Friday, May 31, 2013

photo friday!

you've got a peek into our dating life <3

you've read how isaiah proposed {heart.melting}

& yesterday i complained about the MN weather, stating that i need the ocean.

so what better than to do photo friday, of our first engagement session!

{i told you. isaiah and i LOVE pictures!}

around the time we took those dating pictures, we also booked a cruise! it was going to be isaiah's first, and our first together. i was ecstatic to experience a vacation like that with him! when we got engaged on September 25th, 2011, we were just a short 2 months away from our cruise sailing on 11/11/11 and knew we had to get pictures done somehow. thats when the emailing with Royal Caribbean began and plans were in the works!

it all started coming together once we were on board the Mariner and were able to talk to the photography department on the ship. we got set up with a LOVELY lady named Sandra and decided to take pictures in Cozumel, early as balls - before it got too hot outside. i have to admit, i was semi skeptical because i wasnt sure how much these photographers on the ship knew or how much they were really into their jobs. but i was left SPEECHLESS. we ended up buying every single picture. all 155 of them or so. and sandra became our best friend. actually, all the photographers did. every single night they always stopped us and wanted to take our pictures. it felt like everyone on the Mariner knew who we were.  Royal Caribbean even asked us to sign a release form so they could use them on the ship! i really wanna sail on the Mariner again just to see if i can find my face anywhere, lol!

 til next time!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

trash talk thursday.


hear me out.

i know, i know... youre thinking people live in MN are always bitching about the weather? absolutely.

in the winter.
thats to be expected, we know what we're getting ourselves into, we know MN has long horrible cold winters and everything is miserable.

but summer?!?!
MN is supposed to be fantastic! glorious! beautiful! and WARM. with sunshine!!

i really dont appreciate heading into June with awful weather, 0 nights spent walking around uptown, 0 dinners had downtown on lovely patios, 0 mornings walking my dogs with flip flops and 0 date nights with my husband outside! cant even enjoy a weekend at the cabin with this 60 degree rainy weather.

we are obviously really excited for our baby boy to be joining our family in a few weeks and we can not wait to meet him, spend time with him & enjoy our first summer as a family of 3+2.

but its also no secret that were pretty obsessed with each other, and these are our last months & weeks together with the 2 of us. im angry that theres a block on the beautiful summer weather. of course, we're still enjoying every minute together whether were inside, at a movie, walking our dogs or what have you, but our previous summers together? the best of my life.


i am in such a rut with the maternity clothes.

since MN has decided this "winter" last longer than the 32 weeks ive been pregnant, i am completely outgrowing things. my shirts from trimester 1 and 2? too short. my leggings? completely worn out. 2 pairs even have holes in them (another reason i hate motherhood maternity). there have been about 3 days where ive been able to rock my regular maxi dresses.. but now? even those are too small. ive completely outgrown them. what used to be a moo moo or just past my knee length, now shows my butt cheeks.

but i dont want to go buy new maternity clothes for summer. becauuuuse:

A) i only have 5 weeks left until full term, 8 weeks left until our due date, and 10 max until i were to be induced if little man was overdue.


i am so ready to leave on a jet plane.
i wouldnt mind raising my son in a state that wasnt here in Minnesota. not. at. all.
{i wasnt born here. neither was isaiah!}

id move in a heart beat given the chance.

but until that happens, i am going to sulk with my oreos.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

week 31 bumpdate!

how far along? week 31! (in 32 now!)
baby is the size of: a million things apparently.  one app told me about 17 inches and 3.75lbs.

total weight gain: according to my scale at home im up 2lbs from the doctors on 5/17... 19lbs. 32 week appointment this friday, so we shall see!
maternity clothes: well duh. but what do you do when your maternity shirts are becoming too short? hmph.
stretch marks: sign me up for one of those "mommy makeovers" will ya?
sleep? the usual. sleep from 2-430am & again about 730/8-1030/11am.
best moment this week? no work for isaiah yesterday! thank you memorial weekend. {and those that serve} - we ran SO many errands and knocked a few more things off our baby check list. including our mamaroo thats now in the living room! checking things off lists + spending extra time with my husband = one very happy mama. i soak it all in.

errands OOTD.

