Sunday, May 12, 2013

day 12 : something i miss

challenge day 12 : something you miss

i miss my cabin.

the cabin that my grandpa built with his own hands. the tiny little shack that has so many memories and warmth inside. the same place where my entire family would gather around the porch for breakfast after my grandma would ring her cow bells to let us know the food is ready. that smell of fresh blueberry pancakes. the floors with sand everywhere. the campers where my little cousins would play with their polly pockets. the bonfires every night that bonded my family together with laughter and smores. the lake where i lost my bottoms one too many times on one too many wild tubing rides. the same lake where we would anchor ourselves and just float for hours, soaking in the sun & being carefree while the music sang its tune. the cabin where i spent weeks and weeks as a child every summer. the water where i learned to swim. the festivals full of hicks and silly knick knacks. the cabins lined up & hilltops that are consumed by other family members of mine. the a&w in town with the best flavor burst ice cream cones. the 4th of july boat parades where we would come with a theme every year & the reception following the parades where we always won a trophy for our float. the pontoon rides after dinner where grandpa would smile as bright as the sky & grammy was so comfortable she'd doze off. the smell of sun tan lotion. laying on the hammocks. seeing the night stars.

^^ our dark knight boat parade

^^ LOVE. this. LIFE. <3

^^ watching the fireworks from the boat some year

^^ my {little} cousin & i being hicks too ;)

^^ daddy & i

^^ our "americas favorite past time" boat parade

^^ another year watching the fireworks

^^ night time ridin. so peaceful on the lake.

^^ excuse my grandpa tryna be sexy with his open shirt, lol!

^^ hubby and i snoozin on the dock <3

^^ hammock'in it

^^ evening bonfires

^^ lambeau field, another boat parade.

^^ tubing isnt always so graceful

^^ one year we were too lazy to decorate for the parade. red white & blue it is!

^^ puppy boat rides

& my grandpa. man i miss him.

cheers to many more


  1. I love all of these pictures! You look so happy and carefree. Do you guys still go back there?

    My dad's side of the family has a cabin in Canada that we used to go to every summer. I haven't been back in about 7 or 8 years, and I miss it all the time. I'm hoping that I'll be able to bring Keegan to the cabin before my grandparents pass so he can meet everyone and understand the magic that is that place.

  2. Love it! My grandparents had a place in the 1000 Islands that we'd spend lots of summers at. They got rid of it, so we haven't gone back. We went there on our honeymoon & maybe 1 other time after they got rid of it when I was in middle school, and I definitely want to go there more often!

  3. This cabin looks like so much fun. How awesome that you got to grow up with such fun experiences. Love all the themes!

  4. What a fun way to spend your summers.
    My summers were similar, and I can't even begin to describe how much I miss my grandparents, and how they brought our big crazy family together.

  5. I loved seeing all of these pictures. Cabin season (like the REAL cabin season when it's hot and the lake isn't frozen) can't come soon enough! Looks like you have great relationships with your cousins. What a treasure.