Wednesday, April 10, 2013

baby G's nursery : part 3!

part 1 : here
part 2 : here

i can not even begin to express how many times ive changed my mind on the nursery. in some senses, i feel like ive just given up. and in other senses, i feel like its because im really trying to make this a space with baby G in mind, as well as Isaiah and myself.

if you dont remember, we left off with me being 22 weeks pregnant and ripping up the entire carpet from the room, along with the base boards/trim. the room a hot mess. walls had 3 different shades of grey (our first choice) along with 4 different samples of aqua (the second choice, after i changed my mind) - just bad.

^^ first view from the entry of the room

our next step, was the hardwood flooring. we looked and we looked. we got about 4 different quotes and the cheapest was around $900. not awful compared to the higher end of $1600 that another company told us, but neither price tag was lookin fabulous. SO. isaiah and i decided to do it ourselves! 
one saturday night we had plans to go to buffalo wild wings for the UFC fights and when they told us the wait was about an hour and a half, we wandered over to home depot. where we bought the flooring on a whim! 
i know that it makes more sense to paint BEFORE putting in the new flooring, but i just couldnt keep waiting. paint was giving me such a headache, i was SO excited to have flooring in our hands! one step forward!

^^ go daddy go! 

^^ first half progress

^^ all done. and it looks SO good!

^^ morning after, isaiah went over it with a swiffer!

i love it. i am SO happy with how our flooring turned out. and the best part is that we did it ourselves. for less than $350! it took one long day of labor, but it was done with SO much love. and it was all done for baby G. it'll be the one thing we always think of, and probably the saddest part about leaving this house when we build our next.

& the day that we were working on the flooring, i just gave up on the paint. after about 6 shades of aqua i was done. the latest sample {understated, shown below} was like $22. i thought it was going to be perfect. even the name explained exactly what i was going for! nope. it wasnt. and it totally set me over the edge. i spent about 2 days thinking oh well, were just going to go with it. we already have a huge sample that we spent $22 so understated it'll be. no more money on stupid samples. everything was too bright. too blue. too green. i felt like i wasnt going to be satisfied. AT ALL. 

& then i just couldnt settle on the understated color. i thought about doing 3 walls with the understated aqua, and using the 4th as an accent wall. stripes? chevron? a solid color in something else? although previously isaiah had knocked down all my accent wall ideas because it was just too much time/thought/work. & none of those ideas jumped out at me. maybe 3 greys and 1 aqua? but then i'd want to use a lighter grey, not something we already sampled because those were much darker. i was hoping this nursery wouldnt become "too baby" but i had {and have} no idea what im doing anymore. i was so overwhelmed and drained out with the paint. i was almost to the point of painting it all white just to call it a day and be done with that portion of the darn nursery. an accent wall would mean making stripes which meant finding another color, which i clearly have no luck with. and then taping the lines. and ay yi yi.

after pondering ideas and googling, i walked my butt into the room where isaiah and my dad were working on the flooring. 

me: "what about navy?" 
I: "navy stripes?" 
me: "yeah sure. on one wall with that semi aqua color?" 
I: his reply "oh geez."

so there went my brain back on "what about navy and grey? white/grey stripe wall & 3 navy's?! and maybe make the aqua come out in some furniture? but maybe navy is too dark for our size room. and then we just wasted $22 on that sample. UNLESS. i tell Isaiah that i'll reuse it in some crafts. aha."

me: do you need my help? 
I: ... "no" 
me: okay good... cuz im thinking more paints.
I: uh oh
me: i think i know what we should try.
I: whats that?
me: grey & white chevron or striped wall. back there. with the crib & glider.
I: grey and white? oh...
me: but thats not all. these other 3 can be navy!
I: ::lets out a breathe:: oh boy. ok.

seriously. i just need someone to buy the paint. come here. make the decision and that be that. i am so bad!

stay tuned for part 4!

{non related: WHY THE F does my font change randomly in some of my posts? it is all written in the same size/font, and looks the same - UNTILLLLL i hit publish. and it gets all wonky! ideas?!}


  1. I am so excited to see what you decided on!! I know there is at least one mavvy wall from your last pic. Can't wait!!

  2. I think that sounds great!! It reminds me of a sailor theme. It's going to look great :)

  3. Haha you had me actually laughing out loud reading back to the other parts and this one. This is so me! We actually had new carpet installed a couple of weeks ago and my hubby was hounding me to pick a color so that it would be done before the carpet was put in. I am SO indecisive but the one color that kept standing out was light gray bc I can use for a boy or a girl and I have ideas for both. I love your choice, though! Like you, my mood boards and baby boards on Pinterest are out of control and I can't decide on anything. God help me when I need to start picking out furniture & decor, which is not that far away. Oh, and your floors look fabulous! We did ours ourselves too and I think it just makes them even more beautiful knowing that it's your hard work. Love it!

  4. yay! can't wait for you to post some final photos! also, mine often changes my font and or size or spacing when I publish. It's so frustrating!!

  5. Picking paint can be SO HARD! Good luck friend! :)

  6. I had a hard time deciding what colors to do Little Man's room in too. Then my mom suggested going with muted/neutral stripes (on 2 opposite walls), and adding the color in the room with the bedding and all the other little accents that make the room. That way, we can leave the walls, as they aren't too "baby" or "nursery."
    If you want to take a peak of Little Man's room here is the link:

    1. were all done painting now so theres no turning back! yikes!

  7. LOVE the floors!! So fun. I can only imagine how hard choosing a paint color will be!!! I can't wait!! :)

  8. Hi! Saw your question on MGGs blog. We ineiducrd a bottle at two weeks per our pediatricians recommendation. Dr browns worked for us but our first try was miserable. Baby screamed bloody murder. I changed to a shorter fatter nipple and tried again the next day when

  9. Oops sry. When I wasn't home and baby took the bottle! My hub ha to feed him every time until last week because h wouldn't take a bottle from me at first but now he will. Remember to give a bottle every few days when you start out so baby remembers how to use it. But not too much because its easier for them to eat from the bottle and you don't want a lazy breast feeder! I just did a breast feeding post on my blog too :) gl!!

  10. LOVING your nursery! Those floors look incredible as well!

  11. AWESOME job on the flooring! If you lived close to me, I would totally hire your hubby!

    I hope you find a color that works. If anything, Sherwin Williams will come to your house for $100 and pick everything out for you...and then you get $50 off your paint and paint supplies. Give the pressure to someone else :)

  12. The floor looks beautiful!! I can't wait to see the end result :) I know it will be perfect!

  13. Oh the nursery is coming together so well! Love the theme and can't wait to see the final'll have to let me know when it's finished!!

  14. The floors look great- which paint color did you decide to go with. I like all of them. At first I thought you might be doing a creative paint job that used all the different colors together- haha!

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  15. I love the floors!

    Stopping by to say hi from the Ultimate Blog Party!