Saturday, April 27, 2013

pregnancy problems.

pregnancy rocks. literally mind blowing at what my body is doing in less than a years time.
but oh the little details people dont tell you about. {minus the weather. no one misses the chance to tell me how miserable ill be in the summer.}

  • went in to the bathroom to pluck my eyebrows. got ready to lean in to the mirror. NOPE. not happenin anymore. baby bump in the way.
  • finally spring in MN. high 60's low 70's. this mama is already hot. bring it on summer!
  • what is this "dampness" goin on?
  • goodbye feet. 
  • my arms have quadrupled in size. as the lovely brandi and holly would say, i've got "oprah wings" goin on! 
  • husband has to help me get my uggs on. it often ends in him saying "PUUUUSHHH" and me saying back "i am, damnit!" sound like labor?
  • dont even ask me about how im going to shave my whoha. cant see that shiz no mo.
  • third trimester proves to be like first trimester. i was never sick, but im experiencing the same random aches & twinges now. and the scary feeling of not feeling babe when he decides to be a brat. psycho mom paranoia is returning.

i got up from the bed the other night. and there was a wet spot.

husband: DID YOU JUST.. PEE!?!?!!

me: i dont know babe. i just. dont. know.

^^ 27w5d. bumpin our way into summer!


  1. I'm sorry things are rough right now :( I hope that things get better soon! Just use this as an excuse to have Isaiah dote on you a bit more. I mean, every man needs to know how to paint toenails, right? ;-)

  2. then theres the sciatic nerve pinching that makes you feel incapable of anything for hours/ days at a time, theres the feet swelling to the point that shoes (even flip flops sometimes) can hurt, the fact that because youre so much bigger and uncomfortable you cant sleep unless youre upright or with 20 pillows around you, you start nesting, you get pregnancy brain times 50....

    side note, I have that same maxi :) love it

  3. oh and the emotions. so much more uncontrollable. At my grandpa's funeral, I went from weeping to laughter (even though nothing was remotely funny,)to anger to more weeping all in under 5 minutes....

  4. I laugh at this post because its totally true! The other day I had to cut my shower short...too short of breath. Getting out of bed is a damn workout and the hubby had to start helping me get dressed at about 33weeks. LOL

  5. Hahaha! So true! I woke up to a little wet spot, and I have NO CLUE what it is! eww! I think I'm 2 months after you, so I have the WHOLE summer to hear about how miserable I'll be. Totally agree with this post!

  6. LOL @ leaning over to look in the mirror! That was THE THING that happened to me evvvery day when I was was like I would just forget that I had that huge belly because I would go ahead and try to lean over to look in the mirror every. single. time. Awesome post!

  7. Very cute post. Love the last part about peeing. So funny.

  8. Yep, you nailed it all. I would just shave and pray. I probably had 597 landing strips. BAHA!
    You're looking adorable as ever momma! :)

  9. hahah love this post. :) I'm not Pregnant, but its nice to hear a real take on it!! You're doing great! such a pretty pregnant lady! :)
    -Dara from

  10. BAHAHAHAAH! All of this is so true. :) And so funny!!!!!

  11. Haha! I never would have thought of dealing with some of the things you have to deal with! You are so funny!

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  16. Glad to hear that, even with those issues, you still manage to smile and enjoy the thought of pregnancy. There's always the firsts and I'm sure that you'll learn a lot from it. Anyway, if you have other concerns that need to be addressed, you can find a support group or a counselor to help you deal with them.

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