Monday, March 4, 2013

baby moon 1.0

on monday 2-18, i was 18 weeks pregnant and we left for florida, our baby moon 1.0!
{i pray there will be many more future babies, thus a baby moon 2.0, 3.0 & so on ;) }

we arrived in orlando & drove to our vacation home for the week. the house was lovely, but too far for my pregnant liking. we got some popeye's for dinner, watched the bachelor & drifted off to sleep.


woke up bright & early to venture out to sea world! we loaded up the car with some friends of ours and by 10am we were off. seaworld was about 30-45 minutes away from our vacation home.
&& forgive me, but i have to be honest here. maybe its because im 25, or maybe its because im a vacation snob, but i was not entirely impressed with what sea world had to offer. perhaps i expected too much from all the hype that i've heard from others growing up?
all in all, we were there a good 6 hours & i did great! that was definitely the most i've walked since becoming pregnant. the dolphin show was fun & feeding them was adorable. i love me some dolphins and it made me so anxious to swim with them again on our next cruise in 2014. the thing i enjoyed most, was the animal show with the cars & dogs. they were so well trained!! i have to be honest though, going in to the show i couldnt help but think "im on vacation, in florida, to see dogs? i can see dogs at home!" {i told you. im a vacation snob // i blame cruises & all the tropical islands}  shamu was legit though. whales are fascinating. and we got super soaked from his splashes. salt water, anyone?!

our friends spent the day at disney, and because im pregnant - we decided to not spend the $200 on admission tickets to walk around & miss out on all the rides. isaiah nor i have ever been to disney, but were going to have a baby so there is no doubt in my mind that we can return some day if we feel the desire & hope to share the adventure with our little man. i truly had no idea how big disney was either... all of the parks? and so far away from one another! my entire life i thought it was one huge amusement park with everything in one. wrong! so while our friends were at disney, isaiah and i spent the day together just enjoying orlando. we always love to go eat at local places that we cant get back here at home so we had lunch at a spot called the brick house tavern. it was a+. so delicious and adorable. we sat on sofa's at our table - that alone was a+ for me! they had CRAZY drinking options, which we didnt indulge in but i bet that place is a lot of fun at night. if i'm ever in orlando, i'll go back there. 
after lunch we found a mall & shopped! obviously! this mall had zara and we were incredibly excited since there isnt one here, but it didnt have the baby section :( it didnt have anything that fit mama :( and it didnt have anything new that caught isaiah's eye. so zara was a fail this time around. BUT. h&m surely was not! we shopped for little man. this mama can shop til she drops, so after the mall i wanted to eat. and we found a pinkberry! something isaiah nor i have ever had before. too.die.for

^^salted caramel & hazelnut chocolate, YUM.

our last day in florida. cocoa beach! THE OCEAN. finally!!! THANK YOU JESUS. 
we had great weather, and the sunshine was wonderful - but i was so sad to be so far from the ocean. it took us about 1.5hours to get to cocoa beach and then about 2 to get home. i never want to spend that much time in a car on vacation again, ever. 
it was a lovely day though, & ill never forget being on the ocean with isaiah walking through the waves with this beautiful miracle inside of my belly.

we left the 84 degree weather and returned to a snow storm in less than 20 degree weather. typical.
but i did see this road as we were heading back to the rental car place!

^^ thats me!

im thankful i got my husband away from work for a week. im thankful i was able to feel the warmth & sunshine on my belly. im thankful for the means to travel & see new things with such a wonderful man by my side.

baby moon 2.0 - I'm waiting for you already!


  1. I love the idea of a Babymoon!! This is the first time I've heard that. Love the baby clothes you picked out! The little anchors are so cute. And that pinkberry looks delish! The beach pics of you and hubby are adorable.

    1. baby moons are LOVELY! just as important to us as the honeymoon. maybe even MORE important because its one last big hurrah, ALONE! lol!

  2. So I realized that you've been following my TTC blog for a while now but I never looked into your blog. I'm so glad that I've caught up with your posts and found out that you're due on my birthday! You look so cute with your baby bump. I'm so excited to follow the rest of your pregnancy and the birth of your son.