Wednesday, April 3, 2013

So What Wednesday.

It's Wednesday! I'm linking up with Shannon over at Life After I "Dew" because i fancy her.

So What...

  • if it took me 8 months after our wedding to officially change my name. i despise the social security office. in which i told isaiah i'll be a Goodman forever now because i am never going back there. ever. no one spoke English and it smelled like an awful mixture of spices. which brings me to my next point....
  • if im 26 and just got my first nose bleed. it happened in the social security office. my dad asked me why and i told him it was because everyone smelled so bad. 
  • if your first language isnt English. MINES NOT EITHER. but i do speak English more than my first language. this is amurrica after all.
  • if i sit inside Caribou Coffee on a weekly basis for 3-4 hours.
  • if i just bought a kit that actually has to tell me how to apply eyeshadow. ive never worn this stuff ya'll! 
  • i just dont know how to do makeup. or hair. i suck.
  • if i want to eat panera macaroni and a DQ blizzard everyday. 
  • if i dream of getting a breast reduction. it cant happen soon enough. {seriously}
  • if i wear bright colors in 40 degree weather. MN, snow, winter, wind ... I AM SO OVER YOU.
  • and SO WHAT if i am going to be a stay at home mom, damnit!


  1. Ok, I think we could be best friends. 1. I had to go back to the SS office THREE times because my original card had my mother's maiden name misspelled and my info didn't match, then I was missing a document that they told me I didn't need the first time I was there, then finally got my name changed. It was terrible and smelly (spices & feet!) and I was just amazed with the nonsense. 2. I bought the Urban Decay Naked palette and had to find Youtube videos for how to correctly apply the makeup & I have no clue about hair or makeup in general. 3. I could eat any mac & cheese, every day, for every meal. 4. I told my hubby that immediately following children, I am getting a breast reduction. It's happening.

  2. There's nothing worse than the SS office! The nearest one to us is an hour and fifteen minutes away. We drove their after our wedding, and guess what--CLOSED! They didn't have anyone to work there! We had to call seven thousand times before we got someone to answer--two weeks later!
    Is your first language German? You kind of look German. <-I know, that's a weird thing to say. I myself am German. We just have a look, I think. That look being "AWESOME."

    Have you checked out "Tea Collection" for Baby Boy G? If not, you should! Looks SO sweet!

  3. Social Security office is horrible. Did you go to the one downtown Mpls? TORTURE. The day I was there to change my name, the computers were down. UGH.

    1. the one on Chicago Ave! GET.TOE. murderapolis whutup.

  4. I had a breast reduction, BEST decision I have ever made in my life! DO IT!!

  5. I'm ashamed to admit how many times I've had panera macaroni in the last week. It's more than 4. In my defense, I've had a cold and it's the only thing I feel like eating! :)

  6. Congrats on your first nosebleed. ;) Jk. What is your first language?? I feel like I should already know that but I don't think I did! And I don't believe for a second that you don't know how to do makeup or hair!! You always look so put together.

  7. Oh my goodness. Panera mac and cheese and dream lunch, dinner...and breakfast.