Tuesday, March 19, 2013

spring fashion

today's topic of the spring link up party is ... spring fashion!

i'm trying to battle two things: being 22 weeks pregnant, and wondering what weather "spring" will bring this year.

* i've been eyeing this jacket for a month or so & just never bought it. because i thought the weather in march would be nicer. now i wish i would have bought it. every once in a while i go back to it and debate buying it, thinking i could wear it for the rest of march and maybe some of april too depending on the thickness - but its about the same price as a north face. oh north face. i love my north face. i havent been able to wear it since november because it immediately didnt zip up over my boobs & now it surely wont zip up over this belly. so i think i'm just going to go buy a new one (or keep my fingers crossed it comes as a birthday gift!) in a size up from the one i have. i'll be able to wear it after pregnancy as well, unlike the first jacket i've been eyeing. even tho its really cute.

^^ debating on getting a second black one or something different, but either way. must have.

* i love a pop of color. all winter i've really enjoyed wearing my red maternity skinnies & so i hope to follow suit for the spring & summer. i've already tried to get into my mint skinnies from last season, but even with the rubber band trick - it just wont happen :( so im on the hunt for something new. and trying to avoid the ones at GAP for $69.95.

^^ i am loving those shoes too!

* i hate wearing pants. ESPECIALLY maternity pants. its probably from my {lack-of} having an ass issue, but the darn things just do NOT stay up. i swear after every 5 steps i take, i'm trying to scruffle through my winter coat or nudge up under it to pull my pants up. its just not a cute look. as soon as this weather gets nice enough, i'm getting into dresses. midi's, maxi's & all. pants off please. 
{i actually just purchased all 3 of these dresses over the weekend! oops!}

^^ for those date nights with hubby!

^^ im thinking easter, yes?!

^^ in black & white. comfy, casual and chic. i can lounge or run errands in this!

* even tho i hate jeans, its obvious i need a few pair in the wardrobe. besides a colored pair, i LOVE boyfriend jeans. my pair from american eagle has been one of my outfit staples for the last two seasons. & when i was 18w pregnant, i wore them in florida with the rubber band trick. not sure that'll still work though. heels, flip flops - whatever. they have a baggier fit & i just love the comfort. something i can throw on thats a bit dressier than leggings.

^^ i love boyfriend tees too. wardrobe staple!

* shoes are always fun. but i dont know how fat swollen my feet will be getting as i get further into this pregnancy & the weather warms up. howeverrrrr, i do know that i love two things: mint. and shoes. 

^^i want.

i know i dont have shorts listed in this post. i've been trying a few on at maternity stores. (i loved the new maternity pink lacquer ones from the GAP) - but yuck. so i'm not sure i'll be wearing any of those anytime soon. i dont seem to look half as pretty or put together as the models in maternity shorts.

i always feel cuter (more cute?) in spring & summer clothes. dont get me wrong, i love scarves & i love to layer - but only for so long. especially when being pregnant, i rather not bulge up in extra clothing. 

also. since i'm due at the end of july - im trying to find outfits that will also work after baby arrives. things that'll double up for the end of pregnancy in months 7-9 AND 10-12. until i start fall & winter shopping. {the thought of my post partum body terrifies me, its hard to shop for things you havent experienced yet!}

so spring, WHERE ARE YOU!?


  1. I think I was as far along as you last year and I lived in dresses and skirts. I did find one good pair of maternity shorts and bought them in every color. Old Navy tanks were my other best friend!

  2. OMG! I've been on the hunt for maternity boyfriend jeans. HELP ME FRIEND. :)

    Oh and thanks for linking up! :)

    1. GAP seems to be the best variety! Kohls online had a few pair as well, and i found one pair at an H&M in florida. I'm continuing the hunt though because a lot of places are sold out in my size so i'll keep you posted on any good options i come across!

  3. Those nude & mint pumps are so gorgeous!!!

  4. I love my North Face Denali! I have a black and plum one, I love both!

    1. isnt it the best?! i miss wearing mine so much! even tho i sometimes think i should get one thats more of a "rain" jacket, i just cant steer away from the denali!

  5. I love those hot pink pants!! YAY for cute maternity outfits. And that top jacket is awesome!! Great picks!!