Monday, April 29, 2013

goodbye trimester 2 : 27w bumpdate!

How far along? 27 weeks. tomorrow begins the third trimester. holy hannah. bittersweet moment.
Baby is the size of: 14.5 inches or so, weighing 2lbs. similar to the head of a cauliflower! 
Total weight gain: ive been fluctuating this week quite a bit between +15-20lbs! nice to see you water retention.
Maternity clothes? well yes. but surprisingly, tho im getting bigger - ive been wearing less maternity! the weather is finally warming up, and im able to trade in pants for dresses. wearing more of regular maxi's etc :) praise jesus!
Stretch marks? oh i found one alright. on the inside/back area of my THIGH. not awesome. but im a tiger who earned her stripes. HEAR ME ROAR.
Sleep: i wake up between 4-5am every day now. and am usually awake until about 7-8am. is this preparing me for life with a newborn? oye.
Best moment this week: dancing with my husband in our kitchen as dinner was cooking. having this sweet baby boy in between us? i just melt. AARON RODGERS extended his contract! this is a big deal in our packer family :) basically, week 27 has been my favorite in general. i felt {feel?} so beautiful and so blessed. ridiculously happy. isaiah went out of town friday to saturday, and baby boy didnt move. had me panicking like trimester 1 all over again. but when he called to say his plane landed, baby boy moved. seriously, so sweet. 

Miss Anything? wearing any dress i want.
Movement: its slowing down some. *see sad mama over here* but he makes his presence known! trying to distinguish his hiccups.
Food cravings: not new: DQ. banana cream pie blizzards or grape arctic freezes. new: corn on the cob. and it was deeeeeelicious!
Anything making you queasy or sick: notta!
Gender: baby goodman is a BOY!

Labor Signs: holding off on all that for a while!
Symptoms: i can't get close to the mirror to pluck my eyebrows. i have the consistent urge to pee, but 80% of the time dont need to pee/no pee comes. i needed to make a brand new hole in my belt. feelin hot hot hot!
Belly Button in or out? still hanging out in the flat zone!
Wedding rings on or off? the other night isaiah said "i take my ring off before bed now and put it by yours" me "...okay, why?" isaiah "i dont know, i just like that theyre together." adorbs. needless to say, my rings are off. they can be pushed on but its just uncomfortable. and since i spend most of my days home, im okay with that. i do have a different fakey ring that we got to wear on our honeymoon/cruises after noticing how dirty my real one got - so when we leave the house, i slip that one on. 

Happy or Moody most of the time: happy! getting a little nervous about nearing the end and thinking about all the necessities we still need, but happy!
Looking forward to: i have a doctors appt on thursday. thumbs up: i get to hear baby on the doppler! thumbs down: weighing in. figuring out how to shave my chach for the doc. and the dreaded glucose test. just gag me with a wooden spoon. twice. 

^^ a rutabaga?! 

i feel like my belly is really low. and really long. it doesnt stick out and float like others. hmph.

also, this conversation happened this week while booking hotels for football season in Green Bay.
"how many adults in the room?" "2". "and kids?" "nope... oh wait... oh shit. 1! we'll have a new baby!" 
face palm.

isaiah and i spent sunday morning deep cleaning our house. love that feeling when all the windows get to be open! hopefully it'll happen every sunday morning, in hopes for preparation baby. the nursery is entirely clean from the renovation and 100% ready for the furniture & decor to arrive! {and be ordered...}

Your Baby:
  • Hey! Remember when I told you your baby was as big as a gummy bear? Oh, about 19 or 20 weeks ago?
  • Now imagine a two-pound, 15-inch-long gummy bear. Yep.
  • Eyelids (which have been fused since 11 or 12 weeks) can now open and close.
  • Lungs are functioning to be able to survive outside the womb with medical help.
  • Brain tissue is developing ; babes brain is more active every day.
  • Are officially in the third trimester! Feel free to celebrate/panic at will.
  • May notice more of that pesky round ligament pain as your belly gets harder and bigger and rounder, or as it starts to dip down a little bit, looking a little less perky and cute than it did a few weeks ago.
  • Depending on your baby’s position, the kicks and movements might be a little painful. Feet up under your ribcage, jabs to the cervix, random body parts of mystery poking you way off to the side, where you didn’t even think those little appendages were long enough to reach.

