Friday, March 29, 2013

photo dump : dating life

remember how i told you all that isaiah and i LOVE to take pictures? i thought that maybe i'd give you a little insight on just how much i really mean that. {a little peek into our lives}

today is your lucky day. are you feeling lucky?! hahahahahah. only kidding. but really. no words for ya'll today. this mama is LA-ZAY. and getting ready to get my shop on at home goods. lots to do for easter weekend! but shopping happens first.

alas, here are some pictures isaiah and i had done in May 2011. we had only been "officially" boyfriend and girlfriend since February, our friend Dana was in town and we had just gotten our first puppy together, :insert Lambeau here: so we let Dana take some pictures of us!

i feel a little bad dumping all these photos, but at least the puppy is SUPER cute! ;)

^^ do you see a heart in the sky?!

:::le sigh::: i totally knew then that i was going to marry that man. & 15 months later, i did!

now im off to cry about my hair that is no longer long, nor blonde. :'( :'(

have a great easter friends!

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  1. The pics are super cute!! You guys look so happy : ).

  2. OMG that pup is the cutest!! I want to cuddle him! Your hair was really blonde!! I feel like no matter what color/length my hair is, I'm always wishing it was the opposite. Grass is always greener I guess. I love the pic where you have the headband on and your both sitting down and your kissing his cheek, so cute!

  3. I LOVE your blonde hair! It looks sooooo cute! Of course, it looks cute now too :) Great pictures!

  4. Those photos are GREAT! Seriously, what a cute (and clearly crazy in love) couple you two are.

  5. CUTE photos!! What a great memory to have!! Happy Easter!

  6. Super adorable puppy. And I also love your headband. Crazy cute.

  7. One, adorable pictures. Two, cutest puppy ever (do you have a recent picture for comparison?) Three, don't hate me but I like you as a brunette. Is one color over the other more "natural?"

  8. Super cute puppy! Love the pics too!

  9. hello! blog stalking. found you when you took the time to comment on lil' ole' bellathirty's blog. two things: 1: these pics are ridiculous, beyond adorable. the floral headband... i die a little for. 2: your dogs name is Lambeau and both you AND your beau are rocking the Gs... i love it, love it LOVE it! Packers always.