Wednesday, March 27, 2013

So What Wednesday!

It's Wednesday. So what!

{Happy Hump Day!}

I'm linking up with Shannon over at Life after I "Dew" for todays post :)

SO WHAT, If I ....
  • hate going to the gym because i feel like everyone stares at me. like a monkey picking its boogers at the zoo. i mean, im staring at you. so you must be staring back at me.
  • the only vegetables i get in my system are from salsa. that still counts, doesnt it?
  • sit in my husbands clothes every day. pregnant lady is bustin outta her seams ova here!
  • curse under my breath every time i wanna leave a comment and that cache thing pops up to prove im not a robot. has anyone seen any robots? i think im missing something here...
  • pre-ordered the book "moms who drink and swear" by Nicole Knepper
  • also pre-ordered "motherhood comes naturally" from Scary Mommy
{do the last two statements above make me a bad mom? lets hope not. because i havent even given birth yet!}

So what if i ...
  • tinkle when i sneeze. sometimes.
  • really enjoy link up parties
  • secretly hope that my dogs will pee on our patio so i dont have to actually walk them outside. {okay well now its getting warmer. so i only wish this once a week. instead of 3 times a day}
  • go into major panic after not feeling little man move inside my belly for 24 hours. WTF dude.
  • am RIDICULOUSLY obsessed with my husband. seriously ya'll. obsessed.
  • want to eat at panera bread every day of the week

and so what if the only time im leaving the house is to go to panera bread. mmmm.


  1. Bahaha!!! That robot comment was so funny and exactly what I've thought before!!! Too funny! Glad you commented on my post, now I am following you!

  2. I can't muster eating any kind of green vegetable anymore unless it's a salad while going out. It's a little bit of a problem!

  3. haha when I lived in an apartment I totally let my dog pee on my balcony in the winter! I'm way too lazy to walk her in the cold! haah!

    Thanks for linking up!

  4. I see nothing wrong with salsa being your only form of veggies! So yummmy!

  5. I hate the robot cache thing too!! I took it off my settings so people don't have to deal with it when they leave me comments. Ugh especially when I'm commenting from my phone, so annoying. I heart salsa and Panera Bread and I'm super hungry now.

  6. OMG! I'm right there with you on veggies. Oops. :) And the robot thing... SO ANNOYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I LOVED wearing my husband's clothes when I was pregnant. So roomy and they smelled great too.