Monday, March 18, 2013

spring bucket list.

its march 18th and i dont see any sign of spring. i look out the window right now ---> my balcony is covered in snow, there are icicles hanging from our patio furniture & theres a plow going up and down the street. more snow to come friends! just check out this picture below from kare11 news. :((

but all of that doesnt mean spring isnt on my mind. its all i can think about! i am SO ready for sunshine and green grass!

im linking up with a fellow MN blogger, carolyn & bringing you todays topic : my spring bucket list!

1. not that the dog park looks this lovely (at least the one we go to) & it'll probably result in chaos with mud all over the place, i cant wait to take lambeau & lucy to the dog park where we can spend more than 20 minutes before im so cold i can barely yell their names and any hopes of getting their attention is lost.

2. painting our nursery! (not lime green). i just want the windows open already! pretty sunshine in, stinky paint fumes out.

3. the zoo. i LOVE the zoo. (& boy do i miss that blonde hair! maybe thats another bucket list to do. lighten my hair some!) anyways. im hoping that when the weather is warmer, i'll be able to get to the como zoo often. enjoy cute animals & get some preggo exercise all while gaining some vitamin d! ya!

4. every spring & summer, isaiah and i try to make a list of new places to eat at and then we tackle that list. i love date nights with my husband. especially when i dont have to drag a winter coat around or worry about how cold i'll be between a downtown parking lot & the restaurant itself.

5. TWINS GAME BABY! yes. this packer fan, is also a twins fan! i was at both the 87 & 91 world series, how could i not be?! we usually get to home opener as part of a birthday present to me because my birthday falls on april 1st. the picture above was in.. 2011? on april 8th for home opener. and it was pretty chilly. ya win some, ya lose some {especially when rooting for the twins} - but target field is SUCH a beautiful and fun place to be, baseball season rocks!

6. last but not least, i want to deep clean this entire house. top to bottom, in & out. garage included. all the things to get ready for baby G!

what are some things youre excited for this spring?!


  1. I'm right there with you on deep cleaning. I hate doing it, but love the feeling afterwards. I hope it starts to warm up for you! Thanks for linking up.

  2. Are you going to the home opener!?!?!?! WE ARE! :) That picture from Kare11 is NOT OK. HAHAHAHA So ready for spring! Thanks for linking up sweetie!

  3. So many cute pics in this post!! Love the list. :) Did you decide on a color for the nursery yet?

    1. we havent! all of the "aqua's" we've tried have been too bright or too grey. & in store theyre all too green or too blue. i just want something in the middle! LOL. found a new brand of paints & im hoping to get a sample of "shower or spring" & try it out this weekend. getting so frazzled! lol!

  4. Great list! Your pups are so cute!! Thanks for linking up! And Congrats on the baby!