Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Oh, Minnesota.

you never fail to amaze me.
{i dont necessarily mean that in the best way...}

during march 11-17th last year of 2012, the weather temperatures for the week were in the 60-80's!
i dont even remember that. but i do remember saint patty's day being nice out.

& while a pregnant lady may not prefer the heat, i am so ready to walk my dogs in a sweatshirt vs a jacket. I WANT TO DITCH YOU JACKET! the relationship with the awkward maternity coat that i semi fill out but dont entirely fill out, it needs to end.

today, it is 30 degrees and snowing.

... i'm off to plan our cruise. for march 2014. when baby is guaranteed to be 6 months old and can cruise with us. first family cruise! WOOHOO!

buhbye snow.

[oh! today im 21w preggo, with a stretching tattoo for proof ;) more on that later!]

tattoo ^^ "everything was beautiful & nothing hurt"


  1. Seriously! Jake and I were just talking about this while getting ready for work! I'm SO READY for spring to be here! I want sandals! LOL!

  2. Saw your post on MN bloggers. Loved the pillow fight picture. Congrats on the baby! I'm totally still holding out for sunshine and sixty degrees this weekend... never going to happen though.

  3. I miss last spring! Last year at this time we were making plans to build our deck (measuring for materials and such). This year said deck is covered in a ton of snow :(

  4. Ooooh a cruise!! I'm jelly. :) I love your tattoo, glad you wrote down what it says because I was about to ask!

  5. Totally with you on the cold weather, summertime can't come soon enough!

    Cute belly shot. You are more than half way there now, how exciting!

  6. I completely agree with you about Minnesota weather this year...I'm getting tired of snow and layers. I will be so, so thankful when Spring finally does arrive!

    Happy cruise planning!