Friday, May 10, 2013

day 10 : im embarrassed

Day 10, Friday: Most embarrassing moment (s). Spill.

is it okay that i dont get embarrassed easily? its true. i had the hardest time trying to prep myself for this post. i even asked my husband for help... we kind of failed.

i spent many of my years dancing, never had a fall or wardrobe malfunction...

my dad likes to embarrass me and brag about things.. but its usually around our family. i couldnt think of a time i was embarrassed around a boy by him {or any other family member}

i hate public speaking. i remember being so afraid to give my maid of honor speech at a friends wedding but im not sure if embarrassed is also the right word for what i was about to do? luckily, i was enjoying my ride on the champagne river and rocked that speech. thank you liquid courage. 

after isaiah and i started dating, i came out of the shower and walked over to my nightstand to grab the undergarment essentials.. standing there in my towel, i piddled. down my leg onto the floor. no not a lot. no not a puddle. but i certainly peed some. i looked at him and said "i just peed!" we laughed. and the man still married me! no shame in my game.

i thought and i thought. and the one answer i have is pretty lame. but im doin a challenge here, i can't not post.


i swear it. getting a flat tire. having something go wrong with your. being pulled over on the side of the road. being stranded. strangers stopping. strangers honking. strangers yelling. cars speeding by. the old man that stops to help.. but is he nice or is he creepy? oh my gosh. anxiety and embarrassment sky high. which is so weird. it happens to EVERYONE! but thats it. if something goes wrong and im that girl on the side of the road, i promise you my face has never been more red. im embarrassed.


{EDITED} : you guys might like this one better. i dont know how i almost forgot, or that it took about 4 days for me to remember this story. maybe because i was so embarrassed i pushed it out of my mind? yes. thats it.
one day, driving, decided to get a new piercing. college days. what do i want pierced? what isnt already pierced? OH, I KNOW. i could do my nipple, DUH. {wait what?} went to text my friend about how nervous i was to actually let someone see my tata's. that persons name started with a D. they happened to be in my contacts right above DAD.
you know where this is going.
"but i'm so afraid! i cant let someone see my boobs like that!" (or maybe i said show someone my boobs.. i cant remember). text sent.
"excuse me? i didnt need to read that" (or maybe it said know that?... same thing.)
FREAKING OUT. oh shit oh shit oh shit. i quickly made up a quick reply/lie.
"sorry dad, wrong person! girls are wanting to head out to the apple river and i wasnt sure!" (the apple river is a river, obviously... where people go to camp, get shitty wasted and flash crowds for beads. or beer. you decide. it takes about 4 hours to float down & personally, i love the tan i get after that day!)
"TMI young lady"
oh god. im so sorry. more for me or my dad? im not sure. but thankfully, that was the end of THAT!


  1. OMG I am cracking up right now. What what your Dad have said if you replied with "sorry Dad, wrong person. Was considering getting my nipples pierced." Haha.

    Also, I am stealing this phrase: "enjoying my ride on the champagne river"

  2. Haha!! SO funny! That just happened to a friend of mine this past weekend- she texted her dad about hooking up with a guy the night before! AWKward.

  3. OMG! The Apple River. :) Brings me back. HAHA!

  4. Apple River?! So many of my friends go there every summer! I've been invited but never made the trip. Whomp whomp.
    Hilarious story! Your poor papa was probably in a bit of shock.

  5. Now I'm super curious. What else do you have pierced? Did you actually go through with getting your nipples pierced (is that weird of me to ask?)

  6. Haha! Poor you! And your poor dad!

  7. That is a great embarrassing story! When I was in my senior year of college, I had a rough night out (the Cap'n makes it happen!) and the next day I just threw on last night's pants and hauled it to my 8 a.m. class. I was trekking down the main campus drag when I felt something weird on my leg but ignored it until I heard a bunch of people cracking up behind me. I looked back and realized that last night's undies totally fell right the hell out of my pant leg. It was super hot. It was even hotter that I turned back to go get them. I bet my Matron of Honor will tell that charming tale at the wedding, haha.