Saturday, March 23, 2013

baby G's nursery : part 2!

so here's where we left off, yes?

you'll notice that the chair is grey. we changed our minds. or rather, isaiah changed my mind. and a white chair would get too dirty and be too hard to keep up with nicely.

because our plan, is to have another miracle. we will have baby #2 someday. if not ourselves, through adoption. if it went accordingly to plan as we want, then we'll have 1 or 2 more babies ourselves, and adopt our 3rd or 4th child. adoption is definitely on our hearts, just as important as having my own pregnancy. 
so with that plan, of another baby - is our plan to reuse things. we imagine that we'll be in our house where were at now for the next 2-5 years depending. depending on isaiah's work: when he gets his new home office and where he gets his new home office. we want to build. but in a great and convenient spot in location with the airport, the mall of america, great schools, and of course - husbands work. our home now is 3 levels, 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms - we have plenty of room and theres no hurry. we dont want to downgrade just to move - so we'll be here until we can build. at the same time, we will be out of this home before baby G #1 turns 5 because we want a better school system for him than whats in this location. 
meaning, we arent really worried about how we make this nursery. we arent really planning on being here long enough to the point where we will have to change it from his "nursery" to his "big boy room" & are hoping that his big boy room can be done in the new house.
ive had some comments on the mini crib - i know i know. it doesnt convert. how long can he stay in it? i dont know that either. ive heard from others that their child stayed in it until 17 months. until 22 months. it really just depends on the size of the baby i suppose. but we love that its mini. its portable. who knows when baby #2 will come, so we can store this crib away for that time. and cribs are expensive! my dad was on us about it not converting. what about his big boy bed? well, if the crib converts to a big boy bed, we'll have to buy a new crib for baby #2. personal preference i guess. but we just rather buy a big boy bed for little man.
we're already eyeing up this one!

anyways. complete ramble. my bad, my bad.

the nursery. we were set. we found a grey shade we had liked. we were going with the mini white grayson crib. had the list of accessories to buy over time. just needed to toy around with wooden floors & those wooden blinds. 
welp. our estimate for the wooden floors was just under $1600. and the wooden blinds were something like $230 for 2 feet. uh... scuse? thanks, but no thanks.
so we took a break from the nursery stuff for a while and did research on flooring. trips to menards, home depot, lowes etc. but i was obviously still googling nursery things and digging into nursery blogs.

& i found the rug that i fell in love with so long ago! i found out it was $3000 and obviously let it go. but continued to creep rugs. because i want a rug on the hardwood floor. even if we left it with the cream carpet, i wanted a rug. have i ever mentioned im a pro at creeping researching? i found the super expensive rug, for thousands cheaper! HOLLA.

the original is madeline weinrib

still a navy pop. still masculine. but is hardwood flooring with dark blinds, grey walls and a navy rug too dark? i wanted something airy.... remember?

so NOW. 

here is baby G's final nursery inspiration!

isaiah is obsessed. he LOVES the aqua wall idea with a navy chair. why didnt we ever think of a navy chair before?! AY YI YI.

were rollin with it! aqua walls. a navy glider & ottoman. a white dresser/changing table. a white nightstand. that exact same ocean painting. hopefully that same whale painting (i currently cant find it being sold anywhere. darn you tim carney) along with some of the other accessories i had shown in previous inspiration boards. 

semi nautical, not too grown up and not too baby-ish. i like it.

ignore the love pillow. i think that shade is a bit too girly. & the mobile is adorable. but im thinking it kind of makes me sad? it reminds me of gloomy days. i dont want to think of gloomy days. i want to think of the ocean! woowhoo! 
& that boat blanket. i can only find it in the UK. which makes it ridiculously expensive once you consider the currency exchange + shipping. poop scoop.

i did find this blanket. not sure it matches? but i dig it. we'll see if its something we end up buying or not. isaiah said his cousin could probably make it for us. hmmmm.

also ignore the rug. its apparently navy and white, but looks black to me. im still thinking of the madeline weinrib rug, but i've also came across this one. currently a little more than we'd like to spend on a rug - so i'll keep an eye out on that specific piece of decor yet. after all, baby G wont be here until the end of july!

earlier this week, on... wednesday? i pulled up all the carpet and bought flooring from home depot. 22 weeks preggo - go me!

^^ you can see the "earth tone" it was lol & the aqua's we've tried, thus far.

so as you're reading this - were spending our saturday PUTTING IN THE HARDWOOD FLOORS! i am so excited.
we wanted to paint first. but we sampled and tried 4 shades of aqua so far and dont like any of them. im too impatient, so if i cant paint, at least let me get the floors in!

& later on this weekend between the flooring installation, we'll be going out to find more paint samples.  i told isaiah im almost ready to stick with the grey, but he insists. aqua! so please, fingers crossed for us! 

obviously my mind is all over the place when it comes to little man's nursery. but i hope you kind of get it! sorry its taken me FOREVER friends! 



  1. Wow looks like you've got some great ideas!! I love the nautical themed pieces. You and hubby looks so happy together in all those photos, I am sure you will make great parents when the little guy arrives :)

  2. Thanks for commenting on my blog! Congrats on your pregnancy!

    ICLW #3

  3. Happy ICLW! I really like that octopus rug (at least, I think it's an octopus). The one above it with the triangle seems a bit 80's ish to me but that kind of thing is in right now apparently. I agree that the mobile is adorable but also sad at the same time. This one seems kind of expensive to me for a mobile, but I love this idea:

    1. very true! the octupus rug doesnt match that quilt at all. and i love the rug more than the quilt! that mobile is beautiful, but i agree, $98 for a mobile is a bit steep! thanks for stopping by! :)

  4. saw the floor on instagram, it looks so good! Was it a good deal?? Once we move into our house we'll need to buy lots of wood flooring. Good luck finding the perfect shade of aqua!!

  5. Hi from ICLW! I love your blog and you have such fantastic ideas for the nursery! Congrats on your pregnancy!

  6. I love your nursery idea!! :) It's going to be absolutely adorable!

  7. Returning your visit. Thank you for stopping by my blog.

    Congratulations on your pregnancy! I love the nursery ideas you have. It's going to be so cute!

  8. We did an aqua wall for our little nugg's nursery and I LOVE it! I had a surprise, but I knew I wanted aqua. I did aqua, grey and white, and since having a little boy added navy touches. I highly recommend the Sherwin Williams "Clear Blue" Its aqua enough without being baby blue but not bright enough where you think it's a swimming pool bottom.

  9. should do this sort of thing professionally.