Thursday, April 18, 2013

25 week bump date!

{i usually like to post these on Monday's, my last day of the week - but this hasnt been our average week. so im having it post a few days behind while i'm at crapas funeral. better late than never!}

{also. this post includes ultrasound pictures. dont finish scrolling if these types of things offend you!}

How far along? recapping week 25 - tho im now 26+3 ;)
Baby is the size of: measured 1 pound and 12 ounces at our last scan!
Total weight gain: 13lbs. WOOF. thank you panera macaroni.
Maternity clothes? this week, its been more of grandpas clothes. <3      
Stretch marks? nope - but they'll come. i HATE the feeling of lotion on my hands so im not awesome at rubbing my belly down with any creams. isaiah did notice that the linea nigra line is showing up though! eeee.
Sleep: thankfully, fairly well!
Best moment this week: our ultrasound! our 20w scan couldnt be completed because of stubborn little boy, so we finished up now in our 25th week. still being stubborn but its always SO good to see him! he flipped and is no longer breech! 

Miss Anything? jimmy johns. its gettin real bad.
Movement: FOOT.IN.RIBS.
Food cravings: dairy queen banana cream pie blizzards! mmm.
Anything making you queasy or sick: the smell of ranch again! i love to eat it with my pizza, but when im finished it needs to be IMMEDIATELY removed from my sight. peeeeyouuuu.
Gender: baby G is still a he!

Labor Signs: no no no. though i was really worried with everything thats been going on.
Symptoms: water retention like WHOA.
Belly Button in or out? innie! i am wondering when its gunna come out.
Wedding rings on or off? on. altho, i do take them off for bed now.

Happy or Moody most of the time: still pretty happy.
Looking forward to: decorating the nursery now that the hardest part is done!

Your Baby:
  • Weighs about 1 1/2 pounds and is 13 1/2 inches long.
  • Is growing more hair, with a distinctive color and texture and everything. <--- we wonder what his hair is like, since he's mixed with black and white! 
  • Have a uterus the size of a soccer ball. <---- uh...... holy. shit.

our ultrasound went pretty well. baby was cooperating perfectly in the beginning, so we took that time to get the measurements that we werent able to get from the 20w ultrasound. heart chambers are there and everything looks good! towards the end when we were trying to get our cute profile shots, he started to get tired of us and keep both of his hands up by his face. hes lucky that his hands are just as cute ;)

you little man, are in the 50th percentile weighing 1lb and 12ounces. your due date is 7/23, but you are measuring ahead at 7/17. daddys birthday is 6/18, so itd be pretty cute if you were born 7/18 :) don't feel the rush to come though, because two of mommies cousins have birthdays on 7/19 and you need your own special day. during the ultrasound your heartbeat was 160, always so fast and so strong. in the beginning, you had daddy thinking you might be a girl because your heart rates were so high. during the appt after the scan with our doctor, your heart beat was 147. thats the same it was the last time on the doppler, and the lowest its ever been! you have 10 fingers and 10 toes with the chubbiest of cheeks. right now, we're thinking that you have your grandpa leslie's nose because it doesnt quite match with mommy or daddy's. we have 15-14 weeks to go and can not wait to see you! 

^^ those CHEEKS!

^^ 5 fingers!

^^ plus 5 more, makes 10!

^^ i thought his feet looked HUGE. but theyre just under 2 inches!

this was our first peek at 13w...

& our official peek at 25w...

{sorry little man. mama just flashed your bits. but i promise to never do it again!}

lastly, we got a peek in 3d. little man refused to move his hands from his face. so we just get to see his tiny fingers too ;) <3 

PS. Rachael over at Home Sweet Harbor is interviewing some of her favorite bloggers this month. this week, is an interview with yours truly ;) Rachael is AWESOME. after all, she told me about being a no-reply blogger! :GASP: no one wants that! her and her beau' just closed on a new home, so go follow along her fun DIY projects.... and learn more about me in that interview! teeehee. but really. go.


  1. You look great and those photos are SO cute! LOVE it. So glad you got to see him and see he is still a he! :) I need panera mac and cheese!! We don't have panera!

  2. You're looking amazing! I can't wait until little man comes out (I'm secretly hoping it's on 7/23, my birthday!) I hope that Crapa's funeral went well, and that you and Isaiah are holding up ok. <3

  3. Tony hates the feeling of lotion on his hands too!! But I love it! Hopefully you won't get any stretch marks. :) I love the picture of his foot, that is so cute. And wow, a soccer ball???

    Thanks for the shout out!!

  4. You look great! Is that a Packers maternity shirt?? I need to find one of those for my favorite teams! My niece is mixed and has the most beautifulll hair. Gorgeous ringlets! Judging by those cheeks, Baby G would look adorable with ringlets! :)

  5. Glad everything is going so well. You could try baby oil instead of lotion.

    I also had the feeling that my daughters needed their own day for their birthdays. Lucky they don't share birthdays with anyone, but their days are exactly 2 weeks apart.

    Congrats on the interview!

  6. You are so cute!
    I LOVE u/s pics! There are never too many of them. I still have all mine hanging on the fridge, and little man is almost 13 months. :)

  7. awhhh! little man! love those ultrasound pictures AND the packers shirt :)

  8. Hey there! I am a MN blogger- We've chatted briefly on groupme! I thought I would introduce myself and follow your blog!

  9. You look great! And those ultra sound pics are adorable - I bet you can't wait to see his little face!

  10. He is adorable. You got amazing shots of his face :)

  11. You look so cute! And I love all the ultrasound pics! :) I am with you on the fingers swelling. It makes me feel so bad... I'm going to miss my ring! :(

  12. Can you tell this west coast girl what a jimmie john is??