Thursday, May 23, 2013

packing my bags.

i have obviously never done this before. its all new to me, this whole first time mama to be preparing to bring a human into the world thing.

{what to bring to the hospital}

maybe my list consists of too much, maybe not enough? maybe half of it ill never use. but i am okay with that. because i like to feel prepared. & if this is what calms me as the last weeks go fly by, then so be it.
i plan to have a few bags ready to go. 1 larger bag filled with the things that isaiah and i will both need during our stay, 1 medium bag filled with things that i will want immediately upon arrival & laboring such as the wallet with insurance cards, music, snacks etc and the third bag i think will just be my purse little mans diaper bag filled with his blankets and outfits that will be needed once he arrives. that way we can quickly bring up a bag with us in the midst of the rush & get the others from the car when theres time. poor hospital nurses will think were moving in. but then again, they probably see this more than i know. not only have i never given birth before, but ive never stayed in a hospital either.

for the mama
registration forms (we already pre-registered)
insurance card
birth plan
hair ties/headband/sock bun
make up bag & handheld/travel mirror
flip flops/slippers
maxi pads
nursing pillow
breast pads & cream
breast pump
nursing bras & tanks
boy short undies (size up)
comfy jammies
yoga pants & tee
going home outfit/maxi

for the daddy
change of clothes (2-3)
button up shirt for skin to skin
jammies/sweatpants & tee
glasses/contacts & solution
deodorant & travel kit
flip flops

for the baby
diaper bag
onesies (2-3)
going home outfit
pacifier (2 kinds)
nail clippers/emery board

for everyone
ipad & charger (shows/movies/netflix)
phone & chargers
camera & chargers
extra memory card
$1 bills & change for vending machines
water bottles
mixed cd for labor
hand sanitizer
nurse gifts (cupcakes or cookies from bakery)

perhaps i wont pack everything. or maybe ill even add to this list. who the heck knows! but im satisfied with it thus far, and i think it'll work with our family. i know some ladies prefer to bring their hair dyer/straightener/curling iron etc... but i am just not that glamorous. not to mention my hair is super fine and straight that it air dries flat as a board in 20 minutes. remember, im just a first time mommy! dont bite my head off ;)

what was something you loved having in the hospital? is there anything you wish you packed along for the occasion?!


  1. well i know i have never had to pack a bag for the hospital but I think this is a decent list. doesn't sound like you are crazy overpacking. just the essentials and a little extra ;)

  2. I think this is a great list!! When our little guy was born, they provided clothes for his entire stay (we changed him before we went home) and diapers. I am sure that varies by where you go!! The hospital also provided a breastpump and brand new parts for me. So that was something extra that we brought and didn't use!

    I'm so excited for you!!!

  3. I think this is a great list!! When our little guy was born, they provided clothes for his entire stay (we changed him before we went home) and diapers. I am sure that varies by where you go!! The hospital also provided a breastpump and brand new parts for me. So that was something extra that we brought and didn't use!

    I'm so excited for you!!!

  4. I brought my own pillow too, just because I'm partial. :)

  5. Seems like a decent list. It looks like anything you would need to have with you. I'm going to make a list soon! Since I'm done with school and work is slow, I think I should start making lists and do all of those fun plans that I need to do! :)

  6. I totally just left a comment on your other post about chapstick/vaseline!

    Also, you shouldn't need the breast pump - they have them there if you end up needing it. Otherwise looks good!

  7. I've only done it once so it's not like I'm an expert or anything, but...this is a great list. Truth is, you probably won't use half of this stuff (I spent hours creating a birth play list and when I was actually in labor, music was the last thing I wanted...I'm a chapstick FREAK but I didn't reapply once...etc), but you still have to bring it all with you just in case.

