Wednesday, April 24, 2013

SO WHAT if im doing so what again!

So What Wednesday
linking up with the lovely shannon over at life after i 'dew'!

so what:

if i pluck my belly hair {pregnancy is no joke!}
if i miss being a blonde
if i currently hate baby Gs nursery :'(
if i can't make up my mind
if i made the wrong decision to wear stripes this week {see below, kim kardashian!}

if i want to move out of MN
if you missed our wedding video
if my ankles are holding onto water and becoming cankles. maybe? sometimes. {no one will see them in this MN weather anyway!}
if im currently not excited for maternity photos. which is SO unlike me. {im stressing about the weather AND finding something to wear!}
if i make multiple trips to DQ per week. yummm!

what are you feeling like saying "so what" to?!

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  1. Stripes on a baby bump are THE cutest!
    And, your nursery is adorable. Don't change it. Please. :)

  2. Yeah, this weather is very stressful. Ugh.

    Also, you are so NOT Kim Kardashian.

  3. Um, I think the stripes look AWESOME!!! Gosh, I do not miss pregnancy cankles.

  4. You are NOT Kim K! I think that dress is SO CUTE on you!

  5. I think the stripes are cute. :) Yum, DQ! And you are always making me jealous with your posts about Panera Bread, lol. Do you have to wait until the lil' guy is born before you can go back to blonde?

  6. The stripes are super cute! I actually bought about 3 striped maternity things this week, so I'm on board with the stripe trend.

    And I'm glad I'm not the only one rockin' some awesome belly hair. My husband said, "At least the hair is soft and not bristly." I guess!

  7. So true about what pregnancy does to your body! I got a bunch of gross skin tags...ick! And PS, I love the chevron wall in the nursery! It looks GREAT!

  8. Congrats to you, Sarah! I'm so glad you made it this far and your sweet baby is on its way.

  9. You look great! And just so you know... the man hairs don't go away on your belly after you have baby. So depressing, ha ha!