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Saturday, April 27, 2013

pregnancy problems.

pregnancy rocks. literally mind blowing at what my body is doing in less than a years time.
but oh the little details people dont tell you about. {minus the weather. no one misses the chance to tell me how miserable ill be in the summer.}

  • went in to the bathroom to pluck my eyebrows. got ready to lean in to the mirror. NOPE. not happenin anymore. baby bump in the way.
  • finally spring in MN. high 60's low 70's. this mama is already hot. bring it on summer!
  • what is this "dampness" goin on?
  • goodbye feet. 
  • my arms have quadrupled in size. as the lovely brandi and holly would say, i've got "oprah wings" goin on! 
  • husband has to help me get my uggs on. it often ends in him saying "PUUUUSHHH" and me saying back "i am, damnit!" sound like labor?
  • dont even ask me about how im going to shave my whoha. cant see that shiz no mo.
  • third trimester proves to be like first trimester. i was never sick, but im experiencing the same random aches & twinges now. and the scary feeling of not feeling babe when he decides to be a brat. psycho mom paranoia is returning.

i got up from the bed the other night. and there was a wet spot.

husband: DID YOU JUST.. PEE!?!?!!

me: i dont know babe. i just. dont. know.

^^ 27w5d. bumpin our way into summer!

Friday, April 26, 2013

friday fancies : april showers

usually, you're familiar with the term "april showers brings may flowers" yeah? well, so far this april here in MN - its been "april showers bring snow plowers". sad right? yes. yes indeed. BUT - we've had some rain this week to melt down our whiteout from Monday night, and today it is supposed to be in the high 60's! HOLLA. such an improvement from the 30's! 

i love hunter rain boots. i have them in navy and in hot pink myself, and i am always needing my husband to talk me out of a new pair in some other color. habits habits.

i also love burberry. and i wear my burberry scarf entirely too much. love love love. 

those valentino heels? theyre on my must own list. someday. 

so i whipped up this outfit for my rainy days! 

i'd probably throw on a burberry trench coat too! and i had to use skinnies. because NOTHING irritates me more than wet pants! boots for the commute, heels for the office. dry pants all around. ta da!

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6

ps. i suck at making collages, so excuse the stupid shadow border! blah!

on a happier note :) ---> head over to {long distance loving} to check out other awesome outfits, or to join in on the fun for future fridays! no rules and no budget - you gotta love that!


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Thursday, April 25, 2013

join the movement : national infertility awareness week

national infertility awareness week. well thats something that hits close to home, weighs heavy on my heart.

though yes, i am currently 27 weeks pregnant, infertility is something I know, something I am, something that's shaped me.

i'll never forget the day, almost 7 years ago, that i was told about the complications and troubles id have when trying to conceive. 
it was that same day, at age 19, my doctor was dead set on having me go through a hysterectomy. um. what? 'scuse me?

I'm forever thankful for the rage my dad expressed to my doctor that afternoon. he was my biggest advocate. its funny to remember that just an hour before, i was ridiculously embarrassed to have my dad with me, to see that the only man sitting in the waiting room at the gyno, was my dad. little did i know id soon be thankful to have my dad sitting out there, waiting for me.

even though I was just 19, he knew how much it meant to me to become a mother. he knew it was everything I ever wanted. and my mother being my mother, she knew as well. 

i used to tell my dad how i wasn't waiting for a husband or a man to fall in love with to give me a child. "don't be surprised if I have a baby out of wed lock" i'd say over and over. 
i wanted to be a mother more than a wife, to have a child more than a husband.

{funny how things work. i never thought id be married. and slowly began to think i'd never get pregnant. then bing bamn boom. got myself a husband AND a pregnancy! they say to make God laugh, you tell him your plans. i feel so blessed, so happy and wouldn't change this life for anything!}

it's been since that same day in the doctors office that I've been determined to overcome infertility, and just for one moment, say "kiss my ass you mean mean thing".

being pregnant now doesn't take away from infertility. it does not make me forget. and it does not make me live without fear of future possibilities.

as we've prepared for baby G, i often think ahead about another child. especially during the time that we've spent thinking about, registering for and purchasing his gear. i immediately jump to the thought of "well how will this stroller work with a second child?" "what would my dad use as a carseat if we have another?" "should we go with a convertible crib for him now, and buy an entire new one for the second?!" or.... ?