miss anything? the sunshine. seriously. i think its been about 2 weeks of rain and gloom. and we had to reschedule our maternity photos, AGAIN.
movement? so much. it cracks me up. 
food cravings? gogurt has been SO delicious! {i hate yogurt??} & burger king chicken sammiches - the lettuce + the cheese. thats probably where my 2lb weight gain came from this week ;)
gender: mommas new man!
labor signs: hell to the no.
symptoms: crampiest legs ever, sleeping with a pillow under my ankles. & my left rib is always in pain. the massage lady told me one of my muscles or something is too short? and with my "big belly" i am off balance so something is trying to pull me forward while the other is trying to pull me back? no clue.
anything make you sick? mmm, nope.
rings? on/off: rings are off.
belly button? in/out: ITS STILL IN. is this thing ever going to pop? come out come out wherever you are!
mood? i am loving life. 
looking forward to: maternity photos? pretty sure ive said that a zillion times. considering they were supposed to be done on 4/25. then 5/11. then 5/19. then 5/27. now 6/16. oh my lanta. i really want summer to start. even 'spring' would be nice? i cant stop day dreaming about family vacations with baby G as we start to look at cruises for march and our different options. 
oh and SoYouThinkYouCanDance is on tonight! i always love me some of that :)

^^ 21 weeks vs. 31 weeks ^^

last night in bed after spending 7 hours "deep cleaning" our garage & making 3 trips to the donation center, isaiah said "you could be pregnant for the rest of your life huh?" yes babe, yes i could. at least the next 6 years! but then we started discussing the life of having 6 kids {like my grandparents} + us 2 and what it would be like on vacations. holy moly. then we went down to 4 kids. and bringing friends. and how we would get the whole family from place A to place B in a car. then 3 kids. then 2 kids. then 1 kid. our sweet little man. THATS SOON TO MAKE HIS DEBUT.

holy hell.

Your Baby:
  • Blah blah blah 3.3 pounds, bag of oranges, sock full of nickels, etc.
  • Enjoys yawning, sucking his or her thumb, kicking mom in the diaphragm.
  • Turn-offs include: getting the hiccups, really loud noises and you trying to do all that boring “sleeping” at night.
  • Can totally round down your answer to “two months” when people ask you how much longer you have to go. DO NOT focus on the crazy week-to-month-ratio math at this point in pregnancy, particularly when there are breakable, smashy objects within reach.
  • May be weirdly and inexplicably congested all the time. This is also prime time for pregnancy colds, as the toll on your body and immune system is getting higher by the week. Take it easy, slow down, take your vitamins and try try try to get enough sleep.
  • Can now play everybody’s favorite game, Guess The Body Part That’s Sticking Out Next To My Belly Button! Elbow or heel? Head or butt? Did I seriously just maybe feel my baby’s BIG TOE?

Friday, May 24, 2013

photo friday.

im being a sap this week.
deal with me okay?

roughly 43 weeks ago.

isaiah and i were in Milwaukee for the annual meeting of his work company. every year in July, all of the reps go and it is a grand ol' time mixed in with some meetings and presentations. theres also a central regional meeting every January in Chicago, but the one in Milwaukee is longer, bigger and better. i especially love the zoo ;)


one of the last nights there, Northwestern Mutual usually holds a concert for all of the reps and their families that attend. last year, it was Adam Lavigne/Maroon 5. just for us? winning!

isaiah and i sat down before the concert and began to observe other families flooding in as the seats in the bradley center began to fill up with people and noise.

something hit the two of us that night, in that moment of watching the others.

i was already facing infertility. i already so badly wanted to be pregnant, knowing i may never get that chance to live my dream. but together, we knew exactly what we wanted to be as a family and where we wanted our marriage to go, what we wanted it to include. {mind you, at this point we werent even married... that happened about 2 weeks later tho, in august... but as i mentioned before, talking about our dreams and future was something we often did}. 

we didnt want to be the married couple in their 20's spending nights at the bar. we didnt want to be the bachelor or bachelorette a few rows down chugging beers in between yelling out the maroon 5 lyrics. we were okay not being the ones who got to close down the bars at 2am or the last 2 on the dance floor.

we wanted to be the people holding up the line because a certain toddler of ours insisted going down the stairs all on their own, despite them being 10x larger in the bradley center than they are at home. we wanted to be the parents at the zoo with a child in between their hands swinging to and fro. the ones who are dropping their dollars are light up toys that never last or the cute stuffed animal that is obviously not worth the high price tag - but the smile on your childs face definitely is.

that night, in the middle of the concert, isaiah and i made a goal.

we looked at each other and said "next year, we'll attend this meeting & be pregnant - or be in the process of adoption."

