Wednesday, May 15, 2013

day 15 & so what wednesday!

Day 15, Wednesday: A Day in the life 
lets be real. i am a stay at home wife.
ill let you imagine what most of my days are like.

^ every morning i wake up to my snuggly shiba's

^^ every day i take a picture of my belly // 30w2d


^^ nursery nesting. chronicles of babe.

^^ 'bou & blogging

Today, i am linking up with Shannon again for "SO WHAT!"!
So What Wednesday
  • my biggest decision right now is to go to Caribou or take a nap after i publish this post.
  • our son may have 2 middle names.
  • i still check the TP after i go potty for anything "weird" or "new"
  • i spend most of my days bra-less
  • a bee came into my house and i locked myself with the dogs upstairs in the bedroom until isaiah came home
  • i dont want to take birthing classes
  • i eat dairy queen 4 or 5 days of the week
  • im sitting down to watch tv tues-thurs this week. i am NOT missing so you think can dance OR the finale of greys & scandal!
  • if every picture i take is with my iphone. if you follow me on instagram, you know.
  • if i want a "better" camera than our canon powershot sx30 or whatever it is.
  • im skeptical about our baby shower this weekend
  • i complained about the 95+ degree day we had yesterday. this momma was hot.
  • i am more emotional now than i have ever been in my life. 
  • i hate the look of capitol letters. especially the "I"

okay.. i am off to nap. or go to caribou. something. ;)

EDITED: i took a nap. and then i came to caribou {where i currently am now}... gas is $4.19 in minnesota! i havent seen it this high since the summer of 2007. i am chalking this up as another win to being a sahw/sahm. surely shannon would agree! 


  1. Now that I'm prego, I always check the TP! 95 degrees?! WTF! It's barely touching 60 here.

  2. J has two middle names! Both after his grandfathers who passed when his mom was preggers with him! I hope the next 10 weeks aren't miserable for you lady!

  3. I wouldn't feel bad about ANY of your "so whats"! Caribou is the best. And I live 1 block (if that) from a DQ. When I was preggo, I had my hubbs get blizzards every day. Maybe missed a couple if we went out to dinner. Then I got dessert there. No shame! :D

  4. Love this! I would have done the same thing if a bee was in my house! And i love that you want a better camera, even though you take all your photos with your iphone. :)

  5. I was pregnant during the summer months last year in the desert. I pretty much stayed inside all day every day and when we were at home the AC was on no higher than 70 and even then I would get upset. LOL I wish I was joking. I even yelled at my mom and dad when they got here right before D was born because they moved the thermometer up to 72. LOL You really will learn to love the AC

    I also wanted to give D two middle names, but R didn't want that so he only has 1. :(

    AND if I lived in by a DQ I would be there regularly...yummmmm

  6. Gah I want DQ now! The closest one is an hour away :(

    I'm so excited for Baby G's crib! Looks like the nursery is coming along!

    And, as always, you look fabulous my dear!

  7. The mention of ice cream has me wanting some. Right now!
    Seriously, $4.19?! That's higher than SoCal right now. Ridic.

  8. I'm glad you napped...can you take an extra one for me today? Abbie has not been sleeping great and Momma is TIRED (see what i did there, capital letters? lol). Don't worry about the birthing classes. If you don't want to take them, don't. I didn't and Abbie was born just fine :)

  9. OOOOO! I want a cold coffee treat now!!

  10. How do I get that job?!?! BAHAHAHA! YAY FOR NURSERY NESTING!! :)