Monday, May 13, 2013

day 13 : 29w bump date!

Day 13. Issue a public apology. Don't worry, this will only be marginally uncomfortable for all of us. 

Dear Arms, 
I am sorry that you are sore. But your extra fat family members are no longer welcome here. It has overstayed its welcome.

Aside from that, we have 70 days until babes due date! My oh my.

How far along? last day of 29 weeks today!
Baby is the size of: 2 1/2 pounds, about 15 inches long... the size of a SQUASH!

Total weight gain: 17lbs!
Maternity clothes: clearly so. & i hate them all. 
Stretch marks? oh you know what! i woke up on mothers day with my first one on my tummy. isnt that sweet? my little man is already giving me presents that A) ill never lose and B) will always remind me of him. how thoughtful is he! son of the year i tell you. i know, you're pretty jealous.

Sleep? isaiah has been better at sharing the bed ;) i guess he didnt want me to leave either. buuuttt i am waking up early in the morning and cant fall back asleep for about 3 hours or so. im usually awake 4-7am or 5-8am then doze back off for a few hours.
Best moment this week: mothers day WEEKEND. our glider arrived for the nursery & my rockstar uncle came over to help us hardwire the ceiling fixture. shout out to you uncle gary for being such a handy man! aaand i got a breast pump for mothers day! you know youre a mom {to be} when a breast pump makes your day. would it be weird to youtube a how to video? those things are intimidating! isaiah and i spent lots of time outside and being together. which is always my favorite. & we laughed until we fell on the floor. i also devoured my weight in pasta and polished off creme brulee for dessert with 0 guilt. winning!
Miss anything? some moscato would have been nice this weekend!
Movement? without a doubt. its my favorite part!
Food Cravings? this week i eagerly wanted doritos with top the tater. isaiah had no idea what top the tater was! i also wanted a peanut butter and colby jack cheese sammich. along with peanut m&ms before bed every night. hmm... my dad told us this weekend that my mom had all of her cravings in the middle of the night & he made a million runs after hours. isaiah was happy to say that he hasnt had to do that once for me {yet!} & im glad too because the amount of options in Germany vs. here in the middle of the night are way better. i think i went through a whole jar of nutella too. yep.
Gender: team blue!
Anything make you sick/queasy? nawww. aint nobody got time for that.
Labor signs? none! stay away!
Symptoms? getting out of bed gets harder and harder. sometimes hubby has to push me so i can roll over. lol! ive mentioned 2 breakdowns in the previous week and i can definitely tell that im slowing down. our long walks with the pups every evening are taking a little bit longer ;) while i hear that trimester 3 is similar to the first, i had a breezy 1st trimester so this is kind of new to me! 
Rings on or off? my original set is off & i wear a larger one instead now that we originally got for me to swap out when were on cruise excursions etc. its not the same, but it works well!
Belly button in or out? in in in. my husband checks every single night to see if its popped out yet so i'll be sure to let you all know. he is just waiting for it.
Mood? happy as ever. seriously, it might be sickening.
Looking forward to: another busy weekend! we've got maternity pictures (rescheduled from last weekend) and our couples co-ed baby shower on sunday! im anxious to get that over with, lol. + our crib should be coming in soon! hopefully sometime THIS WEEK! thats the last piece of all our big furniture! i can not WAIT to figure out how to arrange it all in the nursery and move on to the smaller/final details! im trying really hard right now not to post a part 5 & wait to do a final reveal! { catch up on parts 1-4 here!}

Your baby: 
- Muscles and lungs are continuing to mature and babes head is growing bigger to make room for the developing brain. 
- Is sucking every drop of calcium from mama. About 250 milligrams of calcium are deposited into the babes hardening skeleton each day. 

Need plenty of protein, vitamin C, folic acid and iron. Be sure to get lots of calcium!

^^ first Mother's Day! 29w6d preggo <3

PS. 5.13.13 - Minnesota becomes the 12th state to legalize same sex marriage! History in the making little man. Big things happenin.


  1. Happy belated Mother's day! I was newly pregnant last Mother's Day so yesterday was SO fun to cash in ;)
    You are looking amazing! I can't believe how far along you are! Time is flying!

  2. Yay glad I can see your blog now! How sweet of baby to give you your very first stretch mark on Mother's Day. :)

  3. I love that the little man remembered to get you a Mother's Day gift. He's very thoughtful already.
    And way to go MN! :)

  4. You might be the happiest pregnant woman I have ever seen. Seriously, I love it.

  5. Ahhh! You're getting so close! You look great!

  6. You look so great! Abbie was giving in the stretch mark department too :) Also...I don't know what top the tater is?

  7. Happy Mother's Day babe! You look amazing, as always. I'm with Isaiah, I don't know what top the tater is. Also, peanut butter and cheese sandwich sounds gross, but I love peanut M&Ms.

  8. Only 70 days!!!! Ahhhhhhh!!! I hit 20 weeks today and I couldn't believe I get to say that I am halfway there (:

  9. OMG! 70 days! That's it! You're so close!!! :) I'm so excited that you got the glider! And a pump! Awesome!

    However... a peanut butter and colby jack cheese sandwich? How did that even happen???? Gross! LOL :)

  10. 70 days! Holy moly! That's awesome! What is top the tater? I like Doritos with cream cheese! :)

    ps. you look adorable in that yellow sweater!! Can't wait to see your maternity pics!

  11. Eeeek! Big weekend for you guys! Can't wait to see your pics and hear about the shower! Thanks for linking up! :)

  12. LOVE your P.S. This is huge. It's about time!