  8. OMG! This looks like a great list! I haven't even started thinking about this yet. Ugh! HAHA

  9. I love this list! I always over pack for everything but that is the one trip that you don't want to not have something that will make you feel better. Obviously, I'm not ready to put my list or bag together but somehow seeing yours makes me feel like it's so close! I can't believe your baby is going to be here soon! Ahh! :)

  10. This list sounds great! I never knew there was so much you needed to bring! And im super curious what's on your birth playlist?? I love that you're bringing your sock bun.

  11. This is THE BEST list I've seen online! I LOVE that you mentioned the daddy list--I have yet to see one and I'm the most worried about what my husband should pack! (Obviously my priorities are as messed up as my hormones!) :-) Bravo!

  12. Your list rocks!
    The only thing I would add is a robe. As you have to be in a hospital gown the first 24 hours after labor and those are ugly for pictures and walking around. You have to do "laps" around the hospital to get your legs moving every couple hours. So you'll want to look fab in your sexy robe and not hospital gown. Hahaah!
    You are fully prepared!

  13. One more thing- Tyler under packed and only brought 2 shirts, but we had a c section and needed 4-5. I didn't let him leave so he was pissed.

  14. I'm lazy and didn't read the other comments, so someone else may have suggested this, but you might want to bring some clothes for Baby G in two different sizes (newborn and 0-3 months) just in case he's bigger than you thought.

    I might also throw in a pair of socks or two in case your feet get cold. That might just be me with the constantly cold feet!

    1. I agree with the two different sizes. Trev was a tiny peanut and hid going home outfit didnt fit him :(

  15. You have a great list! I don't think you forgot anything, honestly. And it's all things you actually will need. I read the comment above, and agree. I would bring two sizes of clothes. Scarlett was and still is a teeny thing and even newborn clothes didn't fit her. The clothes I packed swallowed her. My mom had to go back and get different outfits lol.

    Good luck mama, you are so close!!

  16. I'm a first time mom too and I haven't pack yet, but this is very helpful! I think i will get stuff ready soon, just in case! I had surgery a year ago and ended up having to spend more time in the hospital than i thought I would and I definitely didn't prepare. I didn't have make up or any of that stuff and I really wish I would have - this time I will be over prepared instead of under because that seems way better!

    {love jenny xoxo}

  17. Great list....but too much dear :) Sorry. Just being honest so please don't be mad!!

    **You dont need a travel mirror and they will have enough towels.
    **You wont need breast pads or cream because you wont be leaking for a few days. **The only clothes you need is a going home outfit and size up on it. You wont need a robe just wear one patient gown like a robe. You wont need nursing bras or tanks. Let 'em hand loose. You will be nursing frequently and wont want to mess with any extra clothing. Dont take pajamas. The staff will want you in your gown. Many places its "policy" incase of an emergency. The nurse will most likely check you "down there" if you end up needing stitches. Only take a pair of underwear to wear home. They have those god-awful hospital ones that are super ugly and maxi pads that are a mile long but they are a LIFESAVER. Use them and steal some if you can!
    **TAKE your own pillow!! I forgot mine and thankfully my SIL went back to get it. It was a true life-saver to have it with me. It just brought me comfort.

    Baby only needs a coming home outfit, pacifier and the car seat. They will be swaddled the entire time. Lots of doctors will be looking at them (especially if its a teaching hospital) and they wont want to bother with taking a onesie on and off. Dont take your diapers. The hospital supplies them. There is nothing in the diaper bag you will need.

    Hope this helps. I was in the hospital for 60 hours and still didnt use half of what I took :)

  18. I brought my own new fancy pump that I was SUPER excited to try out. They only let me use the hospitals! They say for the first couple days it's good to use theirs because it's hospital grade, and works a bit stronger.. gets things flowing. I'm guessing a pump is something you can keep at home, it's just an extra bag to haul around anyway!

    We brought an ipod & mini player.. that was my favorite thing to have during my long labor, it was very relaxing and comforting to have.

    A ROBE & COMFY pajama's & hair ties.. for sure at the top of the list :-)FUZZY socks for sure :-)

    Hope that helps!