obviously, a second child isnt guaranteed. but do i hope for a second child? you betcha. do i want to experience another pregnancy? absolutely. a second and then some.

you hear many many stories about ladies struggling to become pregnant with their first and being able to get pregnant on their own naturally with their second. even vice versa. however, i have no idea what my future holds. i cant tell you or anyone else how {easy} or {hard} getting pregnant may be for me another time. 

will i face infertility again?


maybe not.

but i have already faced it once. 

and thats enough to change a person forever.

if you dont believe in miracles, perhaps you've forgotten that you are one.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

SO WHAT if im doing so what again!

So What Wednesday
linking up with the lovely shannon over at life after i 'dew'!

so what:

if i pluck my belly hair {pregnancy is no joke!}
if i miss being a blonde
if i currently hate baby Gs nursery :'(
if i can't make up my mind
if i made the wrong decision to wear stripes this week {see below, kim kardashian!}

if i want to move out of MN
if you missed our wedding video
if my ankles are holding onto water and becoming cankles. maybe? sometimes. {no one will see them in this MN weather anyway!}
if im currently not excited for maternity photos. which is SO unlike me. {im stressing about the weather AND finding something to wear!}
if i make multiple trips to DQ per week. yummm!

what are you feeling like saying "so what" to?!

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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

its a beautiful day {our wedding video}

if you are anything like me, you visit the tabs on a blog page after reading a post. sometimes the post makes you want to stay, sometimes the tabs do. it's a good tad of information and i love getting to know my blog friends more & more. im always anxious to visit the extra pages and see what they've decided to share!
you may have checked out the "about us" tab on my blog & have seen a few of our wedding photos. if you haven't, you can stroll over there after this post and take a peek! or, do not fret your pretty little heart. i plan to recap our love story and share many many photos with you all :) those posts are definitely yet to come!

today, i want to share our wedding video. i realize i am jumping the gun here and skipping many, many prior parts - but i just cant wait. this video is one of my most favorite things, my most prized possessions. i will never tire of seeing it. i also cant wait to show our son how happy his mommy and daddy were are. it makes me excited for the day he wants to purpose and have a wedding of his own! .... okay. im jumping the gun again arent i?
real story though.
whenever i need to smile, this video does not let me down. it is the perfect reminder of our day. & how truly deeply madly in love i am. planning our wedding was nothing but fun and enjoyment for me. i want to plan a million more. (literally!)
what the video doesnt show, is that Isaiah's dad, Leslie, passed away 2 days before our wedding. it was truly an event that brought us together closer than ever before. and right before our wedding? so many tears, feelings and questions. it was bittersweet. and we are so thankful that we were able to share our wedding as a celebration of his life.

love conquers all

hope you love it as much as we do! & turn that volume up!

full screen version {here}

Isaiah + Sarah / The Great Hall from eMotion Cinematography on Vimeo.

Monday, April 22, 2013

26 weeks!

^^ 26 week bump.
im 5'2 but i look so short here!? what gives!

^^ my main squeeze{es} ;)

How far along? 26 weeks. wowza!
Baby is the size of: a cucumber! IMAGINE THAT! measuring about 14 inches and 1 2/3lbs. 
Total weight gain: +15lbs. im hoping i can keep it under 170 before the babe comes out.
Maternity clothes? i squeezed into a non maternity dress for grandpas funeral. it was pure belly-licious.  
Stretch marks? nope - but the linea nigra line is up & comin!
Sleep: my right shoulder HATES me. side sleeping is not awesome.
Best moment this week: the best moments were the hardest moments. baby G and my belly got so much love at grandpas funeral. so many wonderful things were said. so many people recognized how good it was that grandpa was here to see the belly and find out he'll be another great grandpa to another boy. from plenty of people that i didnt know, or havent seen since i was a wee little one myself. i couldnt have gotten through this hard week without having little man inside of my tummy. <3

Miss Anything? i have my glucose test coming up in a few weeks... and im terrified that because of PCOS, ill have GD. im trying to hold back on my sugars again and it already sucks. i obviously miss jimmy johns and having sammiches. i miss sleeping on my belly now that my shoulder is wedged in every morning. i also miss sunshine. F OFF MN.
Movement: FOOT.IN.RIBS. his new favorite spot, im convinced.
Food cravings: none this week!
Anything making you queasy or sick: we had chicken fettucini and the smell of the sauce on the spatula after dishing up was AWFUL. coming into the 3rd tri is proving to be worse than the 1st tri was!
Gender: im gunna be a BOY mom!

