Monday, March 18, 2013

21 week rundown.

^^ fridays date night with the hubby

How far along? 21 weeks! were now PAST the halfway mark!
Baby is the size of: 10 1/2 inches or so, about the length of a carrot! 
Total weight gain: still hanging out at 8lbs.
Maternity clothes? you betcha.     
Stretch marks? none yet!
Sleep: I'm back to sleeping with our  extra AC unit on at the end of our bed on my side, so thankfully thats helped! having some troubles falling asleep of course... seeing the clock at 2am far too often. 
Best moment this week: WHAT. A. DIFFERENCE. babes movements from last week to this are more frequent. i'm feeling baby G every day, & its so amazing.

Miss Anything? jimmy johns. i want.
Movement: yes. in the DAY TIME now too! we're able to see it from the outside and its SO COOL. but due to my anterior placenta, not really able to feel them outside my belly yet. 
Food cravings: chocolate milk still always hits the spot. i had my first middle of the night craving on friday - white powdered donuts! i woke on saturday and isaiah had some on the table for me :) they were delicious! i havent craved them since tho. HOWEVERRRRRR. panera mac & cheese along with their cinnamon crunch bagel. i cant get enough!
Anything making you queasy or sick: nada.
Gender: boy!  

Labor Signs: oh no no no
Symptoms: this new thing called pregnancy insomnia. what is that all about?! i want to sleep as much as possible!
Belly Button in or out? innie! though it has come out of hiding a bit. it used to be a VERY deep innie. and now its only a regular innie.
Wedding rings on or off? on again, all the time! no more needing to take them off in the evenings :)

Happy or Moody most of the time: happy happy. especially when naked. too much?
Looking forward to: THE NURSERY! we bought our wood flooring & thats going in this weekend! i'm also excited about our ultrasound on 4/10.

Your Baby:
  • Is about 10 1/2 inches long, head to toe.
  • Passes time by sucking his or her thumb and even opening and closing his or her eyes. And you know, elbowing you in the vital organs.
  • Is like, kicking for serious now, and the movements cannot only be felt from the outside, they can often be seen. Lie on your back and watch the weird ripples and dips of baby limbs. (For the full Jurassic Park effect, do this in the tub and watch the water rings vibrate out from your belly.)

^^ feeling so much bigger!

^^ st pattys morning. mommys lucky charm. xo


  1. Happy over-halfway-there, Sarah! I can't wait to be at week 21!!!
    P.S. I am in LOVE with your robe in that last picture! SO CUTE!

    1. thanks! its fun to watch someone ahead of you grow - itll seem like time flies for them but not for you! at least thats how i feel watching jaguar over at breathegently ;) & that robe i got from etsy for our wedding! im thinking if i can still fit into it, i'll be taking it to the hospital with me as well!

  2. You're looking so cute! :) I can't wait to feel the baby move!!

    And chocolate milk... YUMMY! I just finished ours, so I need to go to the store and get more! HAHA

    1. my placenta is "anterior" so i wasnt expecting to feel babe move until about 20-22weeks, but i felt him at the end of week 18! & it happens around week 16 for lots of mommies! youre almost there!!

  3. Aren't you the cutest!!! So happy to see your are preggo. Love that you say you hate TTC!! ha ha I was with ya on that one. Infertility sucks!!

    1. awwh! youre so sweet! thank you!
      & infertility. sucks. DOESNT IT? its the worst :(