Monday, May 6, 2013

day 6 : what i do // 28w bump date!

keeping up with the challenge to blog every day in May... 

Day 6, Monday: If you couldn't answer with your job, how would you answer the question, 'what do you do'?

i love. its really as simple as that. 

& one thing i REALLY love - is being pregnant. 

week 28 bumpdate, here we go! 

How far along? last day of 28 weeks today!
Baby is the size of: an eggplant or a chinese cabbage... whatever that looks like?! some things tell me about 2 1/4lbs & 14.8 inches, while other things tell me about 2.5-3lbs and 16 inches... or even a chihuahua? oh the internet.

Total weight gain: doctor told me 19lbs to date!
Maternity clothes: the weather is warming up so im able to wear some of my regular dresses and maxi's, which i LOVE. i haven't went shopping for summer maternity clothes yet, but that trip will happen soon enough. my long sleeve maternity shirts are becoming too small! this belly keeps trying to peek out the bottoms.
Stretch marks? i found one under my thigh last week, and ive noticed two red marks that look somewhat to a rash on each of my outer/upper thigh. im sure they'll become stretch marks. phooey.
Sleep? sleep sucks. i am awake SO often. isaiah and i are constantly fighting over the bed now between his big booty judy and my big growing belly. i wonder if we'll be able to survive the entire pregnancy in the same bed?! some nights i debate sleeping elsewhere...

like downstairs on our couch, which can be arranged to be a thousand times bigger than our bed...

or even our guest room. {which needs major updating now that we squished 2 guest rooms into 1 to use the other for our nursery! we'll get there.}

but i really just dont want to sleep without the hubby. so we'll see what happens as the next 10 weeks continue... yeesh.

Best moment this week: FAVORITE WEEK EVER. baby boy is so active. so active. im in love. & we got the dresser for the nursery! isaiah and i ran a lot of errands this weekend, and i just love being outside getting things done & being together. soaking up every minute with just the 2 of us.
Miss anything? BEING A BLONDIE! and jimmy johns. oh the jimmy johns. i just want to eat a sammich already. best summer food, EVER. besides bbq of course. but no one misses what you can have.
Movement? unreal. at all times of the day and night. my favorite is when i wake up, i roll over to grab my phone and lay there for a few minutes while i check instagram, twitter and facebook... within moments he begins to move around. "good morning mommy!" // "good morning little man" <3

Food Cravings? nothing new. frozen caramel's from panera, caramel coolers from caribou, dr. pepper, panera macaroni & cheese, DQ arctic freezes or banana blizzards sums it up!
Gender: mommas little man
Anything make you sick/queasy? nawww. aint nobody got time for that.
Labor signs? none! stay away!
Symptoms? 28 weeks and leaks.
Rings on or off? my original set is off & i wear a larger one instead now. but its not as pretty as my original :( i miss that too.
Belly button in or out? in in in. my husband checks every single night to see if its popped out yet so i'll be sure to let you all know. he is just waiting for it.
Mood? happy as a clam & achey
Looking forward to: we have maternity photos this weekend! i am a little stressed out about driving 5 hours to have them done, along with the weather and my outfits/appearance... but i am SO excited for Jenna to document this point of our lives, i wouldnt have it any other way!

Your baby:
- can blink his or her eyes, which now have eyelashes!
- can see the light filtering in through the womb
- is adding more body fat to prepare for life in the outside world

- are either feeling like A) this pregnancy will never end of B) 12 more weeks is simply not enough time to prepare. or you might feel both ways, changing your mind from one minute to the next.
- must move furniture, fold clothes, organize the linen closet, vacuum the cars, dust the homes, clean the carpets.. and YES. those things MUST get done before the baby comes darling - DO NOT ARGUE WITH ME! NOW GO HANG UP SOME SHELVES!


amen to that. on friday night, isaiah and i had plans to head out to ikea and to get the dresser for the nursery because we heard that they're being discontinued. a pregnant mom does NOT want to hear that. well, i checked the stock online AND THEY WERE OUT. so i freaked out. then i decided to call ikea and check with a person there in stores. who told me they were indeed currently out, but a truck is scheduled to come in over night. 
i got so crabby and sad because i was looking forward to checking another thing off our list, getting out of the house, and spending time with isaiah. he figured it out real quick that i was bumming out about it, so we called baby grand to see if we could get our crib or car seat. NOPE. neither in stock :(( & they said the crib would take about 6-8 weeks! i am NOT waiting that long. so were currently in limbo with that.
i began to sit on the couch like one serious negative nancy. usually when that happens, isaiah crouches down to my eye level and makes me look at him. which results in me laughing hysterically because i feel SO awkward. laughing cures my crabbiness and the issue is resolved. except not this time. he made me look at him and i started to BAWL. it was not a beautiful break down. i went bat shit crazy. my poor hubby had no idea what to do. that was my first pregnancy psycho emotional cry all over the place moment and it scared him half to death. i lost my marbles & couldnt stop.
so we ended up deciding to go to ikea on Saturday as soon as they open because their website said that a new shipment of 8 dressers would be in. i wake up early on Saturday, check, and it says none in stock! so we begin to call and call and call... and no one ever answered. finally i decided to try calling around 2pm, someone answered - told us they were in stock - AND WE GOT OUR DRESSER. hot damn.