Labor Signs: no no no. 
Symptoms: my back is officially out of commission. ouch ouch and more ouch.
Belly Button in or out? its straight up FLAT. so give it a few weeks and itll be out. any guesses? im thinking by week 30 fo sho.
Wedding rings on or off? on during the day. off at night. i was shopping at Mall of America this week and my fingers turned into huge little porkers. my rings got stuck so i had to stop walking a bit, let the swelling go down and put them away in my purse for the rest of the trip. sad day :(

Happy or Moody most of the time: still pretty happy.
Looking forward to: we have maternity pics 5/11 and im on the hunt for some outfits. i was really hoping to take them at a marina but considering its late april with about 2 feet of snow right now, im wondering what the F is going to happen. really excited to see them though and be able to hang them in the nursery!

Your Baby:
  • Is almost two pounds. Celebrate this milestone with a two-pound box of chocolates. You know, in order to really get a good VISUAL.
  • Remember those early bubbly butterfly kicks? Yeah. Those have been replaced by something akin to a rabid mongoose flippin’ out inside a burlap sack.
  • If you DO occasionally feel smaller, rhythmic movements in your belly, it’s probably your baby hiccuping. Babies actually get hiccups from late in the first trimester on, but most women don’t pick on them the second trimester or later.
  • All five senses are fully developed. Whoa.
  • Are in the last and final week of the second trimester! (At least according to the books I’ve chosen to listen to — some mark the beginning of the third trimester as week 27, while some make you wait until week 28. Look, we’re all big and lumpy and ridiculously cranky, let’s get this final trimester STARTED.)
  • Of course, the end of the second trimester also marks the end of the so-called “honeymoon” phase of pregnancy, as the final three months can get awfully uncomfortable. Back and joint pain, swollen ankles, restless nights and Braxton-Hicks contractions, ahoy!
  • You’ll gain about 1/2 inch in belly/fundal size EVERY WEEK from this point on, oh mah gah. I guess I should stop being so smug about those pre-pregnancy lowrise jeans I’ve been wearing (with just a little help from my trusty rubber band).
  • The books say we’ve gained about 16-22 pounds, so long as we’ve been following a “nutritious and sensible diet plan.” Bite me, books.

linking up with the wonderful baby talk ladies!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

baby G's gear

there are ten million and one strollers out there. a bazillion baby carriers, carseats, travel systems etc. theyre everywhere!
what do you get? its almost as easy as saying "whatever you want!" but then again its not.
however, safety safety safety is obviously the most important thing. then theres whats cute, whats ugly, what fits in your car, what suits your needs, what fits in the budget etc etc.

today im sharing our picks for baby G! baby on grand played a HUGE part in our decisions, and we ended up purchasing most, if not all of our items from there. crib & glider included {but not pictured}. with help from Gina, Katie, Joe or Hannah - you just cant go wrong. i am so so thankful we found this shop and have been able to go to them for anything. it's made our first pregnancy that much smoother, and memorable in such an enjoyable way.

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5

a carseat :
1. no brainer that we can't take our kids home from the hospital in a laundry basket these days! the first gear that we knew we would be purchasing without a doubt, was our stokke xplory stroller {shown in picture 5}. with the stokke, there are only 3 carseats compatible. the chicco key fit, the maxi cosi mico and the cybex aton. so that narrowed down our research off the bat. call me a snob or whatever, but i also knew i never wanted a chicco. so we were left with the maxi cosi and the cybex as our options. i did lots of research on the maxi cosi and loved everything i was hearing. we were set with that being our carseat. until one day were in baby on grand and chatting about carseats. i was able to see the maxi cosi in person, and i was not impressed with the fabric on the mico. (but the patterns are so cute!) then i found out the cybex is one of the lightest carseats out there - how amazing is that! those things can be heavy even before having a baby inside. Gina from baby on grand did a carseat demonstration for us between the 3. the chicco was safe, a lot of moms love it because its easy and woolah there you have it. the maxi cosi with the base was long, so depending on your car - you may have to move the front seats up a bit to adjust for the maxi cosi. then she showed us the cybex & how its compatible with the base and also with not. i was SO impressed and felt so good about it. it fits our lifestyle, especially with our travels. its a seat that will fit into the airplane, is lightweight to carry around, and can be transported without the base. since were going to Germany in October, id prefer to not lug an extra carseat base across country. i immediately knew it was the choice for us. A++ and id recommend it to anyone a thousand times over. we decided to go with the rocky mountain color, since were having a boy now. we figure it matches the stokke xplory, it matches car interior, and its a darker fabric. we can always spruce it up with girly blankets if baby #2 comes our way and turns out to be a little lady.

