Friday, April 26, 2013

friday fancies : april showers

usually, you're familiar with the term "april showers brings may flowers" yeah? well, so far this april here in MN - its been "april showers bring snow plowers". sad right? yes. yes indeed. BUT - we've had some rain this week to melt down our whiteout from Monday night, and today it is supposed to be in the high 60's! HOLLA. such an improvement from the 30's! 

i love hunter rain boots. i have them in navy and in hot pink myself, and i am always needing my husband to talk me out of a new pair in some other color. habits habits.

i also love burberry. and i wear my burberry scarf entirely too much. love love love. 

those valentino heels? theyre on my must own list. someday. 

so i whipped up this outfit for my rainy days! 

i'd probably throw on a burberry trench coat too! and i had to use skinnies. because NOTHING irritates me more than wet pants! boots for the commute, heels for the office. dry pants all around. ta da!

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6

ps. i suck at making collages, so excuse the stupid shadow border! blah!

on a happier note :) ---> head over to {long distance loving} to check out other awesome outfits, or to join in on the fun for future fridays! no rules and no budget - you gotta love that!


{i hit 60 followers today. i am in awe! so much love to you!}


  1. Those #6 shoes are hot! LOVE.

  2. Ohhh what a fun link up! I have never owned hunter boots but have been craving them all year. I think I'll finally get some this year. :)

  3. I think your collage looks great :) And this is sad to admit, but I'm happy we aren't the only ones who've had to deal with snow! Hopefully May brings sunshine and warmth to us both!

  4. Such a cute outfit! If only I had an unlimited spending account... :)