Tuesday, April 23, 2013

its a beautiful day {our wedding video}

if you are anything like me, you visit the tabs on a blog page after reading a post. sometimes the post makes you want to stay, sometimes the tabs do. it's a good tad of information and i love getting to know my blog friends more & more. im always anxious to visit the extra pages and see what they've decided to share!
you may have checked out the "about us" tab on my blog & have seen a few of our wedding photos. if you haven't, you can stroll over there after this post and take a peek! or, do not fret your pretty little heart. i plan to recap our love story and share many many photos with you all :) those posts are definitely yet to come!

today, i want to share our wedding video. i realize i am jumping the gun here and skipping many, many prior parts - but i just cant wait. this video is one of my most favorite things, my most prized possessions. i will never tire of seeing it. i also cant wait to show our son how happy his mommy and daddy were are. it makes me excited for the day he wants to purpose and have a wedding of his own! .... okay. im jumping the gun again arent i?
real story though.
whenever i need to smile, this video does not let me down. it is the perfect reminder of our day. & how truly deeply madly in love i am. planning our wedding was nothing but fun and enjoyment for me. i want to plan a million more. (literally!)
what the video doesnt show, is that Isaiah's dad, Leslie, passed away 2 days before our wedding. it was truly an event that brought us together closer than ever before. and right before our wedding? so many tears, feelings and questions. it was bittersweet. and we are so thankful that we were able to share our wedding as a celebration of his life.

love conquers all

hope you love it as much as we do! & turn that volume up!

full screen version {here}

Isaiah + Sarah / The Great Hall from eMotion Cinematography on Vimeo.


  1. awww you guys are such a cute couple, you look so incredibly happy!

  2. Oh man, when you first posted this on weddingbee after your wedding, it made me instantly sad that we didn't have a videographer. I wish we could have afforded one. Your video always gives me simultaneous goosebumps, giggles and tears. I love it!

  3. That is such an amazing video- wedding videos always make me tear up! And I had a Green Bay garter too :)

  4. 1. You looked smokin' on your wedding day!

    2. I'm so jealous! We still haven't gotten our wedding video back yet (8 months later.) That's a whole 'nother post.

    3. I'm so happy that you shared this with us! I loved hearing you and Isaiah talk, it just solidified my thought that you guys are going to be the best parents ever!

    Love you girlie!

  5. What a beautiful video! I was smiling the entire time! You looked gorgeous!

  6. OMG! SO STINKING CUTE! I love how happy you both are around each other! SO SWEET!!!!! And your dress... LOVE! :)

  7. I've seen this before but i just LOVE watching it!! Your videographer was amazing. I love that the dogs make a cameo! OMG and how cute when you guys have your first kiss and he puts his arm in the air. :)

  8. Wow.. This is so sweet I had to wipe tears away. EEEEK. Love your wedding video! And that eeek had me cracking up.. Congratulations (late?) may the 3 of you be blessed always.

  9. OMG Sarah, this is the cutest video ever! We have been on the fence about hiring a videographer, but this seals the deal. Maybe we can even get our two corgis in the mix, like you did with the shibas, haha! Congrats again - it's so special that you'll always have video evidence to cherish. ;)

  10. Just so you know, this video makes me smile everytime, and I needed a smile and had the Beautiful day song stuck in my head, so I searched through your blog posts just to find this again :)