a lightweight stroller
2. i have to admit; i paid no attention to lightweight strollers for the first 5 months of this pregnancy. we had already decided on the stokke, {which were obsessed with by the way} and it fit all our needs. in most cases, a lightweight stroller isnt adaptable with any carseats nor is it safe for the babe before he/she can sit up on their own. and in most cases, that isnt for a good while. 6 months or so. then one day while i was in baby on grand with my dad to look at an extra carseat base for his car, we were shown this lightweight stroller. the emotion by babyhome. and my oh my is it lovely. is it so light, folds down SO easily and are you ready for it.. it supports the cybex carseat! WINNING. this stroller will be so much easier for us to toss in the car when were bringing baby G to the grandparents house to be babysat or on any of our travels. its airport friendly and more sturdy than ANY other umbrella stroller ive ever seen. in the pictures above, you can see the stroller by itself on the top right - and again on the top left with the cybex carseat inserted. i cant wait to use this stroller already!

a baby carrier
3. i am all about baby wearing. i truly learned the importance of it when i was a nanny for a 10 week old baby girl, a 2 year old girl and a 4 year old boy. they had a baby bjorn, and i dont know what model or style - but i HATED it. it sucked. within the first half hour, my back was always hurting and i could feel the strain on my shoulders. so when we began researching these for ourselves - i put baby bjorn out of my head. we ended up deciding on the stokke mycarrier. it can be worn with baby in 3 different positions, from birth to 3-4yrs. that made it worth its hefty price tag, along with its 3 year warranty. it was one that isaiah also tried on, and loved. he understood how it worked and how it secured. another bonus {to us} was that you can put the baby in it BEFORE putting it on your back. isaiah will love carrying it around the backpack way because he just loves backpacks, and a lot of carriers need to be on your back before jiggling the baby around and needing an extra pair of hands. the color options are unisex {black, tan & red} - we went with the red. i know it wont match all my outfits (lol!) but i like the pop of color. especially since our stroller and carseat are darker tones. this mycarrier has a plate in the back to help our back support, and it has EXCELLENT support for babes hips. which was super important when looking, of course. two bonuses: a sun/sleep shade for baby plus pockets for our keys & id card. SO nice to not have to carry a bunch of shit crap. im obsessed. i also love the boba carriers. the 3G is great, and i want to buy the boba air carrier. its recommended for children 15-45lbs, so it cant be used as long as other carriers - however, it weighs less than a pound and zips up to fit into a tiny little coin purse. i love the idea of being able to travel without needing to pack the bulky carrier! i also love the look of the boba wraps. wraps really intimidate me (especially the moby, holy fabric!) but id love to try one out. if you love a specific wrap - do let me know! ps. im all for baby wearing, but i prefer NOT to be one of those moms carrying around my 3-4 year old child. i'll want to get great use out of the strollers that we purchase, OR better yet, use those legs, son! hahahaha.. i kid, i kid. {but not really}