& the next morning before leaving, we bought a onesie from the companies "pro shop".

when we got home, we stashed this onesie away in a box of our things along with old cards, movie tickets, restaurant menus etc. it wasnt something i wanted to be reminded of during the days of TTC. but now? what joy this onesie brings to my heart.

this onesie is now sitting in our sons nursery. waiting to be worn by this little miracle baby wiggling around in my belly.

and this year? the meeting in july? we wont be going. our son's due date lands right in the middle of the week long event. 

every year his birthday will fall around the time we will be in Milwaukee to support daddy and all of his hard work, and we are okay with that. there will be plenty ways to make it special. it is already oh, so special in our hearts. the annual meeting already has so many meanings to us. the bradley center will always remind me of the time i looked into isaiah's eyes as we talked about creating our family. the hope for our baby who is now our son. 
God and his plans, i tell ya. that man.
its a bummer we cant attend, but i am looking forward to returning next year with a 1 year old to love the zoo just as much as i do ;) 

if we only knew last July what would come of our heart ache and hope to create a family. 

its funny what happens in a year. 

we cant wait to be your parents little man <3

Thursday, May 23, 2013

packing my bags.

i have obviously never done this before. its all new to me, this whole first time mama to be preparing to bring a human into the world thing.

{what to bring to the hospital}

maybe my list consists of too much, maybe not enough? maybe half of it ill never use. but i am okay with that. because i like to feel prepared. & if this is what calms me as the last weeks go fly by, then so be it.
i plan to have a few bags ready to go. 1 larger bag filled with the things that isaiah and i will both need during our stay, 1 medium bag filled with things that i will want immediately upon arrival & laboring such as the wallet with insurance cards, music, snacks etc and the third bag i think will just be my purse little mans diaper bag filled with his blankets and outfits that will be needed once he arrives. that way we can quickly bring up a bag with us in the midst of the rush & get the others from the car when theres time. poor hospital nurses will think were moving in. but then again, they probably see this more than i know. not only have i never given birth before, but ive never stayed in a hospital either.

for the mama
registration forms (we already pre-registered)
insurance card
birth plan
hair ties/headband/sock bun
make up bag & handheld/travel mirror
flip flops/slippers
maxi pads
nursing pillow
breast pads & cream
breast pump
nursing bras & tanks
boy short undies (size up)
comfy jammies
yoga pants & tee
going home outfit/maxi

for the daddy
change of clothes (2-3)
button up shirt for skin to skin
jammies/sweatpants & tee
glasses/contacts & solution
deodorant & travel kit
flip flops

for the baby
diaper bag
onesies (2-3)
going home outfit
pacifier (2 kinds)
nail clippers/emery board

for everyone
ipad & charger (shows/movies/netflix)
phone & chargers
camera & chargers
extra memory card
$1 bills & change for vending machines
water bottles
mixed cd for labor
hand sanitizer
nurse gifts (cupcakes or cookies from bakery)

perhaps i wont pack everything. or maybe ill even add to this list. who the heck knows! but im satisfied with it thus far, and i think it'll work with our family. i know some ladies prefer to bring their hair dyer/straightener/curling iron etc... but i am just not that glamorous. not to mention my hair is super fine and straight that it air dries flat as a board in 20 minutes. remember, im just a first time mommy! dont bite my head off ;)

what was something you loved having in the hospital? is there anything you wish you packed along for the occasion?!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

SO WHAT! Wednesday

So What Wednesday

this Wednesday i am saying SO WHAT! if...

- my energy is seriously decreasing
- i didnt make my 30 week chalk board {see above}
- i am making to do lists upon to do lists & all of those lists are covering our dining table
- i started to pack our hospital bags
- i dont want to buy a swing and a bouncer before babe arrives. let me see how he does with the mamaroo & shut your judgy mcjudgerson mouth. were also not buying our high chair now. or any time soon. :GASP: i know, i know.
- i am sick of your judgy ways. let a first time mama be!
- i sometimes crave the orange drink from my glucose test
- if all of my weight gain has gone straight to my arms... actually no. not a so what. i need help people.
- i have our birth plan written out & you don't agree with it {post to come}
- if i wouldnt mind being pregnant for the next... 6 years or so.
- if i spend hours on youtube watching past routines SYTYCD
- have no idea what to do tomorrow because Grey's isnt on tv
- i have fallen off the blog every day in May challenge

you like SoYouThinkYouCanDance? watch this. i always love me a man that can move.
{mind. blowing}

