Monday, April 29, 2013

goodbye trimester 2 : 27w bumpdate!

How far along? 27 weeks. tomorrow begins the third trimester. holy hannah. bittersweet moment.
Baby is the size of: 14.5 inches or so, weighing 2lbs. similar to the head of a cauliflower! 
Total weight gain: ive been fluctuating this week quite a bit between +15-20lbs! nice to see you water retention.
Maternity clothes? well yes. but surprisingly, tho im getting bigger - ive been wearing less maternity! the weather is finally warming up, and im able to trade in pants for dresses. wearing more of regular maxi's etc :) praise jesus!
Stretch marks? oh i found one alright. on the inside/back area of my THIGH. not awesome. but im a tiger who earned her stripes. HEAR ME ROAR.
Sleep: i wake up between 4-5am every day now. and am usually awake until about 7-8am. is this preparing me for life with a newborn? oye.
Best moment this week: dancing with my husband in our kitchen as dinner was cooking. having this sweet baby boy in between us? i just melt. AARON RODGERS extended his contract! this is a big deal in our packer family :) basically, week 27 has been my favorite in general. i felt {feel?} so beautiful and so blessed. ridiculously happy. isaiah went out of town friday to saturday, and baby boy didnt move. had me panicking like trimester 1 all over again. but when he called to say his plane landed, baby boy moved. seriously, so sweet. 

Miss Anything? wearing any dress i want.
Movement: its slowing down some. *see sad mama over here* but he makes his presence known! trying to distinguish his hiccups.
Food cravings: not new: DQ. banana cream pie blizzards or grape arctic freezes. new: corn on the cob. and it was deeeeeelicious!
Anything making you queasy or sick: notta!
Gender: baby goodman is a BOY!

Labor Signs: holding off on all that for a while!
Symptoms: i can't get close to the mirror to pluck my eyebrows. i have the consistent urge to pee, but 80% of the time dont need to pee/no pee comes. i needed to make a brand new hole in my belt. feelin hot hot hot!
Belly Button in or out? still hanging out in the flat zone!
Wedding rings on or off? the other night isaiah said "i take my ring off before bed now and put it by yours" me "...okay, why?" isaiah "i dont know, i just like that theyre together." adorbs. needless to say, my rings are off. they can be pushed on but its just uncomfortable. and since i spend most of my days home, im okay with that. i do have a different fakey ring that we got to wear on our honeymoon/cruises after noticing how dirty my real one got - so when we leave the house, i slip that one on. 

Happy or Moody most of the time: happy! getting a little nervous about nearing the end and thinking about all the necessities we still need, but happy!
Looking forward to: i have a doctors appt on thursday. thumbs up: i get to hear baby on the doppler! thumbs down: weighing in. figuring out how to shave my chach for the doc. and the dreaded glucose test. just gag me with a wooden spoon. twice. 

^^ a rutabaga?! 

i feel like my belly is really low. and really long. it doesnt stick out and float like others. hmph.

also, this conversation happened this week while booking hotels for football season in Green Bay.
"how many adults in the room?" "2". "and kids?" "nope... oh wait... oh shit. 1! we'll have a new baby!" 
face palm.

isaiah and i spent sunday morning deep cleaning our house. love that feeling when all the windows get to be open! hopefully it'll happen every sunday morning, in hopes for preparation baby. the nursery is entirely clean from the renovation and 100% ready for the furniture & decor to arrive! {and be ordered...}

Your Baby:
  • Hey! Remember when I told you your baby was as big as a gummy bear? Oh, about 19 or 20 weeks ago?
  • Now imagine a two-pound, 15-inch-long gummy bear. Yep.
  • Eyelids (which have been fused since 11 or 12 weeks) can now open and close.
  • Lungs are functioning to be able to survive outside the womb with medical help.
  • Brain tissue is developing ; babes brain is more active every day.
  • Are officially in the third trimester! Feel free to celebrate/panic at will.
  • May notice more of that pesky round ligament pain as your belly gets harder and bigger and rounder, or as it starts to dip down a little bit, looking a little less perky and cute than it did a few weeks ago.
  • Depending on your baby’s position, the kicks and movements might be a little painful. Feet up under your ribcage, jabs to the cervix, random body parts of mystery poking you way off to the side, where you didn’t even think those little appendages were long enough to reach.

PS! GFC is going away in July :( and that also happens to be when baby G is due! make sure you dont miss his arrival by following me on bloglovin' or liking Midwest Pillowtalk's page on facebook! ;) xxo!


  1. You look SO CUTE!! :) I love those colors on you! And hello third trimester! It freaks me out that I'm so close to the third trimester, I can't imagine what it's like to actually BE in the third trimester!

    My fingers have been swelling too... :( SAD DAY!

  2. Looking good, Mama!

    Oh and don't worry about the stretch mark- I found some in some weird places after pregnancy ;)

  3. You are THE CUTEST! I love your dress and belly! YAY to the 3rd trimester!!!

  4. I love your dress! The 1 hr glucose isn't so bad; it's more mental than anything. I drank that little orange drink in about 2 drinks because I just didn't want to taste it. :P Good luck!

  5. I LOVE that dress! And I agree, amen to warmer weather so i can wear all my maxi dresses!!!

  6. GREAT usual. Such a fashionista!

  7. The hiccups are so much fun! I miss those. :)
    Welcome, Trimester 3, wheee!!!

  8. You look great! That's an adorable dress, too! Isaiah is just the sweetest with his wedding ring! Too much! I also died when you shared your concern about shaving. These are the things that keep me up at night!

  9. Congrats on the 3rd tri! You look so great!

  10. so this baby is gunna be the cutest baby on the block. thanks to the genes :) you are super close!!! can't wait cuz I am going to come play mommy!

  11. Lookin adorable as usual! And OMG how freaking cute that Isaiah likes his ring to be next to yours!!

  12. You look fantastic, mama! Not much longer. The last tri will simultaneously feel like it's flying and dragging. Don't fret the glucose test.. bring a straw! Makes a world of difference ;) As for the chach-shaving? Get that bad boy waxed about 1.5 weeks before your due date. Easier for me, as each of my due dates were scheduled.. hurts like a MOFO because you're EXTRA sensitive down there but I didn't trust my husband near my hooha with a razor.. I've seen what he's done to his FACE! ;) XO!

  13. You crack me up. You don't even want to know the crazy pregnant yoga poses that took place in my shower to shave. :) YAY for the 3rd trimester! And, call me weird, but I actually liked the drink they gave me for the glucose test! Thanks for linking up!