Friday, March 8, 2013

20 weeks & ultrasound.

today was our 20w(+4d) doctors appointment & ultrasound.
thankfully, baby boy is still a boy!

unfortunately, we didnt get the best of pictures today. he was moving around a whole ton, and after 70 minutes the ultrasound lady gave up. she got some of the needed measurements, but not everything -- so we get to go back!! we kept seeing his feet but he wouldnt keep them still so we didnt even get those measured! soccer player? tap dancer? definitely a boy who is always on the move. he wasnt asleep for a single minute out of the 70. dont babies need sleep?! {do you think this means he'll wear himself out in the womb and be a good newborn sleeper?! HA!}

out of everything that was being measured, things seem to be looking great and all is well. he is breech right now, but thats not a concern since we've got 20w to go. baby boy is measuring ahead (july 17th) but were keeping the due date as july 23rd. doctor said no beyonce concert for me on july 18th! :( wah wah. my sons a chunk. and weighs 14ounces. almost a pound wittle guy!

it is always a blessing to see our baby boy move. something i have prayed over for the last 9 years. nine. years. {since i first heard the words infertility}. something i've been working towards the last 2 years. & that heartbeat. oh that heartbeat. 147bpm today. easily one of the best sounds in the world.

baby boy spent the last 10-15 minutes or so of the ultrasound on his belly making it difficult for us to get his remaining measurements and profile shot so the ultrasound tech was wrapping it up because my doctor was waiting to see me, & at THE LAST SECOND baby turned his face so we could get a quick profile shot. only got the 1, but im so excited to see him again in april!

next ultrasound: 24 weeks. happy joy.

Your Baby:
  • Is as big as (depending on which measurements from which pregnancy book you use and of course, the produce may vary) a butternut squash, or as long as a banana, or possibly a carrot. I am getting the sense these comparisons are not really an exact science.
  • Will be measured head-to-toe from this point on, instead of the head-to-rump measurements we’ve used so far. 
  • Has a heartbeat that can be heard with just a regular old stethoscope now and not just the fancy doppler.
  • Is swallowing and practicing other digestive skills, and can now produce meconium, which is essentially prenatal poop that sits in the bowels during pregnancy. You’ll see this awesome goopy stuff in person during your baby’s very first diaper change, or possibly even during labor like I did, as some babies like to take their first crap in the womb. Meconium in the fluid in considered a delivery complication, but it’s very common and not terribly dangerous — your doctor will just need to suction your baby’s nose and mouth immediately after delivery to prevent any meconium going into your baby’s lungs with their first breath.


  1. Yay for halfway! Glad you got to see him!

  2. yay baby boy bump! soooooo exciting! xoxo

  3. Hey Girl! I really like your blog name and am your newest follower! Stopping by from Minnesota Bloggers feature post.

  4. Congrats on making it halfway! :) How exciting! I'm a new follower (from the MN Blogger post!) I'm pregnant too... 14 weeks today! Such an exciting time!

    1. NO WAY!!! i love preggo's! congratulations!!! are you going to find out the gender?! that is so exciting! im 21w today, not too far ahead of you! so much fun!

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