Thursday, March 28, 2013

full moon disturbances?

i just slept 14 hours. i opened my eyes at 12:57pm. whoa.

worrying about a non moving baby boy is exhausting.

{remember that time you were 23 weeks pregnant and got sent over to labor & delivery in the hospital}

oh wait no. that was me. that was yesterday.

i hadnt been feeling little man move since monday afternoon. ive noticed that since week 18, the one thing that always ensures movements is taking my prentals at night. so when monday night came along and there was no movement after my prenatals - i kind of wondered what was up. but i also knew its fairly normal to not always feel him. babies have on days and off days, just like we do. & my little man had an incredibly active weekend. so i told myself he was taking a little nappy do.

i woke up on tuesday, laying in bed paying attention to the motion and feeling in my belly. no little man. sad day. isaiah come home that night and asked if i wasnt feeling well. i explained to him that i hadnt felt babe all day and my tummy felt impeccably tight. i was just uncomfortable and wondering where babe was hiding. i was a sad mama, more than a worried mama.

wednesday came and i still hadnt felt any movement. i was more sad than worried because even though i think my belly is huge and the baby is huge, he's still small and has plenty of room inside. the chances of him facing my organs or my placenta is very likely. then i remembered a way to check in with my doctor that was semi casual and not extremely emergency like. so i logged on to the hospital website and into mychart to send an email over to the doctors office where RN's get the emails and reply. ive done it once before during 1st trimester and they replied twice within the hour & i saw my doctor that afternoon. so i opened the email to explain my feelings and checking in how common it is to not feel babe at 23w for the long period of time that i had stopped feeling him.

i was trying everything. drinking cold water, apple juice, an iced coffee, watermelon, grapes, salsa, mozzarella sticks, dancing, swimming, walking on my hands & knees, laying on my left side, the prenatals at night, banana popsicles. bub didnt budge.

8 hours later the RN called me back to talk with me about the email and my symptoms, mentioned "yeah we need to check for a heartbeat... yes we definitely do. can you hold?" & i was put on hold. the nurse came back saying "Dr. W wants you to head over to L&D immediately. how soon do you think you can be there? im going to call them ahead and let them know youre coming in"


L&D? labor and delivery? for me? why? im only 23w! ONE WEEK AWAY FROM VIABILITY.

then i panicked. why didnt my doctor just wanna see me in his office with the doppler? his office is connected to the hospital?


i called isaiah who came home, picked me up and off we went. within moments i was in a room, on a bed and hooked up to a monitor that kept track of babes movements and heart rate as well as my pulse.

we immediately heard a heart beat. oh thank God.



then i started crying. because i was so happy he was okay. but felt like such an idiot for not knowing. and i kept telling isaiah "im so sad that he's so stubborn". in which isaiah says "HE GET IT FROM HIS MOMMA" and proceeded to play some song on his phone while dancing around. "HE GET IT FROM HIS MOMMA!"

i was hooked up for 2 hours. just listening to baby boys heart beat and hearing all of his movements. they gave me a button clicker pen thingamajig to press every time i felt him. {but i wasnt feeling him. helloooo. thats why i'm here}

i remember that isaiah thought baby boy was a baby girl, because his heart rate was always over 150. you know, that old wives tale. he must have started to feel my anxiety and happiness because eventually he woke up & i started to feel him, and his heart beat was great.



two hours went by and the doctor came in. he read all of the charts and had exceptionally good things to say. baby G is doing great. they saw excellent rises in his heart beat and he is "doing more than well for his gestational age".

i must be raising a werewolf. who is that twilight man? jacob? maybe baby G is a werewolf.
but maybe not.

one thing you are little man, is a stubborn boy. you gave this mama a run for her money yesterday. and daddy says we almost made him poop his pants when we called him.

& of course, when we got home. i felt you moving around. <3

^^23w. the day you scared mama, a whole bunch.


  1. How scary! Thank goodness everything is okay!! :D

  2. Thank gosh all is ok! Hopefully that lil' guy won't make you worry anymore :)

  3. Poor thing! I'm so glad that everything is good and that you have such a sweet husband who dances and sings for you to make sure you're okay!

  4. Super scary and so great that this post has a happy ending!!!

  5. Oh hunny I'm so sorry that little man freaked you out. I'm so glad that everything turned out ok, though!

  6. OH MY GOODNESS! I totally would have been freaked out! Glad everything is ok! :)

  7. So scary! Wonderful to read that everything is fine and you're feeling the little man again.

  8. So happy that he's doing well and you were able to get checked out. It's always a scary feeling to not know what's going on! I can't wait until I feel my baby moving on a daily basis, but I still have a few weeks for that. It's hard not to worry, but you're doing great and so is he!

  9. I've definitely been there. It's so scary and awful. Glad you heard the heartbeat right away. Whew.

  10. Whoa, how scary!! I'm glad that everything turned out to be OK.