i was happy as a clam, while supervising with a dr.pepper :)

mommas two boys!

we survived an ikea project!

i also took my glucose test last Thursday. i chose to drink the orange. and YUM. pregnant mamas be cray. that shit was deeeeee-licious! seriously it was like ice cold koolaid. & i love me some koolaid. probably because i love sugar? oops. i did start to feel funny when i finished it though, that was strange.

thank ya jesus! 

yesterday we took ANOTHER trip to baby grand, where we chose to purchase most of our baby gear from, this time to narrow down our glider choice once and for all. which was a success! howeverrrr, its going to take about 12-16 weeks to come in. womp womp. thats definitely not ideal, considering were due in 12 weeks (now 11) but i figured that since the babe will be spending his first few weeks/months in our room, i can do his nightly feedings in bed or in another room of our house until the chair arrives. if worse comes to worse and i really think i need one, baby grand will give us a loaner chair until ours comes. how sweet is that?!
we got our carseat. HOLY COW!
and i finally found a diaper bag that satisfies me enough to purchase and use. FINALLY.
now we wait on the crib ordeal. Gina from baby grand is doing some research today to see if we can order the crib as a single and get it within 1-2 weeks. if not, it'll have to come as one large shipment in 6-8 weeks. i really really dont want to wait 6-8 weeks for the crib to come in. im trying to get this nursery DONE! of course im all "i cant do anything else until the crib is here!" "because where will i want to put the crib? which wall will the dresser go on? i cant put up any artwork until i know where i want those two pieces of furniture... were already waiting on the glider" basket case i am.
hopefully we'll get good news about the crib soon - if not, we'll look into ordering it online from another company. which is about $150 more to do and pay for that shipping, which SUCKS. but such is life.

we're getting ready for you little man!


  1. OMG! I totally know what you're saying about the nursery... we just started painting! And we built the crib! EEK! Hopefully you get your crib soon friend! :)

  2. EXCELLENT job on the weight gain---um I think I gained like ten pounds between 20 and 24 weeks alone?? And nice job on passing the diabetes test!!!

    Feedings in bed when babe is little....yep. Our rocker didn't see much use for a while, so you should be good on when your glider comes!

  3. Oh wow. You look absolutely beautiful.
    I am soooo looking forward to being pregnant.
    Love the Ikea shots, we have an ikea couch, and I did the same thing.
    watched and laughed. They make everything so HARD sometimes.

  4. I love your couch!! You are looking great!! Thankfully you got that dresser, now to just wait on those other things.

  5. Ha! I'm barely showing and Ryan already fights me every night over the bed. He hates all my pillows!!!

  6. I about died when I saw that chihuahua! I'm always trying to compare my fruit of the week to anything relevant and that dog is just too damn much! :)

  7. My man does the same thing when I'm wearing my crabby pants. It's so sweet, but so awkward!

  8. Eeewwww, that orange drink was so nasty! And, I had to do the glucose test twice because I was borderline the first go-around.
    Are you holding off on coffee because of little man? If so, let me tell you a little secret (if you promise not to tell)... There was all this talk of chance of low birth weight if I drank coffee. Well, this woman canNOT function without coffee. So, I limited myself to one cup a day (usually a mint mocha frap). My kid came into this world at a whopping 9 lb 3 oz. I call BS on coffee and low birth weight!

  9. I'm going to have a crazy active mover too! :)
    I'm also really not ready for a belly button to pop out!

  10. I love your couch!!

    I'm sorry you had your first pregnancy freak-out cry! But I'm glad to hear you got your dresser and everything worked out. :)

  11. Can we talk about that super awesome photo in your living room? AND that you said "big booty judy"??? HAHA! I love it! Congrats again on passing the G-test! Hopefully everything else is all downhill from here! :)

  12. Hooooooooooow nice is the pretty weather this week?? I've loved wearing spring/summer clothes. Congrats on passing your gluclose test!! And I'm happy to hear that you got your IKEA dresser, WHOOP!