convertible carseat
4. so this wasnt an item that we found necessary, nor was it something we planned on. it all began with a trip to baby on grand (where else!?) with my dad to get the extra base for the cybex aton to use in his car when he babysits. i was telling the owner, Joe - that i need 4 bases and he looked at me like a crazy! i was so serious. my car, isaiahs car, isaiahs mom's car and my dads car - 4 bases yo! so Joe began explaining other options because apparently its not every day someone wants to buy 4 bases. {this is why i love this boutique. they are SO honest and SO helpful. i cant thank them enough for all the things we've learned!} "sure if you want to buy 4 bases, we'll sell you 4 bases or heres something else you can do..." then dad saw the other carseats. and as a first time grandpa, he had questions about - and was eye googling the maxi cosi pria 70. i had already known that some parents skip buying an infant carseat and use the convertible right away for money savings, but i just didnt feel like that was for me. plus i wanted a carseat to work with a stroller for when babe falls asleep. HOWEVER. not as important as a grandparent. this maxi cosi was AMAZING. the fabric in the pria was similar to the prezi, and i loved it much more than the mico model. the head rest is adjustable for baby, and of course as a newborn they start rear facing. theres a tiny fit insert as well that provides more cushion around the little one. safe great company, safe great seat. i asked Joe if he would trust his kid in this as a newborn and he said absolutely. and sometimes people feel that its safer than a bucket seat because its just that, one seat. it doesnt need two parts, it doesnt need to click together etc. easier for grandparents to figure out and do it right. COOL! if you can believe it, the extra base for the cybex aton is $100+, so this carseat wasn't a huge jump up in pricing. plus, unlike the base and infant carseats - this wont need to be replaced when babe is about 1 year old. so this is the carseat my dad chose to buy to keep in his car for baby G. i like it! i know he'll be safe and i think its awesome that the carseat can last from birth to age 4, even 5. {my dad chose the color shown, mineral grey}.

a stroller
5. this is the first thing we decided on. ill admit it, i was looking up strollers long before i was pregnant. i am a stroller snob. a little part of me dies when i go anywhere and see people rocking the same thing. the same shoes, the same new dress from express. whatever. 10 of the same thing is too much. a stroller was no exception. i am NOT a runner, ever ever, so i didnt look at running strollers such as the BOB {though i know theyre great!}. i originally found and fell in love with the quinny, via my google images and research. so i located a store here in MN that sold the quinny, which what do you know - led me to baby on grand! when i was pregnant, all of 8 weeks with my little poppyseed, we took our first trip to baby on grand. and we saw the quinny. and i loved it. but then my husband saw the stokke. and had to see more. basically, that was it. love at first sight and there was no going back. not changing my husbands mind on that one. although... we take 1000 trips to baby on grand - the orbit baby stroller, the bugaboo cameleon 3 and the origami by 4moms stroller were three options that took his eyes off the stokke for a little bit. he didnt switch though! hes also obsessed with their brand new fabric, the black melange (shown above) - i just went with it and let husband have his pick. its not like its an ugly stroller that looks like my mom used it in the 80's - so why not! our main reasons for choosing this stroller were: 1. the height of the seat. when we go to the zoo, my son will be able to stare at the animals instead of a metal hand rail. its adjustable so it can be lowered or raised to a variety of levels. because of that, we also became infatuated with the idea of going out to eat and not needing a booster or a sling. he'll be able to stay right in the stroller avoiding one less bulky thing. 2. the seat also switches. there are 5 seating positions! 5! including front facing and rear facing. i can look at him all i want, or i can show him off to the world all i want :) 3. it has the option of a bassinet/carry cot. kind of a bummer that it doesnt come with a stand like the uppa baby vista but that wasnt a deal breaker for us. were not going to buy the carry cot anyways. if we get it as a gift, awesome. but if not, we wont be losing any sleep over it. 4. accessories like a mosquito net, rain shield and winter kit are also available options. i live in MN folks. land of ten thousand lakes fucking mosquitos. 5. it folds easily. easy easy! all the buttons that have a function on the stroller are a lighter grey, so when in doubt - touch something light grey and its sure to do something. 6. it doesnt fold down to a tiny compact piece, but it does collapse and you can pull it behind you with the top handle. something we thought would work well in the airports. {before we found the lightweight stroller above} 7. i love the shopping bag on the bottom. many strollers have baskets, and well, when you take your stroller in the water (or SNOW), your things can get wet. puddles splash, mud goes all over from the wheels. and before you know it youre swearing near your child. or if you leave it outside a restaurant, they can be easily stollen. with this bag its all compact, zipped up and secured nicely. i dig it. its fairly roomy too, leaving room for a lot of shopping bags! ;) 8. the handle also adjusts height. isaiah isnt much taller than me, but i do know friends with tall husbands and they tend to look for strollers with a height adjustable handle. this has that. 9. it comes with other options if there is ever to be a baby G #2 on the way. and 10. the wheels. when we were at the state fair last year, isaiah and i saw 3 couples stopping to literally CHANGE their wheels on their stroller or pump air into them. isaiah made the decision then that he wasnt going to be that person and have to carry around an extra tire or air pump. unnecessary and annoying. there are plenty good strollers, but this fits our lifestyle best and gave us the most excitement out of its fun features. check out all the awesome things listed here!

