Friday, March 22, 2013

baby G's nursery!

i have been going NUTS over little man's nursery since about.... oh the end of january i'd say. same time i started going nuts about coming up with a name for him.
i knew that i wanted his name and his personality to be reflected in his nursery.

but i havent mentioned a single word on here, about either! though we do have a name for little man, that will be kept quiet until the end of April. isaiah and i are thinking we'll share it with the world during our maternity session and reveal the name through pictures, just as we did with the pregnancy.

^^ announcement photos by C.Lavigne Photography!

we love pictures. we take them SO often. maybe ill have a few posts dedicated to our photo shoots. because i know you all want to see my face day after day. haha.


the nursery. i made a million inspiration boards for this crap. bare with me how un-talented i am at making boards & just pretend you get the idea ;)

i always dreamed of something airy, bright, calm and soothing. most of the rooms in our house are all earth tones with walls being olive, taupe, brown, or sand colors. blah blah blah. ive been dying to re-do our room with light greys and bring in the airy feel there, but we just havent gotten around to it. so the nursery was going to be my spot!

isaiah let me go in any direction i wanted. he said i would spend lots of time in there, and he wants it to be a room i can be comfortable and happy in with little babe.

so here we go.

inspiration 1: browns/tans/whites with a subtle pop of color. im not sure where id have any color other than that mobile but whatever. it was airy enough for me and masculine enough for little man. i LOVED that crib, and that rocker. until i finally found & sat in that rocker. it sucked. no big deal, a white chair isnt hard to find. & the walls probably would have been white. then i started to think about the nursery and little mans name. i felt like this nursery was good for some names on our list, but not all. if we would have went ahead with naming our son "rush" - this would have been his nursery. but rush wasnt our winning choice, so i gave  it up.

inspiration 2: you guys. i really really really wanted a bold chevron rug. big time. {you see that chair again? this must have been before i finally sat in it and figured out how uncomfortable it was. or i just continued to use because it was a white chair and that was the main paint, good enough for getting an idea into my husbands head}. and then staring at this board became too girly.

so theres another board. 3. similar. i still get my rug. but i thought about adding pops of color. maybe a circus theme? etsy has a bagillion circus things. i could use bunting banners. a tall plush giraffe. pillows.  whatever i found. nope. still too girly. probably because of that gold chandelier. but i really wanted gold. i always knew that if i had a girl, her nursery colors would reflect our wedding. navy, blush and gold. & then the baby in my belly wasnt a girl, but a boy. and i guess i just tried to hold on to that gold. until i let it go.

4. so maybe that rug wont do after all. & maybe that chandelier was too girly. lets see if i can try to find a way to incorporate gold and our wedding colors into something for a boy. 

5. maybe not entirely, but that definitely got us thinking about navy. navy was a great masculine color. our room however feels too small for navy walls, so we'd go with grey walls. navy accents. ooo and maybe even a pop of color inside of his closet! do i want to take the closet doors off? ya ya ya! i could try that!

and we were set. this was going to be little mans nursery. we set off to paint sample, and after trying 3 shades of grey we found the perfect color for his walls. we also decided that we'd tear up our cream carpet and put in hardwood flooring to make it a little more manly and bring out the wooden blinds we liked {pictured below}. i even found accessories that i thought fit little man's name perfectly.

then i started to wonder about that crib. i sure loved it. but i also loved the mini grayson crib by babyletto. and what about baby #2? if we get another miracle and get pregnant again, what if that babe is a girl? would that crib still work? oh sure sure.
until i saw the mini grayson in store. again. and again. and again. it was over. the mini grayson crib won me over. it comes in grey, white, navy and ... shit. i forget. oops.
so then began another battle with myself. what color crib do i want? navy for a pop? i could re-use navy in the girls room. grey? naw, the walls are grey. white? i can use sheets that'll make it pop. but mini crib. mini sheets... will those be hard to find? nope! okay deal. i think we'll go with white.

& there you have it. baby G's nursery inspirations!

except not.
you really didnt think it was that easy, did you?

do you have any favorites? how did you plan out the nursery for your little one?!

post 2 - coming tomorrow! stay tuned friends!

& ps. i'll share his name in an email if anyone wants to know and is too impatient to wait until the maternity photos reveal! we found out that our family can not keep any secrets for the life of them, so were keeping the name a secret from them for now and keeping it off the internet incase anyone sees it. {my dads a major online creep, i could write a whole nother post on his facebook addiction.}


  1. I love all these boards! You did a great job, and everything is cohesive without being too matchy-matchy!

    I actually think I have an idea of what baby G's name might be after reading your WB post.....maybe. I guess I'll see if I'm right!

  2. Such a journey!!! I love what you came up with though. Even though I know it's not the final product. :) I'm obsessed with anchors and really want an anchor tattoo! That must be why I love this room.

  3. I LOVE those photos!!!! So fabulous. I cannot wait to see your nursery!! We need to find out the sex and then i can go crazy too!!

  4. So cute! And so unique! I love ALL of it. That sign about things being worth the wait is fabulous.