Friday, May 24, 2013

photo friday.

im being a sap this week.
deal with me okay?

roughly 43 weeks ago.

isaiah and i were in Milwaukee for the annual meeting of his work company. every year in July, all of the reps go and it is a grand ol' time mixed in with some meetings and presentations. theres also a central regional meeting every January in Chicago, but the one in Milwaukee is longer, bigger and better. i especially love the zoo ;)


one of the last nights there, Northwestern Mutual usually holds a concert for all of the reps and their families that attend. last year, it was Adam Lavigne/Maroon 5. just for us? winning!

isaiah and i sat down before the concert and began to observe other families flooding in as the seats in the bradley center began to fill up with people and noise.

something hit the two of us that night, in that moment of watching the others.

i was already facing infertility. i already so badly wanted to be pregnant, knowing i may never get that chance to live my dream. but together, we knew exactly what we wanted to be as a family and where we wanted our marriage to go, what we wanted it to include. {mind you, at this point we werent even married... that happened about 2 weeks later tho, in august... but as i mentioned before, talking about our dreams and future was something we often did}. 

we didnt want to be the married couple in their 20's spending nights at the bar. we didnt want to be the bachelor or bachelorette a few rows down chugging beers in between yelling out the maroon 5 lyrics. we were okay not being the ones who got to close down the bars at 2am or the last 2 on the dance floor.

we wanted to be the people holding up the line because a certain toddler of ours insisted going down the stairs all on their own, despite them being 10x larger in the bradley center than they are at home. we wanted to be the parents at the zoo with a child in between their hands swinging to and fro. the ones who are dropping their dollars are light up toys that never last or the cute stuffed animal that is obviously not worth the high price tag - but the smile on your childs face definitely is.

that night, in the middle of the concert, isaiah and i made a goal.

we looked at each other and said "next year, we'll attend this meeting & be pregnant - or be in the process of adoption."

& the next morning before leaving, we bought a onesie from the companies "pro shop".

when we got home, we stashed this onesie away in a box of our things along with old cards, movie tickets, restaurant menus etc. it wasnt something i wanted to be reminded of during the days of TTC. but now? what joy this onesie brings to my heart.

this onesie is now sitting in our sons nursery. waiting to be worn by this little miracle baby wiggling around in my belly.

and this year? the meeting in july? we wont be going. our son's due date lands right in the middle of the week long event. 

every year his birthday will fall around the time we will be in Milwaukee to support daddy and all of his hard work, and we are okay with that. there will be plenty ways to make it special. it is already oh, so special in our hearts. the annual meeting already has so many meanings to us. the bradley center will always remind me of the time i looked into isaiah's eyes as we talked about creating our family. the hope for our baby who is now our son. 
God and his plans, i tell ya. that man.
its a bummer we cant attend, but i am looking forward to returning next year with a 1 year old to love the zoo just as much as i do ;) 

if we only knew last July what would come of our heart ache and hope to create a family. 

its funny what happens in a year. 

we cant wait to be your parents little man <3


  1. Awwww, I love this post.
    Nothing like a little Friday afternoon tear-up!

    So excited for you, your hubby and little boy G! I know he'll be loved more than anything!

  2. OMG! SO CUTE!!! :) :) :) Your little baby boy is going to be SO CUTE in that onesie!

  3. I can't wait to see the pictures of Baby G seeing his first elephant up close! He will be one loved little boy :-D

  4. Such a sweet post! Love this and thank you for sharing. Sweet memories. :) Can't wait to see little man.


  5. That's so sweet! Isn't it crazy how much can change in just one year?

  6. What a cool story! I don't hear you talk much about your infertility, so it's cool to read this.

  7. What a sweet story! It will be so special to get Baby G in that onesie!

  8. awwww what a great story!! I love how sure you were that you would be parents-to-be by this time, and I am SO GLAD your dream came true :)

  9. Awww this is so heartwarming!! I love that things worked out so perfectly for you guys. I can't wait until Baby G is older and one day looks back at this blog and reads it and reads how much you two loved him before he was even born. :)