props to you if you read that all. it probably didnt pertain to half of you, and for that i apologize. if it did though, hopefully i didnt bore you. either way.

by no means does this mean our options are better than yours or better than anything out there, its just what works best for our lifestyle. we'll be traveling with babe when hes 4 weeks old to California, 3 months old to Germany and again at 6 months old on a cruise. we made all of our decisions with our travels in mind.

& we cant wait to put it all to use!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

25 week bump date!

{i usually like to post these on Monday's, my last day of the week - but this hasnt been our average week. so im having it post a few days behind while i'm at crapas funeral. better late than never!}

{also. this post includes ultrasound pictures. dont finish scrolling if these types of things offend you!}

How far along? recapping week 25 - tho im now 26+3 ;)
Baby is the size of: measured 1 pound and 12 ounces at our last scan!
Total weight gain: 13lbs. WOOF. thank you panera macaroni.
Maternity clothes? this week, its been more of grandpas clothes. <3      
Stretch marks? nope - but they'll come. i HATE the feeling of lotion on my hands so im not awesome at rubbing my belly down with any creams. isaiah did notice that the linea nigra line is showing up though! eeee.
Sleep: thankfully, fairly well!
Best moment this week: our ultrasound! our 20w scan couldnt be completed because of stubborn little boy, so we finished up now in our 25th week. still being stubborn but its always SO good to see him! he flipped and is no longer breech! 

Miss Anything? jimmy johns. its gettin real bad.
Movement: FOOT.IN.RIBS.
Food cravings: dairy queen banana cream pie blizzards! mmm.
Anything making you queasy or sick: the smell of ranch again! i love to eat it with my pizza, but when im finished it needs to be IMMEDIATELY removed from my sight. peeeeyouuuu.
Gender: baby G is still a he!

Labor Signs: no no no. though i was really worried with everything thats been going on.
Symptoms: water retention like WHOA.
Belly Button in or out? innie! i am wondering when its gunna come out.
Wedding rings on or off? on. altho, i do take them off for bed now.

Happy or Moody most of the time: still pretty happy.
Looking forward to: decorating the nursery now that the hardest part is done!

Your Baby:
  • Weighs about 1 1/2 pounds and is 13 1/2 inches long.
  • Is growing more hair, with a distinctive color and texture and everything. <--- we wonder what his hair is like, since he's mixed with black and white! 
  • Have a uterus the size of a soccer ball. <---- uh...... holy. shit.

our ultrasound went pretty well. baby was cooperating perfectly in the beginning, so we took that time to get the measurements that we werent able to get from the 20w ultrasound. heart chambers are there and everything looks good! towards the end when we were trying to get our cute profile shots, he started to get tired of us and keep both of his hands up by his face. hes lucky that his hands are just as cute ;)

you little man, are in the 50th percentile weighing 1lb and 12ounces. your due date is 7/23, but you are measuring ahead at 7/17. daddys birthday is 6/18, so itd be pretty cute if you were born 7/18 :) don't feel the rush to come though, because two of mommies cousins have birthdays on 7/19 and you need your own special day. during the ultrasound your heartbeat was 160, always so fast and so strong. in the beginning, you had daddy thinking you might be a girl because your heart rates were so high. during the appt after the scan with our doctor, your heart beat was 147. thats the same it was the last time on the doppler, and the lowest its ever been! you have 10 fingers and 10 toes with the chubbiest of cheeks. right now, we're thinking that you have your grandpa leslie's nose because it doesnt quite match with mommy or daddy's. we have 15-14 weeks to go and can not wait to see you! 

^^ those CHEEKS!

^^ 5 fingers!

^^ plus 5 more, makes 10!

^^ i thought his feet looked HUGE. but theyre just under 2 inches!

this was our first peek at 13w...

& our official peek at 25w...

