Tuesday, March 26, 2013

finish the sentence link up!

hooray for tuesday!... maybe? yes?... no? okay.
but hooray for link ups!

today im linking up with two other bloggers that i had just come across recently, but as quickly as i found them, is as quickly as i fell in love! make sure you check out Holly and Jake to see their fun answers :)

for some reason, when i grab peoples buttons and throw it in my post - it doesnt effen work. so i just save the picture to my files and insert it in my post that way. same thing? i have no f%&%$^ idea. but you get the point! heeeey!

1. If calories didn't count, I would eat... im sorry. i see the word "IF". and in my world, calories dont count. i dont even know what the fuck a quail calorie is.
wait wait wait. let me fix that. you know those little lindor truffle balls? specifically {and only} the white ones. OH.MY.GOD. heaven. 72 calories in that tiny ass ball. so yes. if calories didnt count, i'd eat a bag a day. delicious.

2. On my Prom night.... freshman year, i found out my boyfriend was cheating on me. with the girl i hated because i was suspicious about her tanning obsessed orange self. the same girl he invited in to our group. and is standing next to us in every picture. with HER boyfriend of 3+ years. needless to say i dont have a prom picture left from that prom to show you my dress or what the orange lady looked like. but i did go to prom every year after too. no loss here!

3. When I go to the store, I always buy... double stuffed oreos. there are 4 packages in the pantry right now. {along with 9 boxes of girl scout cookies} oops.

4. Family functions typically... include table tops with a variety of liquor as wide as earth.

5. I think my blog readers... are the coolest cats. i want to meet them all IRL. on a cruise. yep.

6. I'd much rather be..... bewitched. you know? that lady who snaps her fingers and gets shit done.

7. I have an obsession with.... post secret. fo realz. AND. bet ya didnt kno this ;) i have 3 of them published through out the books! IM FAMOUS.

8. My work friends.... uh...?? i dont go to work, so you must mean my dogs. theyre my friends fo sho. we all love napping. we nap like its our job.

9. When I created my Facebook account.... i had to wait months and months for it to activate. because it was back in the stone ages. when you HAD to have a college email to sign up. but not all colleges were cool enough yet.

10. My least favorite word is... m..oo...ii...st.... GROSS. and what made that worse, was when our "dry campus" turned into a "moist campus". serious?

11. I really don't remember.... my first kiss with isaiah. but B swore it happened out on the dance floor. i guess that happens when liquor is involved.

12. Justin Bieber.... is the last type of fever i'll be catching. pull up your pants, son!


  1. So many of these made me laugh. I'm thankful Facebook wasn't out until the end of college. I can't imagine the pictures that would be floating around there of me if it was!

  2. Haha you’re hilarious.  Except for the prom night story, that sucks. What a douche! I’m laughing that you have 4 packages of double-stuff oreos in your pantry! I never buy them because I know I’d eat half, ok the entire package in one night. I love post secret too! How awesome that your secret was published! And um yeah, totally agree about Biebs pants.

    ..Oh and about the button, are you copying the html link from the side bar of their blog? Or just copy & pasting the image itself? If you're using the html link it should work. But as long as you link their names like you did, you should be fine!

    1. Oops just realized the html link is also under their main picture so you don't have to pull it from the side bar.

      Wow what a long comment!

  3. One, give me some Girl Scout cookies. You'd think with a husband that works with 300+ co-workers, someone would be selling them, but every night he comes home and says he can't find anyone. Maybe he's just keeping them all for himself?

    Two, I love Post Secret as well. Totally a guilty pleasure.

  4. I am visiting from the link-up, I totally forgot about Oreos, hwo could I forget about them? I love Oreos!! I would eat my weight in oreos if calories didnt count!!

  5. double stuffed oreos are my weakness. brown ones or white ones..love them both. thanks for linking with us!

  6. I just saw your comment on my blog and had to run over here to say hello. After reading this I am totally in love with you - in a 100% non creepster way.

    I am bookmarking your blog so that I can also follow along with your journey :)

  7. My nieces decided a few years ago that they may like Bieber. My husband and I persuaded them to change their minds. :)

  8. That oreo thing is hilarious...and I totally agree. A few months ago I saw confetti cake oreos or cake batter oreos or something like that in the store. I TOTALLY regret not buying them because I haven't seen them since. Maybe it was a dream...