& so what if i just watched that routine 4x and counting...
& so what if i dream about the days my son will learn how to dance too.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

week THIRTY bump date!

so my doctor is definitely no derek shepherd, but holy cow am i there a lot now! every 2 weeks week 28-36 and then EVERY week! isaiah has been to every appointment from the start except for my 1 hour glucose test, and after our last appointment on Friday we scheduled them all. every doctor appointment between now and my due date is in the books - makes it seem so real! 
babes heart beat was a good 155bpm and my fundal height was measuring 32.5. apparently they say its supposed to be equal to the week you are, so being 2 inches ahead may mean babe is still measuring ahead?! oh i would love for him to come any time between july 17-23rd but PLEASE little man - stay in there until july!

how far along? recapping week 30!
baby is the size of : my app says a cabbage? roughly 15.7 inches long and 3lbs!

total weight gain: DUDE! 0lbs since 2 doctor appointments ago! HELL TO THE YES. you know what i say to that? DQ does a body good. but i am up a total of 17lbs overall. and i swear all 17lbs are hanging out in my arms. what up oprah wings. 

maternity clothes: oh for sure. especially with all of this rain. maternity leggings & hunters. scrub life.
stretch marks? HAHA. you mean your thighs dont look like the moon? no? just me? okay. the stretch marks are definitely markin their territory. i ran out of stretch mark lotion too, and since i can not STAND the feeling of lotion or anything about it - i was in no rush to replace it. so there was a good 2 weeks or so of not givin a damn. until my lovely husband brought some home and lathered me up. theyre red. and theyre ugly. and only on my thighs! {minus one teeny one on the side of my belly that was my mothers day gift from little man}
sleep? what sleep?
best moment this week: did we get our glider and crib this week? last week? ok last week, i cant keep track. whatever. i enjoy nesting with zayzay when he gets home from work. putting all of the things away in the nursery and hanging the clothes. i love looking at all things teeny. & the baby shower was a good time too of course :)

^^ do all husbands palm a belly like a basketball? or just mine?

miss anything? i would like to fall asleep before 2am, thatd be awesome. and i still want some jimmy johns like you wouldnt believe.
movement: hes quiet today! but during the week overall he definitely decided to use my belly as his playground. 
food cravings: DQ and peanut butter sammiches with colby cheese!
gender: ahoy, its a boy!
labor signs: stay away.
symptoms: leg cramps. oh the leg cramps. they got better because i started sleeping with a pillow under my ankles but last night they were in full force no matter what. & the lower back pain? i die. OH. dont let me forget about the water retention. leaves my belly lookin like this after a quick minute!

^^ i know you like those preggo hiphugger panties! dont be jealous. you can find some at target.

anything make you sick? hecks naw!
rings? on/off? original wedding set off, a bigger one in place is usually on.
belly button? in/out? in in in! STILL IN! i wonder if it wont come out because i had a laparoscopy and they went in through my belly button... stitches and cuts maybe make it so it wont come out? i dont know. but were waiting for it to come out!
mood: one big fat ball of sunshine!

looking forward too: MATERNITY PHOTOS. mother nature is shitting on me. we've went from taking them on 4/25 to 5/11 to 5/18 NOWWWW to 5/27. hoping the weather will finally work, but as of now? my phone shows storms for the 27th. AGAIN. come on mother nature.
im also looking forward to buying everything off the list and having all necessities! i am terrified of going into labor early. i need to find one of those netted bags that people usually put toys in? because i want to keep track of his socks with one in the laundry machine. ive already done enough baby laundry to know that those socks will run away from me soon & forever be lost in the deep black hole. 

all of little mans TINY things are not good for my OCD right now. i am dyingggg to find something for all of the bibs, paci's, burp clothes, socks and hats! i took AP's advice & hung just about all of his clothes up in our closet {so glad we did that, i had no idea how id keep his "outfits" together & avoid never wearing certain things!}, so now we have lots of drawer space :) so anxious to organize & find everything a home! right now its quite chaos in the nursery.

^^ everything else is empty right now!

i dream of the day we get new closet doors so i can access the WHOLE THING instead of side by side. but thats not on our rush list. so we will see!
did you find anything handy when organizing everything for your little one?!