{sorry little man. mama just flashed your bits. but i promise to never do it again!}

lastly, we got a peek in 3d. little man refused to move his hands from his face. so we just get to see his tiny fingers too ;) <3 

PS. Rachael over at Home Sweet Harbor is interviewing some of her favorite bloggers this month. this week, is an interview with yours truly ;) Rachael is AWESOME. after all, she told me about being a no-reply blogger! :GASP: no one wants that! her and her beau' just closed on a new home, so go follow along her fun DIY projects.... and learn more about me in that interview! teeehee. but really. go.

Monday, April 15, 2013

what my loved one says about me...

when i saw the opportunity for this linkup last week over on Becky's page at frommrstomama, i knew i wanted to be a part of it and see what my loved one had to say!

i immediately jumped on the opportunity to use this with my husband. faster than you could spell M-I-S-S-I-S-S-I-P-P-I, i had sent him an email asking him to do a post for me. here. on my blog :) i even got the list before the due date i gave him! i think he loved helping me out just as much as i love reading what he had to say.

here is what Isaiah says about me :

Random Facts about Sarah
  • Sarah loves sleep like a teen loves video games
  • Sarah needs more milk in her bowl than cereal
  • She looks most amazing when she least expects it
  • She has a superpower, the ability to find the most expensive thing and like it!
  • Sarah loves Tea Garden shakes almost as much as she loves me
  • She would eat Itialian food for every meal if she could
  • Sarah's passion can move mountains
  • She would not hire you if you showed up late and had crummy shoes
  • She drinks a glass of milk with 3 ices cubes. Don't mess around and put 4 in there...
  • Sarah is probably the most in-the-know person I've ever met. Anytime I say, "did you hear about...?" She already knew!
  • Sarah does not like roasted marshmallows at the Melting Pot, but she loves smores from home in our little maker from Macy's
  • She is better than she thinks at cooking :)
  • Sarah has wonderful handwriting, and exquisite writing skills
  • She could watch Greys Anatomy and 24, over and over and over
  • Sarah will be a great mom!

oh my husband. he is just darling. im so in love :)

Sunday, April 14, 2013

the day you went home.

{to heaven}.

first, thank you to those who have commented on baby G's nursery part 4, here. im sorry for the delay in my responses! if i have not gotten back to you yet, i promise that i will. your comments, feedback and opinions are so fun to read and i love them all.

yesterday was Saturday, and as i mentioned in my post from Friday - we were heading up north to see crapa for his 85th birthday.

i wasnt there for more than half an hour. 

& crapa took his last breath.
i was there for him. i was there with him.
he passed surrounded by his children and grand children. at home. in his chair. so peacefully.
i know things are better now.

{i wasnt prepared for this to be the last picture we took together.}

i cant wrap my head around my poor gammy. who lost her husband of 65 years. i pray for her. but i know the love from our family will help her get through this.

when we were in the hospital visiting grandpa on easter (3.31.13), the nurses made him a football tie blanket. yesterday, that blanket was given to me for baby G. from one of my favorite men, down to the next.

i laid with him, next to him in his chair though the last breath, through the tears, through the hospice nurse arriving and telling us there is no more heartbeat. i was with him rubbing his arm, kissing his head and holding his hand until the funeral home came. 
& thats when someone should give you a warning. because before you know it, a stranger is zipping your grandpa up in a black body bag and taking him away from you. 

apparently that shit doesnt only happen on tv. that, i could have done without.

after they came & took grandpa, we cut his DQ ice cream cake and my family started the drinks. being the pregnant lady i am, no drinks for this mama. i went into grandpas room & laid on his bed, snuggling with his sweatshirts and inhaling the smell of his blankets. found some old pictures and went down memory lane. the only pictures he had hanging in his room, were of me.

i am so proud of you for fighting. for holding on. for making it as long as you did. its been 13 years since we heard of you having cancer. and we made those years count. every moment. you betcha. you lived a great life, and accomplished so much. you held on for my wedding, something i wanted as a little girl. you made my dream come true. i promise that i will tell baby G everything about you. your jokes, your strength, that his mommy looks just like you, and that you, are where we get our stubborn quality from. the cabin will never be the same, but the joy from those memories will live on in my heart forever. i will see you in a few days crapa, only to let you know i'll be seeing you again someday. please watch over us and help us grieve with the thought of missing you so much.

you loved me so, crapa.

and i love you right back.

whole bunch.