Friday, April 12, 2013

the firsts are floating around!

so i didnt blog yesterday. thats because i live in MN. and outside? it looked like this.

{go home mother nature, youre drunk}


while we were in mid white-out, it was also thundering and lightning outside. thunder snow? on april 11th. i had nothing to blog about, except to bitch about the weather and where i live. so if you live somewhere nice and theres a house for sale on your block (or you just want a visitor!), holla at cha girl!


i caught wind of this floating around some other blogs, so today im playing along!

but first, i want you to guess where i am as i write this blog post.........

PANERA! obvs.
{if you guessed that right, you might as well just consider us blogging BFF's.}
there are two moms here with their newborns. apparently this macaroni is a comfort food, FOR ALL. so ill be back with baby G when this mama needs a piece of sanity!... or just some macaroni & cheese. with a frozen caramel to help me stay awake.

FIRST thing I do in the morning... lay there. i contemplate going back to sleep. and {it never fails} within 1-3 minutes of me opening my eyes, baby starts to kick. :good morning little one!: i grab my phone, browse instagram - twitter & emails. and continue to lay there snugglin with the pups. until i need food. then i get out of bed and stroll downstairs. hehe.

FIRST thing I do when I get home from work... yeah..... i dont work anymore. but it used to be curling up in bed or taking a bath. i needed relaxation on the daily.

My FIRST kiss... was in kindergarten. he chased me and chased me after we always put our stick/names into the bucket for attendance. and his birthday is today! hehe funny. i dont know why i remember that.

My FIRST home... was in Berlin, Germany. holla!

My FIRST car... was a 96' chevy cavalier. i had that car from age 15 to 24!

My FIRST accident traffic violation... this girl's NEVER had one. ::woop woop!::

The FIRST thing I wanted to be when I grew up... a doctor that worked with children of some sorts. neonatal, peds. something. & a teacher. a mother. i did the whole teacher thing, wasnt for me. now? just a mommy. and maybe a family & marriages counselor. if/when i go back to school for my masters, it'll be for that.

FIRST drink of choice... milk. so good! dr. pepper addict over here. aaaand caribou. turtle cooler, caramel cooler, oreo snowdrift with caramel, caramel hot rise, white hot chocolate with a shot of raspberry, iced white hot chocolate with a shot of caramel.... i like caramel.

FIRST dessert of choice... MELTING POT. the bananas foster? i die. white chocolate, caramel, bananas, rice krispies, strawberries, brownie bites... oh yum. & if were anywhere else, i usually order the creme brûlée. 

FIRST choice restaurant... granite city for the win! i never get sick of that place. or anything with italian. im a *super* picky eater, so as long as we're somewhere that has chicken fingers or pasta, i'll be okay.

FIRST song that comes to mind... halo & love story mixed. i walked down the aisle to it for our wedding, and its been making baby dance. win for win! however, i cant stand taylor swift. you can listen to the song here! <-- so pretty.

FIRST major purchase... hm... i dont know! our rogue & altima with Isaiah maybe?!

FIRST job... was as a hostess at Acapulco. i was 15!

FIRST time I flew... was from Berlin, Germany to the good ole' USA to meet my dads side of the family for the first time. i was 3 months old - which is when we'll be taking little man to Germany for his first time to meet mamas side of the family!

FIRST "big girl" job... i taught preschool after college. much different than the 1st graders i had during student teaching. although, after teaching i was a nanny. and that job was 100x harder than being a teacher any day. 

& thats that! what are some of your firsts?!

have a happy weekend blog friends! 

tomorrow {saturday} were heading back up north to visit Grandpa. its his 85th birthday!! so happy to see him on this day. he's at home, which is good. but not. he refused to go to the hospice home & was released from the hospital because they cant do anything for him anymore. theyve stopped with the blood transfusions every monday as well. so grandpa is at home with hospice and a hospital bed in the living room. hes hating every minute of it and keeps bitching about all the strangers (aka nurses) that keep coming into his home. typical stubborn man move.
{edit} grandpa has deteriorated some and has fallen at home in the middle of the night which scared my grandma to death. they're letting him have his birthday at home, but sunday or monday he will be going to the hospice home to try and gain some strength back.
thank you for all of your thoughts & prayers! keep fighting crapa!


  1. What a great post! I love your blog! I'm excited to follow along :o)

  2. The first thing I do when I wake up is check my phone too! :) No traffic tickets?? Good job! I've never been to Melting Pot even though there's one in Seattle, isn't that crazy??

    I hope your visit with Crapa goes good, I'll keep him in my prayers!!

  3. It's 80 degrees and sunny over here in Arizona! ;)

  4. You and I have so much in common! I'm a picky eater as well but I'll eat anywhere as long as it has a chicken or pasta dish (or even better, chicken with pasta!)

    The first time I flew was from Canada (where I was born) to the US when my parents moved here. I was only 9 months(ish) old.

    Keegan and I went to the Melting Pot during our honeymoon and it was amazing! I'm so sad that the closest one to us is in Memphis, about 3 hours away :(

    Mississippi has been in the 70s and 80s lately! If you ever want to escape that icky snow, you and Isaiah are more than welcome here.

    I hope that your Crapa continues to fight. I'm so happy that you get to see him for his birthday! I hope that you have a great weekend with your family <3

  5. My first car was a '97 Chevy Cavalier! It had a sunroof, so I obviously that it was so cool. Baha!
    A caffeinated drink with caramel in it? I'll take two, thankyouverymuch.
    Happy Friday!

  6. I laughed outloud when I read what you said about Mother Nature being drunk. I've got a 10 foot pile of snow in my front yard so I hear ya.