll be my new favorite thing in the world.

however. i can't help but wonder & be afraid a little bit. i really hope i learn how to live without sleep & avoid the experience of post partum depression. that'd make me feel all sorts of awful.

just before getting pregnant, i had really begun to believe that i wouldn't ever become pregnant. that it just wasn't in my cards. maybe i wasn't meant to be a mom after all.

but that's just silly. because im pregnant!
we've all heard it before. God has his own timing. im so grateful for that big man upstairs. he's always known my heart.

& now i get to spend my time laying awake as i worry about first time mom things. maybe even second time mom things?

do i let the baby sleep as long as he wants? do i wake him up every 2 hours & latch him on to the boob? every 4 hours? do i try to create a sleep schedule? do i wanna pump & store milk so husband can enjoy feeding him too?

it's an intimidating business. kind of scary.

but i waited my whole life for this!!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

3 weeks too late.

it has been almost a full month since my last post. bad bad bad. & besides spending a week away in chicago, i don't even have an excuse.

week 13: we had our NT scan & found out baby G to be is a he! our results came back incredibly well :)

^^ husbands tshirt.

^^ my cousins wedding

week 14:  we were off to the windy city for husbands central regional work conference. i only had to stop ONE TIME in the 7 hour drive to go potty. definitely chalking that up as a success. i spent the days lounging in the hotel room, wandering to various cafe's and swimming in the pool. we also went shopping at Zara and bought our little man his first outfit! love Zara. we also shopped for daddy. we left the store with some stylish things and i left a bit sad that there isnt one here in the cities. However, we'll return to Chicago every January for the conference, so next year little man and i can shop galore :)

week 15: i have no idea what happened this week... we came home from chicago?! i didnt make the 7 hour trip home with only one bathroom break though. 

week 16: we booked our baby moon for florida! were leaving on monday, feb 18th when i'll be 18w! & i realized just how big my boobs were already getting. we took our honeymoon in september in which i bought new suits for, and suddenly those suits dont have the best fit anymore. we also had our 16w check up! our original doctor had just left to do an emergency delivery for twins so we ended up seeing another, but thankfully all turned out well. found the heartbeat with the doppler right away at 168bpm! doctor told us he could hear baby kicking in there. just a few days later though, i was having horrible cramping that kept me up all night so i went back in and saw my original doctor. we found the heartbeat again at 155bpm and Dr. W told me that baby is moving around an awful lot. i cant wait until i can feel him!!

week 17: still not feeling baby, but i know thats to be expected for first time mama's. i'm also pretty sure that my placenta is still in the front, so its cushioning between the babe and my belly. we went to a gala for husbands work, i wore a flowy maternity gown that made me feel everything but cute. we're starting to pack for florida, and i discovered some awesome things : husbands side of the closet. ive worn one of his tshirts before, but im starting to really venture into anything thats his is now mine. & we celebrated our 3rd valentines day together!

^^ husbands shirt, again.

happy valentines day my love!

& last night, we went to the Book of Mormon that was playing at the Orpheum Theater here downtown. it was good, i wouldnt say i'd go again. i surely didnt love it as much as Hairspray or some other, but the performance was outstanding and they had the crowd laughing on multiple occasions. were spending the rest of our weekend cleaning the house, getting the dogs ready to be babysat by my dad for a week and packing. 

i promise to be a better blogger when we return! xxo - here we come florida!!