Saturday, April 13, 2013

baby G's nursery : part 4!

we still aren't done yet!!!!

the room is a mess. there are things left to be done. but i am a very impatient lady. so today - i give you part 4 of baby G's nursery to be!

if you'd like, feel free to catch up :)
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we left off with our beautiful finished flooring, and my frustration for finding the perfect aqua shade. which never happened. so what do we paint the nursery?! frick!

on my birthday, my dad and i stopped by home depot. we bought 2 things of paint. WITHOUT ANY SAMPLING. {oh my god. what did i just do?}


we went with navy. 
i have to admit, i am not in love. which is kind of a sad feeling. at the same time though, i am happy and relieved that it. is. done. there is color on the walls. 3 of them anyway. i think it might be a little too blue and i may have been hoping for more of a deeper navy? i'm not sure. actually no scratch that. i think what im not a fan of, is the finish. we got the behr in a semi gloss. and that shine throws me off. its not awesome in the sunlight, but i do like it better with the shades closed. in the dark. my dad and husband however, love it. we asked a lot of the painters what would clean easiest, what we could get crayon off of etc.. and they all had the same answer. semi gloss. sigh. it is what it is.

so if you caught that, i just told you we have 3 navy blue walls. what is the 4th wall? well.

its that!
at first, i thought chevron might be too girly, so i thought about doing stripes. but husband loved the idea of the chevron. and who am i to argue with that face?! 
the first picture, is a white primer with a white semi gloss interior paint over it. you cant really see it, but we made a grid on the wall out of pencil. it took us about FOUR HOURS to figure out how to do the spacings for our stripes. 
i knew that i wanted one color chevron to be thinner than the other, and i knew i didn't want them really fat. so after a thousand math formulas with a million trial & error attempts, we we were ready to tape! 

{i wrote down all of our steps and everything we did, so if youre curious or wanting a tutorial - feel free to ask!}

fyi, dont ever buy that blue tape. it sucks donkey D. we ran out of the green frog tape, and there was NO WAY.NO HOW i was letting this project drag on another day. so we used what we had.

i stole my mask from the hospital when we were visiting grandpa on easter. actually, i took a whole handful. but that specific one was different from the others and i loved it. it helped a whole ton with the smells!
my husband always puts on those painter pants. i think he's had them for years and years. i'm waiting for the day they'll deteriorate and completely fall apart in the washer. {cant happen soon enough}.
the second photo has a purple hue? i promise our walls aren't purple. and neither is the light in the room. i took those with my camera on the iphone and i guess thats just how it turned out.

^^ there you see a booboo. or actually, a lot of booboo's. {i told you that blue tape sucked}. but thats not here nor there. because we already fixed it. hallelujah!

^^ basically the main viewpoint from the door to enter the room

^^ still need to paint the wooden trim above the closet, white

^^ view from the window, to the entry door & closet

now i debate the furniture placement. originally, i wanted his crib to go against the chevron wall (on the right), and his dresser/changing table against the navy (on the left). until i was at home goods and found a beautiful floor length mirror i wanted to use and try out behind the crib.

like so,

& now i am thinking of the opposite so that the mirror doesn't distract or take away from the chevron, but instead make the navy pop some. white crib with his floor to ceiling length mirror against the navy. dresser/changing table with art & prints collage along the chevron wall. that way the art will reflect in the mirror!
i figure if it looks or sounds dumb, we'll be able to use the mirror almost anywhere else in our home.

my other idea - is to bring out the aqua color from the paint samples we have. i'll paint some picture frames aqua, maybe the backing of a bookcase or something. we scooped up a nightstand from home goods thats currently grey, but im thinking about painting that aqua too.

i found some glass aqua knobs that i may purchase for the dresser. and see if i can find some curtains with aqua. the curtains are my next tricky task, because i dont want it to be too much pattern with the chevron, or anything too dark with the navy.

debating these, but still on the hunt:

and there you have it! there is paint on ALL FOUR WALLS of babes nursery. we have yet to paint the trim around the door and closet (i dont know why his closet doors are open?), but since i refuse to get up on a ladder now at 25w preggo - i am waiting for isaiah to get on it. then we'll be able to reattach the base trim around the flooring that i already painted white and call it a day! 
i can not WAIT to get that floor cleaned up and see the beautiful wood again :)

OH. and before i forget. im not fond of the light fixture in the room that you see in the 2nd to last photo above. anyone have any ideas?!

the grey is thinner than the white. success! i suppose i love the chevron wall enough to let my frustration over the navy wall go. i'm excited about our semi nautical theme, but i don't want it to be too "babyish" if you know what i mean. avoiding the sailboats mainly and going with anchors. a little but not a lot. who the heck knows.

im anxious to see what the rest of it becomes! 


  1. Love this!!! Navy, grey and chevron is our plan if its a boy. Great job on the wall. Looks awesome!! I love the blue.

  2. nice! just don't forget to secure the mirror / anchor it to the wall so it doesn't fall onto the crib. :)

  3. That looks awesome! Love the colors & chevron! It's so classic but one of a kind!

  4. For lighting on the ceiling you can always just find silver and semi gloss light fixture if you do not want it to take away from the room and don't want it to be noticed or you could find a fun chandelier!

  5. Lady, you rock!!! I LOVE this room! It's sweet without being cheesy! I am dying over the chevron wall! I'm painting a mural in bebe K's room once we get a finalized gender reading!

    Have you checked out Ikea's ceiling lights? You might like some of them! I think something in brushed nickel would be great in this room!

  6. I LOVE IT!!! The chevron is so awesome, and the navy is gorgeous!
    I can't wait to see how the furniture placement comes along.

  7. it looks really good I think. I love the gray and navy together. Can't wait to see it all put together.

  8. the chevron really MAKES this room pop! It looks great!! My thoughts on the mirror behind the mirror behind the crib... what about when he's old enough to pull up on the crib and doesn't want to nap AND he just plays in the mirror the entire time? I don't know?!

  9. I love the walls! SO CUTE! :) And i think the navy is pretty! I bet you'll like it better when there are things on the wall. :)

  10. I love the navy and cheveron together. We are going to do a navy (or dark teal) and white office soon.

  11. As always...SO impressed! LOVE the chevron. This deserves to be pinned!

  12. oh goodness, i love it! that accent wall is the bomb!!! i cannot wait to see how you continue to decorate! with my oldest being nearly 3 and my youngest nearly 10 months, both of their rooms are CONSTANTLY a work in progress! one day i'll finish them! ha!!

  13. LOVE the colors + chevron! I can't wait to see it all done! :)
    AWESOME job!

  14. NEAT ROOM! We noticed you mentioned that you had some trouble when using "blue tape". If it was 3M Scotch Blue Tape, we ask that you write us at so we can find out more about what happened. Please mention ticket #5179045 when writing us.
    Keep up the fine work, looking fantastic!